Chapter 1265 Tribulation of Essence, Energy, Divine

Chapter 1265 – Tribulation of Essence, Energy, Divine


At 80,000 feet, Lin Ming had been able to create a miracle. But now, he had exhausted a great deal of his strength and was no longer able to display the same power as before. If he wanted to continue past this, that might be far too difficult.

Everyone looked at Lin Ming; this might be his last battle. But, for an early Divine Sea martial artist to reach 90,000 feet, that was already an accomplishment great enough to be recorded in the annals of history.

The power of divinity in the sky constantly gathered, forming new phantoms, for a total of 33 figures!

These 33 life forms formed by power of divinity were the great tribulation of 90,000 feet!

Lin Ming swept his eyes over all these phantoms and discovered that every single one of them was releasing a different aura. Among them, Lin Ming could sense the core three people released a distinct aura completely similar to essence gathering, body transformation, and soul forging.

The essence gathering phantom martial artist had an early Divine Transformation cultivation.

The body transformation phantom martial artist had already opened the complete Eight Inner Hidden Gates.

As for the final soul forging phantom martial artist, Lin Ming couldn’t see just what boundary he had reached.

These phantoms all practiced a single type of cultivation system, for a total of 33 people!

“These are all geniuses formed by the Heavenly Dao. I have to defeat all 33 of them?”

Lin Ming grasped the Phoenix Blood Spear. If he wanted to deal with all 33 phantoms, the difficulty could be imagined!

“The Divine Seal Altar is truly abnormally difficult!”

“It’s normal if he loses here, and a miracle if he wins. Rather, it would be a miracle of miracles.”

As everyone was speaking, there was a loud explosive sound as a deep killing intent erupted, flooding out like a vast ocean, sweeping through the world!

From the three core figures of those 33 phantoms, a phantom holding a golden scepter rushed towards Lin Ming. This phantom was tall and sturdy. Although it was nothing more than an energy phantom, Lin Ming could still feel its crazy blood vitality, shooting straight into the stars!

This was a body transformation system master. It had already connected the threshold of life and death and had opened all Eight Inner Hidden Gates. The next step would have been the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace. A vast sea of energy poured into that golden scepter, causing it to release a brilliant radiance like a rising sun, as if it would sanctify the world!

“This is astral essence!?”

Lin Ming’s pupils shrank. According to the ancient texts that Mo Eversnow had translated from the incomplete bone shard he had bought before, astral essence was the energy used in the body transformation system. It corresponded to true essence in the essence gathering system and spirit essence in the soul forging system.

“Astral essence… then let me see just what sort of power there is after cultivating it!”

Lin Ming collided with the golden phantom. He was no longer in his best state and could not hold back any strength; he had to give his everything from the start and take initiative in battle. He needed to kill several of these phantoms or he would definitely lose soon after.

Heretical God Force!

Eight Inner Hidden Gates!

Divine dream marks!

Lin Ming immediately summoned all three systems of essence, energy, and divine, bringing them to their peak!

Three essences gathered as one!

A spear shot out, bringing together the crazy and wild power of divinity in the surroundings and containing the invincible might of the Heavenly Dao. The current Lin Ming, by relying on his understandings of the Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens, and in addition to the numerous Law runes he had absorbed, was able to control the power of divinity to a certain degree.

The Phoenix Blood Spear struck the golden scepter!

The expected collision did not happen. Instead, that golden phantom crashed into Lin Ming’s body and exploded!

A brilliant light swallowed up the entire area. Underneath this blazing golden light, Lin Ming’s body burned, his entire body bathed in blood.

“These are not true martial artists, but forms created by heavenly tribulation. I am not meant to battle them – I can only withstand the impact of their energy!”

Originally, Lin Ming thought that he would have to fight against these phantom martial artists. But, he never thought he would have to bear the brunt of their impact just like thunder tribulation.

Only now, these phantom martial artists formed from the power of divinity and condensed Laws were many times more powerful than the previous thunder tribulation!

Hu - !

Lin Ming felt his own blood sizzling, his flesh cracking apart as his skin was scorched black. Even his organs were tumbling around underneath this violent attack. That golden phantom had been an amalgamation of the body transformation Laws, thus its attack was a tribulation of the body!

The phantom that held the golden scepter had made a connection between the threshold of life and death, and had opened the complete Eight Inner Hidden Gates. Its attainments in body transformation were much higher than Lin Ming’s. If Lin Ming couldn’t withstand this attack then he would be burnt to smoke and ash. And even if he did withstand it, he would be too heavily injured. The following 32 tribulations would be impossible for him to cross.

At this moment, there was the resonant roar of a dragon. Behind Lin Ming, the phantom of an Azure Dragon appeared. All of his bones began to emit explosive popping sounds. His blood vitality soared to the heavens, immediately washing away all of that golden energy!

Although Lin Ming’s body transformation boundary was a level lower than the golden scepter phantom martial artist’s, he had still absorbed the supreme dragon bone. This had caused his body to take on attributes of a God Beast, just barely allowing him to cross this tribulation.


Lin Ming coughed out a mouthful of blood. His body wavered as he kept himself up with his will.

Lin Ming had to climb up the Divine Seal Altar. He could already feel that this Divine Seal Altar was a great lucky chance. It was highly likely that the Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens was a secret related to the peak of martial arts. If he couldn’t take advantage of this opportunity laid out in front of him and expand his comprehension, then he might not have such a lucky chance in the future.

“He withstood it!”

“He’s simply like a God Beast in human form, it’s far too abnormal! If an ordinary martial artist had to withstand such a tribulation they would have died long ago!”

