Chapter 1276 – Frost Dream, Xiao Moxian

Chapter 1276 – Frost Dream, Xiao Moxian

Any casual disciple from Vast Universe Heavenly Palace, even if they weren’t an Empyrean direct disciple, still nearly reached the standard of a first ranked master from a semifinals area. This caused many of the young elites present to be left speechless.

“Who… who is he?”

The several Holy Land disciples speaking before felt their faces flush red with embarrassment.

They weren’t able to ascertain his status before they saw that person switch hands. This time, a golden red light covered his hand as he slapped his palm onto the crystal platform.

The last time was the Space Laws, but now it was the Metal Laws!

The crystal platform shimmered with a dazzling light once more. Without needing to mention the first four levels, even the fifth level blazed for one to two breaths of time. Although his Metal Laws were...

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