Chapter 1262 – Slaughter of the Dao Tablets

Chapter 1262 – Slaughter of the Dao Tablets

To use heavenly tribulation to temper the body, that was simply unimaginable!

Heavenly tribulation was originally the power of heavenly retribution, able to annihilate all of existence. Even using various means to block it wouldn’t be enough, much less directly withstanding it with the body.

For instance, take Dragon Fang. Dragon Fang was already a genius at the limits of potential. But, let alone tempering his body with heavenly tribulation, just three or four explosive strikes by the Thunder Sources would have shattered his spatial enchantments.

It was also because of this reason that many people thought it was impossible for Lin Ming to be so abnormal. Moreover, the performance that Dragon Fang had displayed so far had surpassed Lin Ming’s. Taking a step back, even if Dragon Fang was inferior to Lin Ming, the difference couldn’t be that great.

So, how could one direct the heavenly tribulation to temper their body whilst the other was beaten up so ruthlessly?

“I don’t think this is Lin Ming’s own ability. Dragon Fang climbed up higher than Lin Ming, and he also climbed up in a much calmer fashion. But, upon entering the 33,000 foot thunder dominion and then encountering the Thunder Sources, Dragon Fang was suddenly inferior to Lin Ming. I think this is because Lin Ming must...

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