Chapter 1264 Absorbing the Law Runes

Chapter 1264 – Absorbing the Law Runes

The spectators were all furiously arguing with each other. Most of them thought that it was impossible for Lin Ming’s strength to reach the Divine Lord realm and that he must have comprehended the mysteries behind the Dao tablet array formation and then broken through using some trick.

But there was a small group, mainly comprised of array masters, that refused to acknowledge the possibility that Lin Ming had broken through that array formation. As for how Lin Ming had passed this test, they didn’t know, they only knew that it was impossible for him to break past that array formation.

How old was Lin Ming? How high was his cultivation? Even these professional array masters could not instantly find the method to break through that unfathomable array formation. To think that was simply an insult to their life’s profession.

Even in their dreams they would never have imagined that of the Law runes engraved onto those 33 Dao tablets, a considerable part of them resonated with Lin Ming’s 33 Layered Heavens Ninefall. The Heavenly Dao Laws had already buried themselves in Lin Ming’s flesh, blood, and marrow, becoming a part of his being.

“Lin Ming seems like he’s… heavily wounded!”

As everyone was arguing with each other, some people noticed Lin Ming’s current condition.

He was indeed heavily injured.

The bone of his right arm had fractured and it was now hanging uselessly by his side. His entire body was bathed in blood and there was not an unmarred area on him. He had also consumed a great deal of his true essence.

Lin Ming was now relying on just his left hand to grab onto the stone cliff of the Divine Seal Altar. He slowly breathed in and out, catching his breath.

But, on the Divine Seal Altar, a powerful Empyrean pressure enveloped the entire area, and the chaotic power of divinity could attack from anywhere at any time; wanting to rest in this situation was easier said than done.

Lin Ming took a deep breath, circulating the power of the supreme dragon bone. His right arm emitted light crackling sounds as it adjusted and began joining back together.

This was a terrifying regenerative ability! Even those that had seen it before were still startled.

But, the wounds this time were different from ordinary wounds. These were wounds created by the Heavenly Dao. No matter how amazing Lin Ming’s life force was, it was still impossible for him to recover in a short period of time.

Lin Ming waved his hand, causing heaven and earth origin energy to surge. The torn clothes hanging off of him instantly changed. Lin Ming’s clothes were basically formed from energy right now, it was much more convenient.

Wearing snow-white clothes, Lin Ming lightly flicked his finger and took out a pill from his spatial ring, swallowing it.

“Lin Ming took a pill!”

“Is this his first time taking a pill?”

“Yes, this is the first time. This monstrous genius has persisted all the way until now before he finally took his first pill. It’s really unimaginable just what sort of strength he has.”

“That’s good. At least we know this boy is still human. He actually has a point when he can’t keep going and has to take a pill.”

Some young disciples joked around. That previous scene of Lin Ming breaking through the Dao tablet tribulation was far too shocking; he didn’t seem human at all.

After eating the pill, Lin Ming felt some trouble in suppressing the injuries within his body. Even the process of revolving his true essence had been affected.

“There is a trace of pill toxins, but it’s within a bearable range.”

Lin Ming thought to himself. It wasn’t forbidden to take pills on the Divine Seal Altar, but although taking pills could restore one’s strength and cure wounds, it would actually bring with it pill toxins. If a martial artist relied on pills to restore themselves, they wouldn’t be able to return to their peak condition.

“The Law attacks of the 33 Layered Heavens are truly unusual; the wounds left in my body are extremely difficult to heal.”

Lin Ming faintly frowned. Climbing to the summit of the Divine Seal Altar was something he might not be able to accomplish even in his peak state. If he was injured then it would be even more difficult.

“Mm? This is…” Lin Ming’s thoughts stirred and he suddenly looked around him.

After he defeated the 33 Dao tablets, the Dao tablets had shattered into countless Law runes. Now, these Law runes were all floating around Lin Ming.

Each and every one of the multi-hued Law runes was incomparably mysterious. These were treasures of the Heavenly Dao that had long been cut off from the Divine Realm. They lightly resonated with the Law runes hidden deep within Lin Ming’s body.

“These are Law fragments of the Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens. These will be greatly beneficial to me.”

Lin Ming suddenly thought. At the same time, he simultaneously revolved the power of essence, energy, and divine. The scattered power of divinity around Lin Ming began to move, forming a vortex around him.

As for those Law fragments, they were caught in this vortex. They slowly fluttered towards Lin Ming where he greedily absorbed them all!

After these Law fragments entered Lin Ming’s body, they branded themselves onto his flesh and blood, marking his organs and bones. They even entered Lin Ming’s inner world, becoming world runes, or penetrated into Lin Ming’s soul, becoming soul marks.

A massive amount of Law fragments began to resonate and corroborate with the Laws already existing in Lin Ming’s body. In that instant, he obtained a great deal of comprehensions. The Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens became much clear, and the path of essence, energy, and divine cultivation became that much clearer!

“Lin Ming absorbed the Law fragments!”

“This… he can even absorb the Law fragments of the 33 Layered Heavens?”

As this scene fell into everyone’s eyes, all of them were dumbfounded, especially Dragon Fang. He had climbed up to the same height as Lin Ming and had personally experienced the explosive killing strike of those 33 Dao tablets. Thus, he was extremely clear about how strange these Laws were. Even though Dragon Fang possessed the Three Lives Pupils and could clearly see the circulatory path of the Laws, he still couldn’t break through them.

Wanting to absorb them was impossible.

“How did Lin Ming accomplish this?” Dragon Fang couldn’t understand just what was happening. In the aspect of Laws, with the Three Lives Pupils, he was able to look down at all his peers. But now, in terms of the Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens, he was actually utterly inferior to Lin Ming.