“It’s too bizarre. Just then, the phantom of an Azure Dragon appeared behind him. I fear that his body has already fused with a portion of a God Beast’s body! But, there are still 32 heavenly tribulations coming, and this is at 90,000 feet; just how will he continue onwards?”

And, on the side of the Ancient Phoenix Clan and Ancient Dragon Clan, as they saw that Azure Dragon phantom appear behind Lin Ming, they inevitably suspected that during the trip into the God Beast Mystic Realm, the missing supreme dragon bone had likely been obtained by Lin Ming!

“This boy, how did he do it?”

Huo Violentstone could not even begin to imagine what had happened. At that time, numerous geniuses had entered the God Beast Mystic Realm, and Lin Ming’s strength had been on the weaker end of them. The Ancient Dragon Clan especially had sent out many disciples that were led by the previous Dragon One. Compared to the current Dragon One, the past Dragon One was at least two times more formidable. If Lin Ming had been placed in front of him at that time, there was no way he would have been able to run. So how could he have actually obtained the supreme dragon bone?

Huo Violentstone was puzzled, and the Ancient Dragon Clan could only stomach this grievance. Lin Ming was currently at the height of his glory. With his performance so far, not even a Great World King Holy Land would dare to move against him, much less their Ancient Dragon Clan. As for Dragon One’s death, they couldn’t be sure that event was related to Lin Ming. At that time, Lin Ming had simply been far too weak and he didn’t possess the strength to kill Dragon One. It might have been that Dragon One died under the onslaught of the mystic realm demons.

Hanging onto the cliffs of the Divine Seal Altar, Lin Ming looked up. At this time he could see the second heavenly tribulation phantom rushing towards him!

This phantom had the vague shape of a woman. Its attack became a beautiful beam of purple light, surrounded by countless mysterious runes. This was a soul forging martial artist!

A Law phantom of the soul forging system – what it aimed at was the soul!

A divine light covered Lin Ming and his entire body was bathed in a purple brilliance. His entire divine soul was placed in this heavenly tribulation, undergoing a brutal baptism!

The pain of a burning soul was 100 times more intense than the rupturing of the body. Lin Ming paled as his pupils widened.

He felt as if his head would explode at any moment. The pain of his soul being torn and burnt was utterly agonizing!

“Grandmist battle spirit!”

Lin Ming shouted out. At this time, a dark golden stream of light shot out from between his eyebrows, piercing through the skies like a divine sword!

The purple sea of light was split in half by this divine sword!

As everyone saw this they were all incomparably shocked.

“That is… a perfect gold battle spirit!”

“Not only is it a perfect gold battle spirit, but it also possesses an extremely mysterious attribute!”

“Terrifying! This battle spirit is something that not even a Divine Lord realm powerhouse might have!”

“To use a sword of will to split apart that purple sea; just what kind of colossal power is that!?”

A battle spirit was the manifestation of a martial artist’s will. The moment that the grandmist spirit howled out, the second heavenly tribulation, the purple-clothed woman condensed from the Laws of the soul forging system, was defeated by Lin Ming.

Although Lin Ming’s head was in debilitating pain, his soul had safely crossed this tribulation.

But before he could catch his breath, the third phantom, the Divine Transformation realm martial artist that represented the essence gathering system came flying down!

This was a blue phantom. It carried a savage sword in its hand. As it hurtled towards Lin Ming, a wave of killing intent surged forth with it like a tide!

The third tribulation!


The blue-clothed phantom broke into Lin Ming’s inner world!

A tribulation of the essence gathering system. If this had occurred to someone before the Divine Sea realm, this tribulation would have entered their dantian and shattered their revolving core.

But after reaching the Divine Sea, this tribulation would instead explode into a martial artist’s inner world and cause the entire world to collapse!

Facing this great tribulation within his inner world, Lin Ming revolved his true essence to the limit, flooding it all without reservation into the Heretical God Tree.

“Grow for me, Heretical God Tree!”

Even if Lin Ming’s entire body was dripping with blood, his flesh and skin were cracked to pieces, and even his soul and divine sense had suffered a dangerous attack, he still didn’t give up. Within his inner world, the Heretical God Tree that stabilized that world began to crazily grow. Countless branches and leaves extended outwards, welcoming the impact of this blue light!

Puff puff puff!

The blue light was completely wrapped up by the Heretical God Tree, and the branches of the Heretical God Tree were in turn broken by the incomparably sharp and violent energy. However, these broken branches did not wither away. Instead, they returned to the Heretical God Tree where they grew out once more!

Lin Ming’s entire body was enveloped within the phantom of this divine tree. The energy within his body seemed like a vast ocean, endless and turbulent!

The blue energy was constantly swallowed up and melted away. Even though Lin Ming’s ruined body no longer seemed human at all, the fires of life continued to blaze like an inferno.


The blue light vanished; the third tribulation had been defeated by Lin Ming!

“He withstood it!”

“The Azure Dragon phantom, the perfect gold battle spirit with a strange attribute, and even that final divine tree phantom; each one of these phenomena represents a secret on Lin Ming’s body. Just how did he grow to this level!?”

“His body has fused with the body of God Beast, he has an incomparably formidable will, and he even has some incomprehensibly mysterious inheritance! With this all added up, it’s completely within reason for him to climb up 90,000 feet!”

“This is a genius of the Divine Realm encountered only once every million years. He has a high chance of becoming an Empyrean in the future!”

Many high level figures were discussing this in the reserved seats. Lin Ming wasn’t like Dragon Fang, suddenly exposing a certain aspect of his talent and shocking the world.

Instead, as time passed, he slowly exposed various aspects of his ability. His talent left everyone bewildered. With these factors added up together, his potential now even surpassed Dragon Fang’s!

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