Chapter 1271 – Finally Meeting

Chapter 1271 – Finally Meeting

“Elder Huo, there are many people waiting outside to see Lin Ming. What a headache, aiya…”

The Patriarch of the Ancient Phoenix Clan’s Xiao Family said to Huo Violentstone.

“Declare that Lin Ming has entered into seclusion because he is meditating on some Concepts he comprehended from the Divine Seal Altar, and he is seeing no one. Just let them wait as they wish!”

The Ancient Phoenix Clan didn’t want to spread the news that Lin Ming had fallen into a deep slumber. That would create an extremely bad influence. Lin Ming was exceedingly outstanding, to the point that there were many whose eyes were red with jealousy.

These people might not have any abilities, but they were actually skilled in spreading lies and rumors. Even if Lin Ming was in truth all right, these people would blabber on, wanting their Ancient Phoenix Clan to become a joke.

“There are some people that… believe we are using Lin Ming going into seclusion as an excuse. Although they haven’t yet publicly said it, it’s placing some pressure on us.”

“Deal with them. Aren’t they just some Holy Lords and half-step World Kings? Who cares about them? Just...

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