Chapter 1267 – The Final Stretch

Chapter 1267 – The Final Stretch

“He finally crossed 90,00 feet!”

“He’s truly unstoppable. Lin Ming might really mount the summit!”

At this time, if Lin Ming could truly reach the summit, then although many people would be shocked, they would no longer be surprised. Lin Ming hadn’t yet broken through the middle Divine Sea realm when he passed the tribulation at 80,000 feet. But now that he had also made a breakthrough in his cultivation and broke through 90,000 feet, it wouldn’t be strange for him to reach the top.

“I have no idea. Who can say what will happen after 90,000 feet?”

“All legends will be broken by him. Although this is only a possibility, what follows now will be recorded down in history.”

At this time, the atmosphere in the martial field was extremely heated. Many people were wildly discussing amongst themselves.

The Ancient Phoenix Clan’s disciples were all zealously excited. They never imagined that there would be a day that someone from their clan would break apart the myths left behind by an Empyrean Heavenly Palace.

On the Divine Seal Altar, Lin Ming was actually deaf to the waves of cheers erupting around him like an endless tide. He hung onto the jagged stone cliffs 90,000 feet high and slowly adjusted his breathing.

One of his arms gently swayed by his side. With a light crackling sound, his arm that had been shattered by heavenly tribulation slowly...

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