Chapter 1270 – Bustling Like A City

Chapter 1270 – Bustling Like A City

In reaching the summit of the Divine Seal Altar, this had been the most exhausting battle Lin Ming had gone through so far. From start to finish, it had taken him seven days and seven nights.

In these seven days and seven nights, besides a pill that he had taken, he had completely relied upon his own natural restorative abilities.

After exhausting himself over seven days, at the final moment he was like a lamp without oil. At the last 100,000 foot pass, if it were any casual test and not the phantom of Empyrean Divine Seal, then Lin Ming would have lost.

Lin Ming didn’t remember how or when he came down from the Divine Seal Altar. All he knew was that he slumped over and instantly fell into a state of deep sleep.

And outside, billions of people were wildly screaming! News about this competition on the Divine Seal Altar spread like a snowstorm throughout the entire Divine Realm.

The billions of spectators present had come from 100 great worlds as well as countless small worlds and hidden worlds. They were all high level figures, either sect Elders, reclusive sages, or outstanding young elites.

Their ability to spread news far surpassed the ordinary person’s. For a time, the name of Lin Ming and Dragon Fang were extremely dazzling. In particular Lin Ming;...

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