Chapter 1275 Law Test

Chapter 1275 – Law Test

Vast Universe World was an independent world opened up by an extreme powerhouse using their tremendous supernatural powers.

Here, there existed a massive arena. This arena was completely formed from thundercrush steel as well as timeless god stones. It was so tough that even a Divine Lord master couldn’t leave the shallowest of marks.

All around this arena, there were massive stands able to hold hundreds of millions of people. Just these stands alone extended 10 miles into the skies. But, these stands were still much smaller than the temporary stands created by Xiao Daochild at Gravemoon Star. This was also one of the reasons why the admission tickets were so rare.

A hundred miles away from this arena, there were groups of palaces. Each palace stretched out for an extremely long distance, and each one was the epitome of luxury and grace, with fine carvings and beautiful finishings. This was also where the geniuses of the 3000 great worlds would be located.

After a month and a half and several great void shifts, Lin Ming finally arrived at Vast Universe World, where the finals would be held.

“This is Vast Universe World!”

Lin Ming flew down from the spirit ship and discovered that the heaven and earth origin energy on Vast Universe World was much more chaotic and strong than the heaven and earth origin energy on Atlas World or True Martial World!

For a genius like Lin Ming, having a special training area wouldn’t have too great of an effect right now. But, there were some more basic martial artists that could only train outside, and thus they were greatly influenced by their surroundings.

If one was to cultivate in Vast Universe World, wanting to control the circulation of origin energy was much more difficult. But, if one continued to train here, their achievements would also be greater.

Before Huo Violentstone arrived here, he had already contacted one of the organizers from Vast Universe Heavenly Palace to determine where their temporary residence would be; it was the 52nd palace.

According to the arrangements of Vast Universe Heavenly Palace, the first 30 palaces were for Empyrean descendants to prepare themselves. In other words, the direct disciples of Empyreans.

Follow that, palace 31 to palace 60 were for the first place contestants of the various semifinals areas.

From palace 61 to palace 1000, they were for various disciples of Vast Universe Heavenly Palace. These people weren’t Empyrean descendants but core disciples as well as the disciples of the older Empyrean descendants. As for the other participants and core disciples, they were housed in even lower ranked palaces.

Many Empyrean descendants were millions of years old or even 10 million years old. Among them, the weakest were comparable to ordinary World Kings and many of them were stronger than Great World Kings. There were even some that were half-step Empyreans!

There were a great number of these people, and their top disciple was often more talented than the top disciple of a Great World King Holy Land.

An Empyrean Heavenly Palace had a truly terrifying population. An Empyrean had their descendants, and these Empyrean descendants had their own disciples, and then these disciples also had their disciples. The population would grow over the years at an exponential rate, and the total number of people easily broke past a trillion. Of course, most of these people were staff and they simply didn’t possess the qualifications to contact the core of the Empyrean Heavenly Palace.

With 30 semifinals areas and each area screening out for 300 people, there were a total of 9000 participants. In addition to the 970 Heavenly Palace core disciples and the 30 Empyrean direct disciples, that was just about 10,000 individuals.

“Lin Ming, in front is the residential area for the contestants. We can’t enter there, so we’ll separate here for now. There are still around 10 days until the finals of the First Martial Meeting begins. You shouldn’t spend this time training; it’s fine as long as you adjust your mentality and prepare yourself. You should relax and also get to know the geniuses from the other great worlds.”

Lin Ming’s current strength had reached a bottleneck. It was impossible for him to make any significant changes in just 10 days of time. If he wanted to steadily break into the late Divine Sea realm, it would take at least several years.


Lin Ming also wanted to get to know the geniuses of other great worlds more.

After Huo Violentstone and the others left, Lin Ming went into the residential area by himself. He discovered that there was an enormous square in the center of this palace, with all sorts of buildings. There were restaurants, martial fields, pill shops, and weapon stores.

Upon casually entering a store, everything inside was extremely expensive, but the items were all of high quality. The worst weapons from the weapon stores were spirit artifacts. Although these spirit artifacts didn’t have much potential for growth, they were still equal to dozens or hundreds of top grade saint artifacts.

This was also a reasonable matter. The 10,000 martial artists that were able to come here were famous individuals with strength ranked in the top three of their great world. Besides those few scattered wandering martial artists, the ones with the worst background still came from Great World King Holy Lands. How could they care about a normal top grade saint artifact?

Numerous heroic young elites walked back and forth on the streets. Even a character like Bloodless Sword seemed ordinary here.

Lin Ming glanced over them, sighing. It truly was a spectacular sight to see all the Divine Sea geniuses of the Divine Realm gathered here. These people were all monstrous freaks, but even so, most of these people weren’t worth Lin Ming paying attention to. The ones Lin Ming saw to be a real threat were only several people. For instance, Dragon Fang, but also Frost Dream…

“Lin Ming!”

Lin Ming suddenly stopped as he heard someone call out to him. He turned around to see a martial artist in purple clothes running towards him. He had some impressions of this fellow: he was the martial artist known as Purple Blade in the semifinals at Gravemoon Star. He had finally lost when he failed to climb up the 31st step of the Divine Seal Altar. His strength had been ranked fifth at Gravemoon Star’s semifinals, inferior to Nether Limitless and Bloodless Sword.

“Purple Blade!”

“Right, haha, Brother Lin has arrived really early, but I came even earlier, about a month ago.  Brother Lin, it seems you’ve been training quite well these days. I have to say that I envy your strength.”

