Chapter 1275 – Law Test

Chapter 1275 – Law Test

Vast Universe World was an independent world opened up by an extreme powerhouse using their tremendous supernatural powers.

Here, there existed a massive arena. This arena was completely formed from thundercrush steel as well as timeless god stones. It was so tough that even a Divine Lord master couldn’t leave the shallowest of marks.

All around this arena, there were massive stands able to hold hundreds of millions of people. Just these stands alone extended 10 miles into the skies. But, these stands were still much smaller than the temporary stands created by Xiao Daochild at Gravemoon Star. This was also one of the reasons why the admission tickets were so rare.

A hundred miles away from this arena, there were groups of palaces. Each palace stretched out for an extremely long distance, and each one was the epitome of luxury and grace, with fine carvings and beautiful finishings. This was also where the geniuses of the 3000 great worlds would be located.

After a month and a half and several great void shifts, Lin Ming finally arrived at Vast Universe World, where the finals would be held.

“This is Vast Universe World!”

Lin Ming flew down from the spirit ship and discovered that the heaven and earth origin energy on Vast Universe World was much more chaotic and strong than...

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