Chapter 1265 – Tribulation of Essence, Energy, Divine

Chapter 1265 – Tribulation of Essence, Energy, Divine


At 80,000 feet, Lin Ming had been able to create a miracle. But now, he had exhausted a great deal of his strength and was no longer able to display the same power as before. If he wanted to continue past this, that might be far too difficult.

Everyone looked at Lin Ming; this might be his last battle. But, for an early Divine Sea martial artist to reach 90,000 feet, that was already an accomplishment great enough to be recorded in the annals of history.

The power of divinity in the sky constantly gathered, forming new phantoms, for a total of 33 figures!

These 33 life forms formed by power of divinity were the great tribulation of 90,000 feet!

Lin Ming swept his eyes over all these phantoms and discovered that every single one of them was releasing a different aura. Among them, Lin Ming could sense the core three people released a distinct aura completely similar to essence gathering, body transformation, and soul forging.

The essence gathering phantom martial artist had an early Divine Transformation cultivation.

The body transformation phantom martial artist had already opened the complete Eight Inner Hidden Gates.

As for the final soul forging phantom martial artist, Lin Ming couldn’t see just what boundary he had reached.

These phantoms all practiced...

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