Chapter 1264 – Absorbing the Law Runes

Chapter 1264 – Absorbing the Law Runes

The spectators were all furiously arguing with each other. Most of them thought that it was impossible for Lin Ming’s strength to reach the Divine Lord realm and that he must have comprehended the mysteries behind the Dao tablet array formation and then broken through using some trick.

But there was a small group, mainly comprised of array masters, that refused to acknowledge the possibility that Lin Ming had broken through that array formation. As for how Lin Ming had passed this test, they didn’t know, they only knew that it was impossible for him to break past that array formation.

How old was Lin Ming? How high was his cultivation? Even these professional array masters could not instantly find the method to break through that unfathomable array formation. To think that was simply an insult to their life’s profession.

Even in their dreams they would never have imagined that of the Law runes engraved onto those 33 Dao tablets, a considerable part of them resonated with Lin Ming’s 33 Layered Heavens Ninefall. The Heavenly Dao Laws had already buried themselves in Lin Ming’s flesh, blood, and marrow, becoming a part of his being.

“Lin Ming seems like he’s… heavily wounded!”

As everyone was arguing with each other, some people noticed Lin Ming’s current condition.

He was indeed heavily...

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