Chapter 1263 Three Essences Gathered as One

Chapter 1263 – Three Essences Gathered as One

Colorful Law runes gathered together, condensing into 33 Dao tablets.

Each of these Dao tablets revolved within a brilliant divine light, exuding a vast and ancient aura!

As these Dao tablets appeared, even the sea of thunder hid away.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The tablets struck each other, resonating through the world like a divine bell.

This titanic sound struck the minds of everyone present, causing their heartbeat to accelerate.

The great tribulation of Dao tablets; this was where Dragon Fang had suffered defeat.

Everyone thought that this step would also be where Lin Ming was defeated.

In truth, the audience’s guess that Lin Ming had some thunder-attribute protective treasure, although wrong, was correct in a sense. Lin Ming did have an extraordinary resistance to heavenly tribulation of the Thunder Laws. Their speculations were wrong, but the result was more or less the same.

Now that there was no longer thunder heavenly tribulation, it had truly become a great test to Lin Ming.

Everyone, including Dragon Fang, looked up at Lin Ming. It was impossible for him to play any tricks here.


33 Dao tablets hurtled towards Lin Ming!

Lin Ming grasped the Phoenix Blood Spear. In this moment, he opened all seven of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates. Within Lin Ming’s inner world, the Heretical God Tree erupted with a tide of energy. All of this energy came from the thunder tribulation he had absorbed!

“Thunder tribulation!”

Lin Ming thrust out his spear! The wild and frantic power of thunder tribulation struck the 33 Dao tablets, forming a net of electricity around them! As the 33 Dao tablets were struck by the thunder tribulation, although they didn’t explode, their speed rapidly dropped and their light dimmed down!

“Mm? He can absorb thunder tribulation and use it to counterattack the Dao tablets?”

Xiao Daochild was floating not too far away from Lin Ming and he was able to see all of this in clear detail. In his opinion, this was nearly impossible. Even the entire audience was stunned. Lin Ming’s attack had exceeded all their expectations; he was even able to use heavenly tribulation!?

There was no time to think. Suddenly, there was a change in the formation of the 33 Dao tablets. With three Dao tablets as the center, the other 30 Dao tablets encircled them, each of their positions containing innumerable mysteries. This was actually a great array formation!

“Heavens, the 33 Dao tablets formed an array formation!”

“How terrifying, this is something that not even Dragon Fang experienced! The scattered attacks of these Dao tablets are already so fierce, what will happen once they form a grand array formation!?”

After forming the great array formation, even if it was the most basic variety, their striking power would at least double. Much less, one didn’t need to be a genius to know that the stone tablets of the Divine Altar’s 33rd step symbolized the might of heavenly tribulation. Just how high did the Laws of heavenly tribulation exist at? Could the average person even begin to understand them?

A great array formation naturally formed by the Heavenly Dao Laws would have an incomparable degree of exquisiteness and strength. If these 33 Dao tablets shot down like this, their might would reach ridiculously terrifying levels!

“Lin Ming’s luck is too bad. He wasn’t able to crush a Dao tablet at the start, much less now that they have formed an array formation. If he has an accident during this Dao tablet tribulation then even his life might be in danger!”

“This grand array formation contains infinite mysteries and secrets. I suspect that even a middle Divine Lord powerhouse wouldn’t be able to live through it!”

An old man with a half-step World King cultivation said. This old man was an array formation grandmaster. As an array master, he was well aware of just how terrifying this 33 Dao tablet array formation was!

“What? Isn’t that just too exaggerated!? Then who could ever mount the Divine Seal Altar!?”

Just what sort of concept was a middle Divine Lord powerhouse? No matter how heaven-defying Lin Ming was, he was still only an early Divine Sea martial artist. In terms of strength, he could battle a late Divine Transformation powerhouse. But, if he were to run into a Divine Lord martial artist he would absolutely lose.

