Chapter 1266 – Middle Divine Sea Realm

Chapter 1266 – Middle Divine Sea Realm

After Lin Ming withstood these three heavenly tribulations, the remaining phantoms rushed towards him!

Nine phantoms, each one condensed from the Laws!

If these phantoms were alone, then each one would be inferior to those three phantoms from before. But with nine of them added together, their strength was three times greater than the three phantoms from before. The tribulation that Lin Ming would have to withstand was far more terrifying.

The Heretical God Tree crazily grew. The Azure Dragon roared out into the heavens. The sword of will formed from the grandmist battle spirit recklessly slashed out!

As each heavenly tribulation fell, Lin Ming’s number of wounds increased. His body, his will, and his inner world far surpassed those of martial artists of the same level, but in the process of withstanding such an impact, even he felt as if he would collapse soon!

Xiao Daochild floating in the skies and the gray-clothed old man in the Divine Seal Altar were both on edge, prepared to save Lin Ming the moment he broke. However, although Lin Ming was teetering on the edges of his limit, he still struggled to fight.

Within Lin Ming’s body, the powers of essence, energy, and divine constantly gathered. With each strike, unconsciously, the three...

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