Purple Blade was already at the peak of the late Divine Sea realm. The next step for him was to enter the Divine Transformation realm. Thus, there was no way for him to increase his strength by raising his cultivation, so he could only enlighten himself on the Laws. But in just a few months’ time, how much could he possibly perceive?

“Brother Lin just arrived, so you’re probably not familiar with this place yet. Come, I’ll bring you to some interesting places. There are some ruthless individuals that haunt those places. I imagine Brother Lin would be like to take a look, as only those geniuses can be Brother Lin’s competition.”

Purple Blade had been arrogant and proud since birth, but after witnessing Lin Ming mounting the Divine Seal Altar, he felt nothing but a deep sense of admiration towards him, and wanted to be friends with him. In the future, Purple Blade would be the leader of a great influence. There would be no harm and only gain if he were to befriend a top master.

“Alright.” Lin Ming readily agreed. He was also interested in this.

Purple Blade brought Lin Ming through several streets and past a group of palaces. Finally, he came to a large square where many people had gathered.

This square had several hundred elites in it, with both men and women. In the center, there was a massive crystal platform, and this platform shined with a variety of colors.

“What is that?”

“It is used to test one’s Laws. I’ve also seen these at my World King Palace, and they test the degree to which a trial challenger can comprehend the Laws. But, this one is several times greater than any I’ve seen before.”

Purple Blade explained. This was clearly one of the interesting locations he had mentioned.

Lin Ming’s thoughts stirred. There were magic tools that could test one’s comprehension of Laws?

“Come on, let’s go take a look.”

Lin Ming followed Purple Blade forwards. The crystal platform was divided into nine colored layers: red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, violet, black, and white, each color corresponding to a different set of Law Concepts.

As Lin Ming walked forwards, he saw a martial artist just coming down from the crystal platform. The first four levels of the crystal platform had lit up with a blazing light, but the fifth only dimly shined for an instant before dying down.

“The fourth level Laws are his limit, and he’s just barely managed to become aware of the fifth level Concept. Not bad.”

Many of those present had already practiced the fourth level Laws to the peak. The difference was whether or not they had comprehended the fifth level Concept and just how deep their awareness was.

Above the fifth level, every little bit of progress was extraordinary.

“Senior-apprentice Brother Song is great. Haha, your results are no worse than those of that Heavenly Palace core disciple who just stepped up!”

“Are you saying that we’re worse than them? Their master is a Great World King, but so is ours! Just thinking about how the palaces are ranked by position angers me. The Empyrean descendants are arranged in the top 30 palaces, the top master of each semifinals location is arranged in the 31st to 60th palace, and then that is followed by the Empyrean Heavenly Palace core disciples and finally us. It’s like they think we are all worthless.”

“Yah! It’s not like those Empyrean Heavenly Palace core disciples are Empyrean descendants. They are only disciples of Empyrean direct disciples, so how come they are arranged in front of us!”

“We’ll see how they do in the finals. Just because of their empty status as a Heavenly Palace disciple, they don’t place us in their eyes at all! In truth, they can’t even see the Empyreans. They are nothing but foxes pretending to be tigers.”

At the edges of the crowd, Lin Ming heard such discussions going on.

Geniuses were all extremely arrogant. From the way that Vast Universe Heavenly Palace had arranged the residences of the participants, it could be seen just how they viewed the difference between Empyrean disciples and the disciples from ordinary influences.

It was originally difficult for the disciples of Empyrean Heavenly Palaces and the disciples of World King Holy Lands to live peacefully together. This was because the disciples from Empyrean Heavenly Palaces always had a sense of superiority, and the disciples of the Great World King Holy Lands would naturally envy them. Now, because of how the palace living arrangements were done, this had aroused the bitterness and criticism of others.

“Heh… talk about a crowd of country bumpkins that have yet to see the greater world. Just because you managed to stumble into some good results you’re all so overly pleased with yourselves. What a bunch of idiots.”

In the crowd, a cold voice suddenly spoke up, attracting everyone’s angry glares. As everyone looked over, they saw a white-clothed youth speaking. He had the emblem of a starry sky embroidered on the chest of his robes. This was the symbol of a disciple from Vast Universe Heavenly Palace.

“Vast Universe Heavenly Palace disciple!”

“Core disciple? Direct disciple?”

These geniuses who were originally mocking and cursing those Empyrean Palace disciples were all extremely angry. But in the face of this Vast Universe Heavenly Palace disciple, they actually felt lacking in courage and energy. This was because this fellow’s aura was simply too strong, and all of them felt as if they couldn’t begin to compare with him.

“What are you being so arrogant about? If you have the ability then go up and test yourself. Don’t just stand here and talk big!” A World King Holy Land disciple shouted, not too convincingly.

“Haha, I already knew that you would have doubts. Since that’s the case, let me broaden your horizons.”

As that disciple spoke, he walked into the middle of the crowd and lazily brought up a hand. Then, with a simple gesture, he thrust his palm out. Faint fluctuations of the Space Laws appeared in the air, and the first four levels of the crystal platform immediately lit up. The fifth level also dimly shined, continuing for several breaths of time before dying down.

This was proof that his comprehension of Concepts was not just being faintly aware, but truly touching upon the fifth level threshold. Compared to Nether Limitless, he was about the same!

And Nether Limitless was himself a peak master of a great world. If it weren’t for the monstrous freaks known as Lin Ming and Dragon Fang, he would have been first in the semifinals at Gravemoon Star. He was stronger than 99% of those present!

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