Chapter 1272 – Ancient Phoenix Blood Essence

Chapter 1272 – Ancient Phoenix Blood Essence

Lin Ming, Qin Xingxuan, and Mu Qianyu left the room hand in hand. At this time, Huo Violentstone had already obtained news of Lin Ming’s awakening and had hurried over.

“You damned boy, you finally woke up! You had me worried to death these past days!”

Huo Violentstone slapped Lin Ming’s shoulder. If Lin Ming were a normal essence gathering system martial artist that didn’t use any protective true essence, this slap would have fractured his bones.

Lin Ming and Huo Violentstone were related as master and disciple. The two people had spent a great time together in the Ancient Phoenix Clan Headquarters as well as during the time at the Fire Spirit Star smelting trial. They were extremely familiar with each other, to the point where Huo Violentstone didn’t feel like Lin Ming’s master, but a good friend who occasionally met up with him.

“Lin Ming greets Elder Huo. When this disciple climbed up the Divine Seal Altar, I simply exhausted myself a bit too much, thus I rested for so long. I apologize for worrying you.”

“It’s fine, I’m glad everything is over. What have you been experiencing during your sleep these last days?”

This was what Huo Violentstone was concerned about. Xiao Daochild had said that Lin...

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