Now, facing these 33 Dao tablets that not even a Divine Lord powerhouse could resist, the pressure could be imagined. It was an attack that absolutely could not be blocked.

This level of difficulty had surpassed the boundary of the Divine Sea.

“Won’t Senior Xiao Daochild stop the competition!?”

“Yah! Senior-apprentice Brother Lin is already in the top two of the semifinals. There is no longer the need for him to take any more risks!”

The Ancient Phoenix Clan disciples were all worried. Even Huo Violentstone had sweat dripping down his forehead as he steadily looked on at the Divine Seal Altar.

Qin Xingxuan’s complexion was pale, and her beautiful apricot eyes were filled with tears.

Huo Violentstone clenched his teeth, saying, “This is no longer a question of ranking. Lin Ming wants to withstand this heavenly tribulation and challenge his limits on the Divine Seal Altar!”

Huo Violentstone could feel Lin Ming’s blazing fighting spirit. It was impossible to stop him. He could only hope that Xiao Daochild would protect Lin Ming at the end.

At this time, even the usually calm and leisurely Xiao Daochild was panicking. If Lin Ming truly chose to collide with these Dao tablets, then the eruption of energy in that moment might directly kill Lin Ming. Even if Xiao Daochild were to act then, even if he were to temporarily stop time, he still wouldn’t make it!

But he still couldn’t end the competition early and save Lin Ming just because he was worried. Thus, he had no choice but to call upon the artifact spirit of the Divine Seal Altar. Otherwise, if an unrivalled genius like Lin Ming were to die here, let alone his Vast Universe Heavenly Palace becoming a joke, that would be an unbelievably great loss to the Divine Realm’s martial world.

That was a charge that Xiao Daochild could not carry.

“Don’t move – leave everything to me!”

The Divine Seal Altar’s artifact spirit replied. At this time, the gray-clothed old man’s concentration and eyes were completely honed in on Lin Ming, on guard against all dangers in this grave situation.

The heavenly tribulation atop the Divine Seal Altar could not be controlled. This was the Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens inherently contained within the Divine Seal Altar. If one wished to conquer the Divine Seal Altar and mount the top, they naturally had to withstand this heavenly tribulation.

In Divine Dream Heavenly Palace, Empyrean Vast Universe chuckled as he saw Xiao Daochild and the gray-clothed old man on full alert. “This 80,000 foot Dao tablet suppression slaughter has even Old Seal and Xiao Daochild frantically dancing around nervously. They are prepared to act at any given moment. Fine. Then I’ll just sit back and enjoy the show, and see just what methods this Lin Ming has.”

After mistakenly speaking several times, Empyrean Vast Universe no longer casually speculated about Lin Ming. It was best to leave an exit for himself, otherwise he would lose all face.

Rumble rumble rumble!

The 33 Dao tablets revolved, pressing down on Lin Ming like a massive spinning grinding pan.

Three Dao tablets served as the array heart, nine Dao tablets spun around them, and 21 more Dao tablets served as the outer ring!

As Lin Ming saw these Dao tablets rush towards him, he could faintly feel that this Dao tablet array formation was the Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens. At the same time, he knew that it was impossible for him to forcefully resist this array formation. If it were to strike him, he would die a miserable death!

“The central three Dao tablets have different Laws: they are the representatives of essence, energy, and divine. They symbolize body transformation, essence gathering, and soul forging, three different cultivation systems!

Lin Ming’s eyes flashed with a sharp light. It was impossible for him to comprehend the entire Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens, but, he had crossed a 33 Layered Heavens Ninefall with essence, energy, and soul cultivation! In the Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens, those three central Dao tablets were the ones he could break!

And those three Dao tablets were the core of the Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens!

“Then… I’ll bet everything on this!”

At that moment, Lin Ming used his complete strength.

Body transformation system – he opened all seven of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates, revolving the power of the supreme dragon bone!

Essence gathering system – the Heretical God Force erupted, the blood of the Ancient Phoenix combusted!

