Chapter 1269 – The Summit

Chapter 1269 – The Summit

Empyrean Divine Seal’s finger cut through the void, leaving behind a purple golden path of shimmering light. These lights gathered together, forming a strange golden purple rune.

Lin Ming froze for a moment. This purple golden rune seemed to exude some strange magical charm, making him fall into it.

This is…

His heart wildly shook!

Empyrean Divine Seal’s finger did not stop. After drawing up the first rune, he continued to draw up a second, a third, a fourth…

Every time he drew a new rune he did so slowly. The path of light he carved into the air was simple and profound, as if it contained the highest truths of this world.

The entire process was soundless, without a single word spoken.

At this time, the world had faded away from around Lin Ming’s eyes, leaving nothing behind but these mysterious runes.

In truth, he didn’t understand just what Empyrean Divine Seal was drawing. But, he could faintly feel that these runes he drew were incomparably precious treasures, containing the mysteries of the Great Dao within them!

Lin Ming entered a complete ethereal state. Besides Empyrean Divine Seal, everyone lost all meaning.

In the audience, the billions of spectators also saw this scene.

“Who is that phantom? What is he doing?”

“That could be a divine soul...

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