After the 33 Dao tablets exploded, those Law runes had scattered everywhere like an endlessly sparkling cloud of stars. Lin Ming created a vortex of the power of divinity, using a full hour to fully absorb all of these Law fragments!

Although no one knew just how Lin Ming did what he did, what they could confirm was that he had just gained inestimable benefits!

Even if those advantages couldn’t immediately be converted to combat strength, it would be greatly useful to his future growth!

Normally, when a genius climbed up the 33 steps of the Divine Seal Altar, they had to withstand layers upon layers of trials and tribulations, endless suffering and torment. But when Lin Ming climbed up the Divine Seal Altar, he was actually gaining great benefits again and again. This caused everyone to feel a deep sense of envy.

A true genius was always growing. The so-called specter of destiny was that when all conditions were the same, those things that others couldn’t use could actually be used by the destiny-blessed. Those things that couldn’t be obtained by others could actually be obtained. When others died in the dangers of mystic realms, a true genius gifted by destiny would be able to overcome all obstacles, using their methods to turn danger into glory. They would be able to escape to the heavens and even capture treasures in return.

This was destiny. It was a fundamentally different concept from luck.

After absorbing the numerous Law fragments, Lin Ming felt the wounds in his body slightly restore themselves. Still, his body was in a bad condition and his true essence was only at 70% of its peak. Without two or three days of peaceful rest, it would be extremely difficult to recover.


Lin Ming coughed out a mouthful of blood. The white clothes he transformed from energy were dyed a bright red, brilliant and dazzling!

Lin Ming’s wounds were indeed heavy. However, he simply wiped the blood from his mouth and continued forwards!

Everyone could see that Lin Ming was already heavily wounded and his body was still wet with blood. That combusting inferno of blood vitality that reached into the heavens had also weakened a great deal by now. If he wanted to truly reach the top of the Divine Seal Altar’s 33rd step, that might be impossibly difficult. Even so, Lin Ming didn’t reveal the least bit of hesitation or thought of retreat. Instead, he marched forwards with daring courage and unstoppable momentum!

This spirit, this indomitable will, left everyone startled.

Even Qin Xingxuan and Mu Qianyu, who had always been worried for Lin Ming, were cheering for him, hoping that he would climb up as high as he could.

“This brat, he actually cultivates essence, energy, and divine!” Empyrean Vast Universe sucked in a deep breath, no longer knowing what to say. When Lin Ming broke through the array formation, he had clearly seen the entire process. Others might not recognize the gathering of three essences, but how could Empyrean Vast Universe not see it? “There’s no need to speak of the essence gathering system and body transformation system, but where did he learn the Divine Dream Law? Isn’t the Divine Dream Law something that only those from your Divine Dream Heavenly Palace know of?”

Empyrean Vast Universe looked towards Empyrean Divine Dream. Empyrean Divine Dream shook her head, “The world is broad and boundless. The Divine Dream Law might not be an inheritance that only my Divine Dream Heavenly Palace possesses. Currently, in the entire Divine Realm, only my Divine Dream Heavenly Palace has the Divine Dream Law, but in ancient times, who can be sure that no others thoroughly comprehended the soul forging system? If Lin Ming found the inheritance of some unrivalled powerhouse who cultivated the soul forging system, then it wouldn’t be strange if he understood the Divine Dream Law.”

“But…” Empyrean Vast Universe frowned. Although Empyrean Divine Dream’s suggestion was reasonable, it was still something hard to accept.

In Empyrean Vast Universe’s view, if all this were true, then Lin Ming’s destiny and talent were far too heaven-defying. First he had found the inheritance of Empyrean Primordius and had dual cultivated in body and energy, and then he also found the inheritance of an ancient soul forging supreme elder, finally learning to triple cultivate in essence, energy, and divine.

And not just that, but Lin Ming also came into contact with the Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens somewhere.

Time slowly passed. At this point, Lin Ming had already spent a bit over half a day climbing up the last step of the Divine Seal Altar; that was around 12-14 hours.

Above the 80,000 foot height of the Divine Seal Altar, the sea of thunder had parted and dispersed. Now, there was only an increasingly chaotic power of divinity.

This power of divinity was wild and raging, recklessly washing over Lin Ming’s body!

Of the power of divinity 80,000 feet high, while Lin Ming could absorb a small part of it, a great deal still crashed into his protective true essence. Sometimes it would even shatter his true essence with an explosive bang and leave behind a wound. Slowly, these wounds began to gather. The new clothes Lin Ming formed were torn apart once more.

As Lin Ming climbed up, his skin and flesh would crack apart. And then, underneath the powerful support of his restorative ability, it would regenerate once more, before splitting apart, regenerating, and continuing like this over and over again. It was unknown how many wounds Lin Ming received or how much blood he lost, but every time he changed his clothes they would be immediately stained with blood!

Everyone even suspected that Lin Ming’s blood was soon about to dry up. It was hard to imagine how much he was suffering.

In this state, Lin Ming still climbed up one step at a time. He finally reached 90,000 feet high!

Because Lin Ming was constantly stimulating his true essence to support his protective true essence and also to activate the dragon bone to ceaselessly regenerate his body, he only had 60% of his true essence left.

At this time, changes appeared around Lin Ming once more!

A surging power of divinity roared into the skies. As the streams of the power of divinity struck each other, they gathered together, condensing and forming faint phantoms of powerhouses. These phantoms had fuzzy facial features and they were as tall as an ordinary person. They each held different weapons in their hands. These were actually life forms created by energy.

“It’s here again…” Lin Ming took a deep breath, steadying himself. His current state was very poor!

The audience also noticed this. Lin Ming was approaching his limit. With only 60% of his true essence left, the combat strength he could display was limited. A person’s power was not limitless after all. Could Lin Ming pass this trial?

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