Chapter 1268 – Empyrean Phantom

Chapter 1268 – Empyrean Phantom

Was the ancient calamity a great war that swept through the entire Divine Realm?

This thought instantly passed through Lin Ming’s mind. The scale of this war must have reached unimaginable proportions; even the Heavenly Dao Laws had been changed.

Just what sort of terrifying war was this, that it could even alter the Heavenly Dao Laws?

At this time, Lin Ming saw a massive purple gold divine altar appear in the void. A tall and dashing man stood atop this divine altar, wearing pure white robes.

His right hand grasped a golden scepter and his left hand grasped an ancient and solemn-looking seal. At this moment, standing atop this altar, he seemed to be the only existence in the world.

Standing alone, he faced the army comprised of over 200 Empyreans and several million Holy Lords.

“That is Empyrean Divine Seal?”

Lin Ming immediately thought.

Empyrean Divine Seal was the leader of the Divine Realm 3.6 billion years ago!

Although he was extremely far away, in the instant that Lin Ming saw Empyrean Divine Seal, his mind shook. Facing such an existence, it was like he was facing the universe and all the ancient stars within.

Afterwards, the terrifying pressure crashed down upon him like a waterfall. Endless killing intent poured past him. Caught within this pressure,...

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