Chapter 127 - Despicable Means

Chapter 127 Despicable Means.


Chapter 127 – Despicable Means

After having cultivated the ‘Divine Acacia Power’, Zhang Guanyu’s heart had a strong wish. That wish was to cultivate the ‘Divine Acacia Power’ to the peak of the seventh layer, and achieve a long period of youth, the time where his Yang essence would never fade.

Once he achieved this boundary, he would have several hundred years of youth. He would be able to play with all the various beautiful and worldly women in society, take them, and plunder them. From the beauties of today to the beauties of several hundred years later, he would establish a massive harem that surpassed the Royal Family’s harem of 3000 beautiful woman. Every day he would go visit his personal harem and wantonly engage in reckless fun with them. Thinking of this, Zhang Guanyu would be filled with burning desire, and his blood would bubble to the brim with a maddeningly ecstatic excitement.

But with Zhang Guanyu’s talent, to cultivate the ‘Divine Acacia Power’ to the peak seventh layer was easier said than done.

He had just begun cultivating the ‘Divine Acacia Power’. If everything went smoothly, and he picked the best beautiful women to cultivate from, there was a small possibility that he would be able to reach the peak of the seventh layer. But if four months...

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