Chapter 126 - Zhang Guanyu Moves

Chapter 126 – Zhang Guanyu Moves

Lin Ming smiled and shook his head, “Brother Liao flatters me. It is only because I have a fierce master that I have such achievements. That’s right, since Zhu Yan has left Sky Fortune City, then what happened to Lan Yunyue? Did she leave with him?”

Although he already had nothing to do with Lan Yunyue, Lin Ming still inquired. Zhu Yan might have gone crazy by now; he might take out his anger on Lan Yunyue.

Liao Wenyuan smiled and said, “Brother Lin, feel relieved that Lan Yunyue is all right. But, she has already withdrawn herself from the Seven Profound Martial House. Presently she is still within Sky Fortune City. His Highness the Crown Prince has already sent some people to secretly protect her.”

“Oh? Lan Yunyue has left school…” Lin Ming was a little stunned. The Crown Prince was really very thoughtful; he had even taken Lan Yunyue into account. There truly was a substantial advantage in joining a major power. There were a lot of matters that he didn’t need to worry about; there were naturally people that would help manage them.

Liao Wenyuan said, “That’s about everything I have to say. I will walk first. Brother Lin please continue whatever it was you were doing.”

“Mm. Thank you Brother Liao.”

“Haha, that’s what I should be doing.”

As he bid farewell to Liao...

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