Soul forging system – All of the divine dream energy that Lin Ming absorbed in the Divine Dream World, as well as his perfect gold grandmist battle spirit, was completely poured into his soul!

In this moment, Lin Ming had reached an unprecedented level of power!

Three essences assembled together! Essence, energy, and divine, gathered as one!

The Phoenix Blood Spear suddenly swung out. The spear light aimed at the center of the 33 Layered Heavens Dao tablet array formation, hurtling towards it!

In that instant, this blinding beam of light became the only color between the heavens and earth. That unstoppable spear light pierced through the 33 Layered Heavens array formation!


Lin Ming felt his arm shake and the web of his palm crack open. The Phoenix Blood Spear violently trembled. The Law runes and divine dream marks that were buried within Lin Ming’s flesh and blood, buried within his inner world, carved onto his bones and into his soul, began to release a dazzling brilliance!

This brilliance began to shine together with the Laws on the three Dao tablets. This was because the Law runes on those Dao tablets came from the same source as the Law runes buried within Lin Ming’s body!

Ka ka ka!

In this incandescent divine light, massive golden cracks appeared on the three Dao tablets that served as the core; they were soon about to shatter!


“What?! The Heavenly Dao tablets are about to break!”

Amidst the cries of alarm, the three core Dao tablets of the 33 Layered Heavens array formation loudly burst apart, turning into countless Law fragments that scattered in the world!

The moment those three Dao tablets shattered, the 33 Layered Heavens array formation was also broken. The other 30 Dao tablets dimmed down, losing their luster before exploding.

A terrifying wave of energy erupted outwards. In the end, Lin Ming had only destroyed the three central Dao tablets. Although they served as the core and the eye of the array formation, the other 30 Dao tablets could not be underestimated. With the energy system having collapsed, a savage and brutal energy shock wave swept out towards Lin Ming!


Lin Ming’s protective true essence shattered and a terrifying energy dove into his body; he had to resist this with his mortal body alone!

For a time, Lin Ming’s skin ruptured all over, blood covering his entire body!

He had been seriously wounded. Even if Lin Ming cultivated essence, energy, and divine, and had gathered three essences in that final moment to block the energy shockwaves, he had still been severely injured.

However, at this moment, what the billions of people spectating cared about was not Lin Ming’s serious wounds, but the fact that a 33 Layered Heavens array formation that even a Divine Lord powerhouse couldn’t resist was actually broken by him!

How was this possible!?

The audience went crazy!!

“Could Lin Ming’s strength actually have reached the boundary of a middle or late Divine Lord powerhouse? For an early Divine Sea youth to battle a middle or late Divine Lord powerhouse, that is an accomplishment that would even throw away young Empyreans by 108,000 miles!”

“That… cannot be, that is impossible! No one can ignore two large boundaries of the Divine Transformation and Divine Lord realms to defeat their opponent! This is something that already surpasses the Heavenly Dao Laws. Lin Ming absolutely cannot have the strength of a Divine Lord powerhouse! My guess is that in the moment that Dao tablet array formation was about to strike him, he managed to perceive the mysteries of that array formation and then broke through it. With his knowledge, he used a clever method and broke past the enemy lines!”

“Ignorant little child, what do you know!?” As the array formation grandmaster heard these young elites discussing amongst themselves, he was stirred into a raging anger. “Break apart that Dao tablet array formation? Do you know how many mysteries or countless Law runes were contained with that array formation? I have simply never seen anything on that level before! If one wished to perceive its mysteries, let alone the likes of me, even a Great World King array master might not understand it if they spent a great deal of time! Do you think that Lin Ming actually comprehended it!?”

Speaking of array formations, many array formation grandmasters were incomparably excited and frazzled. Just now, they couldn’t even understand a little bit of that array formation. If Lin Ming were able to comprehend and break through it in such a short period of time, then what meaning was there for them to keep on living?

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