Chapter 1273 – Middle Divine Sea Realm, Large Success

Chapter 1273 – Middle Divine Sea Realm, Large Success

This was an extremely vast and broad continent. Dark seething red magma flowed all over the world and the skies were filled with desolate stars. These stars had surfaces covered with craters, devastating to the eyes.

Lin Ming stood on a tall cliff. The air was filled with the heavy tang of sulfur and flame. The fire origin energy here was rich to an extreme degree, as if the air would start burning up at any moment.  

This was the Ancient Phoenix Clan’s best training grounds – the Land of Nirvana.

“How about it? This place is great, right!” Huo Violentstone chuckled from beside Lin Ming.

“It’s a great place.” Lin Ming nodded. This cultivation area was a precious treasure of the Ancient Phoenix Clan. Normally it was reserved for past Patriarchs and Highest Elders; young disciples didn’t have many chances to enter.

“There is a space-time enchantment here. After entering, time slows to a 12:1 rate, so one month outside will be equal to around a year in here. If you cultivate here for 10 days, that will...

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