Chapter 1274 Vast Universe World Finals

Chapter 1274 – Vast Universe World Finals

To martial artists that lived such long lives, they simply didn’t understand the concept of time while training. Like this, four months passed in the blink of an eye!

“Lin Ming, it’s time to go!”

Huo Violentstone’s voice echoed in Lin Ming’s ear. Lin Ming opened his eyes. As he stood atop a high cliff, a casual movement from him was able to arouse the resonance of the Laws. Countless flames swirled around him, forming all sorts of spiritual fire-attribute creatures that prostrated towards him in worship.

Lin Ming’s Fire Laws had already reached large success of the fifth level Concept and his cultivation had reached the peak of the middle Divine Sea realm!

If Lin Ming had entered a 1:100 time enchantment, he could have trained for two or three years and broken through to the late Divine Sea realm without a problem. However, doing so would have created instabilities in his foundation.

Only his cultivation would have increased and his other aspects wouldn’t have followed. That would have been a waste of Lin Ming’s potential.

The process of a genius’s growth wasn’t something accomplished with only seclusion. There were only extremely old martial artists that were stuck at a boundary for tens of thousands of years and would then go into deep closed-door seclusion, either making a breakthrough or dying in the process.

Of course, these people would have no progress in the future.

“Good! Very good!” Huo Violentstone said with satisfaction as he looked at Lin Ming.

The current Lin Ming’s entire body was filled with power, and his combat strength had reached the highest it had ever been.

During these four months, Lin Ming’s strength had stabilized a great deal; he was impatiently itching for a fight.

He wanted to face the 10,000 geniuses of the Divine Realm that had been screened multiple times. From these 10,000 geniuses, any casual one would be a top three ranked character of a great world. They were the true chosen prides amongst all chosen prides of heaven! Every single one of them had countless worshippers and were characters that countless great influences would desire to bring into their fold.

But now, with so many of them gathered together, it would truly be a sight to behold.

Of these people, most of them had already touched upon the fifth level Concept of their respective Laws. Of course, there were actually very few that stood within the true gates of the fifth level Concepts.

In addition, their foundation and true essence were exceedingly deep; they were far from what ordinary geniuses could hope to compare with.

Only opponents like this could arouse Lin Ming’s fighting spirit. If Lin Ming were to meet the Dragon Fang of 40 days ago, then he had sufficient confidence to defeat him!

Of course, that was only the Dragon Fang of 40 days ago.

At that time, Dragon Fang had just opened the Three Lives Pupils and his strength hadn’t rapidly risen. And in these days, if Dragon Fang were to have gone deep into seclusion, his strength was sure to have grown fast.

However, this only made Lin Ming seethe with an even greater fighting spirit.


At the Ancient Phoenix Clan Headquarters, outside of Lin Ming’s dwelling, Qin Xingxuan and Mu Qianyu were waiting for him. There was also the Ancient Phoenix Clan’s Patriarch, the several Highest Elders, and even Yan Littlemoon and Xiao Ping were all going to Vast Universe World to experience the finals.

The tickets for the finals were over a hundred times rarer than the tickets for the semifinals at Gravemoon Star! Just a semifinals ticket alone was enough to cause an eighth-grade sect like the Unbroken Cult to feel powerless and frustrated. As for the finals, if it weren’t for Lin Ming, then the entire Ancient Phoenix Clan would only have been given a mere two or three tickets. There were some weaker Holy Lands that wouldn’t even be given a single ticket.

“Let’s go!”

Huo Violentstone waved his hand and everyone flew towards the spirit ship. This trip would continue for nearly two months…


In an unknown space of the Divine Realm, on a bleak and desolate planet.

A black-clothed youth with a curved sword on his back was kneeling down towards the back of a haggard-looking old man. This old man looked towards the vast and starry skies, his back lonely and solemn.

This black-clothed youth was Dragon Fang. As for this old man in front of him, that was his master – Three Lives Old Man.

“300 million years. In my years, I have walked through the 3000 great worlds and explored the myriad galaxies, and you are the most splendid genius that I have ever found. Most importantly, you are suited for learning my Three Lives Pupils. I have already taught you the entirety of my life’s work. As for that loss on the Divine Seal Altar, you need not take that to heart. You lost not because Lin Ming’s strength surpassed your own, but because he already understood the Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens, thus he had a tremendous superiority to you in climbing up the Divine Seal Altar…

“In a sense, you using the Three Lives Pupils to climb the Divine Seal Altar could be considered a trick, but Lin Ming was even trickier than you! Thus, of the two of you, one could climb up 80,000 feet and the other could reach the top, both of you breaking the records set by Vast Universe Heavenly Palace!

“That junior Vast Universe, because of some lucky chance he stumbled into he was able to refine the Divine Seal Altar. Of the disciples in his Heavenly Palace, none of them were able to find any tricks of their own, thus in front of the Divine Seal Altar they were nothing more than motes of dust.

“Go. Go to the incomparably broad stage of the Divine Realm and struggle for a top three position on the Heaven Proclamation.”

Three Lives Old Man was dreary and lonesome, like a cold and forsaken winter wind.

“Yes, Master!”

Dragon Fang stood up, his eyes changing to different colors as if they contained all the truths in the world.

In these one to two months, Dragon Fang had undergone an enormous change!

His cultivation had reached the late Divine Sea realm!

Dragon Fang had already spent a great deal of time at the peak of the middle Divine Sea realm. With these accumulations, he easily broke through to the late Divine Sea realm.

In addition, his Law Concepts had drawn close to perfection of the fifth level Concept, and even faintly traced upon the gate of the sixth level Concept!

If this matter was spread out, it would truly be shocking to anyone who heard it!

“Fang, you must be cautious of Divine Dream’s disciples. Divine Dream is a magnificent woman. Compared to me in my youth… she is much stronger!”

“Stronger than Master?” Dragon Fang was startled. In his opinion, even though he was at the last fading years of his life, he still had the potent strength to move stars and planets. When he was young, his strength had been unimaginable, and even Dragon Fang had seen a glimpse of this. If any Empyreans of this era were to see his master, they would also need to be respectful.

In this situation, Empyrean Divine Dream was actually stronger than his master?

“Divine Dream is only 10 million years old. She is far younger than your old master and her future has no limits. And this time, Frost Dream in particular is a disciple that Divine Dream cherishes and loves beyond all others. With her faint and elusive personality, Divine Dream was actually moved to the point that she utilized the Divine Dream World for this First Martial Meeting. Perhaps this is a smelting trial that she set down for Frost Dream. In these 10 million years, this is the first time that Divine Dream has ever held a First Martial Meeting. In other words, this Frost Dream might be the most outstanding disciple she has raised in these 10 million years. You can see just what sort of ability Frost Dream must have from this alone. If you were able to open the Three Lives Pupils three years earlier, then you might have had the strength to contend with her. But for now…”

Three Lives Old Man shook his head and Dragon Fang silently clenched his fists. He knew that his master wouldn’t speak nonsense. His master’s Three Lives Pupils were known as the eyes that could see through all of existence. Not just Laws, but he could even faintly see a blurry image of the future and sense the outline of the endless flow of time.

“There is also that Lin Ming. He will be your greatest opponent. I have a premonition that he has made great progress in these past days. Moreover, there is an incredibly great destiny enveloping him. You and him are a pair of dragons that have met each other through the hands of fate. In this era, all geniuses will rise together. This is your good fortune!”

“Disciple understands!”

“Now go. Go to Vast Universe World and participate in the finals…”

“Yes, Master!”

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