Chapter 1274 – Vast Universe World Finals

Chapter 1274 – Vast Universe World Finals

To martial artists that lived such long lives, they simply didn’t understand the concept of time while training. Like this, four months passed in the blink of an eye!

“Lin Ming, it’s time to go!”

Huo Violentstone’s voice echoed in Lin Ming’s ear. Lin Ming opened his eyes. As he stood atop a high cliff, a casual movement from him was able to arouse the resonance of the Laws. Countless flames swirled around him, forming all sorts of spiritual fire-attribute creatures that prostrated towards him in worship.

Lin Ming’s Fire Laws had already reached large success of the fifth level Concept and his cultivation had reached the peak of the middle Divine Sea realm!

If Lin Ming had entered a 1:100 time enchantment, he could have trained for two or three years and broken through to the late Divine Sea realm without a problem. However, doing...

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