Chapter 1260 – Dragon Fang, Defeated

Chapter 1260 – Dragon Fang, Defeated

On the Divine Seal Altar’s 33rd step, Dragon Fang could be said as having grabbed the attention from the entire world. As for Lin Ming, he climbed up much slower so there were far less people paying attention to him. In this situation, people would usually be looking towards the first place person.

Now, Lin Ming also neared the purple thunder dominion, causing many people to turn back to him.

“Lin Ming can actually crawl up this high!”

“Fierce! I thought that 50,000 feet was his limit, but I never imagined he would also reach the 67,000 foot height. I wonder just how long Lin Ming can withstand the 33,000 feet of the thunder dominion?”

“The 33,000 foot thunder dominion? Hehe, Lin Ming is only at the early Divine Sea realm; he might fall before he can fully climb into the thunder dominion. Don’t forget, he has to withstand the attacks of heavenly tribulation as he approaches the thunder dominion.”

“Lin Ming is definitely inferior to Dragon Fang. His talent is already heaven-defying if he can truly climb into the thunder dominion. But, it is impossible for him to go any further than that, let alone cross the 27 Thunder Source killing formation at 70,000 feet.”

People didn’t place many expectations on Lin Ming. After all, Lin Ming’s cultivation was inferior to...

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