Chapter 1259 – Absolute Slaughter Thunder Sources

Chapter 1259 – Absolute Slaughter Thunder Sources


The bolt of purple thunder came crashing down, winding about like a swimming dragon!

This divine thunder was dozens of feet thick. It struck the Divine Seal Altar with unstoppable momentum, randomly crawling around and turning the entire upper 33,000 feet height of the Divine Seal Altar into a purple sea.

Even though the audience was extremely far away, they were still panic-stricken as they saw this. Without a doubt, if any of the outstanding young elites in the audience were to be placed in that purple sea, they would all be fried into ash!

“That is heavenly tribulation! Heavens, those are tribulation clouds!”

“Heavenly tribulation has covered the last 30,000 some feet. In climbing up the last section of the Divine Seal Altar, one actually has to withstand heavenly tribulation!? This difficulty is far too ridiculous! No wonder for the last 2 million years of Vast Universe Heavenly Palace, even though there were dozens or hundreds of chosen prides of heaven, not a single one of them has been able to mount the summit of the Divine Seal Altar!”

“Even for Dragon Fang it is impossible to create a miracle. Wanting to withstand this heavenly tribulation like he’s been doing so far is an act of futility....

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