Chapter 1259 Absolute Slaughter Thunder Sources

Chapter 1259 – Absolute Slaughter Thunder Sources


The bolt of purple thunder came crashing down, winding about like a swimming dragon!

This divine thunder was dozens of feet thick. It struck the Divine Seal Altar with unstoppable momentum, randomly crawling around and turning the entire upper 33,000 feet height of the Divine Seal Altar into a purple sea.

Even though the audience was extremely far away, they were still panic-stricken as they saw this. Without a doubt, if any of the outstanding young elites in the audience were to be placed in that purple sea, they would all be fried into ash!

“That is heavenly tribulation! Heavens, those are tribulation clouds!”

“Heavenly tribulation has covered the last 30,000 some feet. In climbing up the last section of the Divine Seal Altar, one actually has to withstand heavenly tribulation!? This difficulty is far too ridiculous! No wonder for the last 2 million years of Vast Universe Heavenly Palace, even though there were dozens or hundreds of chosen prides of heaven, not a single one of them has been able to mount the summit of the Divine Seal Altar!”

“Even for Dragon Fang it is impossible to create a miracle. Wanting to withstand this heavenly tribulation like he’s been doing so far is an act of futility. If I’m not wrong, the heavenly tribulation will become fierce the further up one goes. Perhaps Dragon Fang will be stopped at 70,000 feet!”

Out of the billions of people watching, very few of them believed in Dragon Fang. Heavenly tribulation was not a trifling joke. Even if Dragon Fang was on flat ground and also in his most flourishing condition, he would still have to carefully prepare himself to have just a small chance of passing this. But now, he was currently climbing up the Divine Seal Altar and he had exhausted a great deal of his strength in coming up so far.

“Heavenly tribulation…”

Dragon Fang’s eyes burned with purple flames. He placed the Dragon Fang Blade between his lips, the shark blade edge reflecting his snow white teeth, cold and sharp.

“In the past, Honorable Master once listed seven divine artifacts to me, and the ancient Divine Seal was listed third amongst them. But, that has already disappeared for an extremely long time by now. The Divine Seal Altar that Empyrean Vast Universe created was refined by drawing support from a wisp of the ancient Divine Seal Altar’s artifact spirit. Even so, Honorable Master said that this replica Divine Seal Altar is not something I can climb all the way. Now that heavenly tribulation has arrived, let me see just what step my Three Lives Pupils will help me reach!”

In the face of this endless roiling purple sea, the average person would have lost all their courage to continue. But for Dragon Fang, this challenge caused his fighting spirit to boil over!

He bit down on the Dragon Fang Blade and slowly climbed up towards that purple sea!

From 50,000 feet to the purple thunder dominion, there was still 17,000 feet. For Dragon Fang to climb this distance still took some time. By the time he climbed up to 65,000 feet, Dragon Fang’s entire body was dripping with sweat and blue veins were popping out on his forehead!

Maintaining the state of All Existence to Void created a tremendous burden on his body!

At 65,000 feet, he was still 2000 feet from reaching that turbulent purple sea. But even so, at this time, the purple strip of thunder left that purple sea and shot downwards!


A terrifying explosion rang out like the roar of gods! Dragon Fang’s body shook and the spatial enchantment around him began to shatter like a broken eggshell!

“The spatial enchantment is breaking!”

As the audience saw this, all of them held their breath. In that brief instant there simply wasn’t enough time to respond. The purple thunder burst apart that spatial enchantment and thrust down at Dragon Fang.

But at this moment, another spatial enchantment flashed into existence around Dragon Fang, blocking this thunder.  

“Double layered spatial enchantment!?”

No one thought that after the first level spatial enchantment shattered, there would also be a second one that wrapped around Dragon Fang. This second layer enchantment had blocked the thunder attack!

And Dragon Fang had escaped this without a single wound!

“He blocked it! Wonderful!”

“He’s comprehended the Space Laws enough to create a multi-layered spatial enchantment. To reach this degree at 36 years of age is unbelievable!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Beams of savage thunder crashed down, crashing onto the spatial enchantments around Dragon Fang.

As a ray of thunder chopped apart a spatial enchantment, another new layer would appear around Dragon Fang’s body forming a completely balanced system.

Like this, Dragon Fang shouldered the arcs of thunder and climbed up towards the purple thunder dominion!

67,000 feet high was still 33,000 feet away from the summit of the Divine Seal Altar!

Here was where the thunder dominion was.

At this point, Dragon Fang could feel the terrifying energy contained with that purple thunder dominion.

“He’s entering the thunder dominion!”

“67,000 feet, he’s only 3000 feet away from the 70,000 foot record left behind by Empyrean Vast Universe’s disciple. In other words, any one of Empyrean Vast Universe’s disciples would be instantly defeated as soon as they entered the Thunder Dominion!”

The audience watched with unblinking eyes. Dragon Fang grit his teeth and broke into the thunder dominion!

As soon as he entered the thunder dominion, the power of thunder rushed towards him like an endless stream of time, seeming to pierce through space itself! Within this vast purple sea, any martial artist was nothing but a dinky boat drifting in the swelling waves, incomparably small, able to overturn at any moment!

Purple light filled every inch of space. The rolling thunderclaps were deafening, endless. The double layered spatial enchantments around Dragon Fang rapidly melted away like ice underneath the noon sun!

Rumble rumble rumble!

Like the apocalypse, everything in the world seemed as if it were being destroyed.

Dragon Fang’s entire body was wreathed in flickering purple flames. As the baptism of thunder crashed onto him, it was impossible to imagine what kind of tribulation he was experiencing.

The spatial enchantments around him constantly shattered and reformed. Although Dragon Fang’s restorative ability was inferior to Lin Ming’s, it was still extremely amazing. Even though he was consuming energy at a rapid pace, he was still able to continue on.

68,000 feet! 69,000 feet!

He was only a thousand feet away from reaching the record left behind by Vast Void!

At this time, Dragon Fang’s entire body was bulging with blue veins and all the blood vessels beneath his skin were visible in clear detail. It was no longer possible to see his eyes; one could only see brilliantly combusting purple flames!

“He’s going to break the record!”

“Dragon Fang, you can do it!”

“Dragon Fang!”

“Dragon Fang!”

Many people cheered out for Dragon Fang. There were many young girls that screamed out his name!

The record was right in front of him. The Divine Seal Altar was a comprehensive test of one’s cultivation and potential. But, in a situation where one’s cultivation wasn’t high enough to resist the heavenly tribulation, then that only left… one’s potential!

As long as Dragon Fang could draw with this record, it would prove that his potential easily swept away every single disciple of Vast Universe Heavenly Palace.

If Dragon Fang, a middle Divine Sea realm martial artist, could climb up 70,000 feet on the 33rd step of the Divine Seal Altar, then he would create a legend!

Rumble rumble rumble!

The heavenly tribulation became increasingly wild. Dragon Fang’s skin began to crack as blood poured down from these wounds. There was even blood dripping from the corners of his lips!

However, he still steadily climbed up as before.

Finally, he had passed a 70,000 foot height and had broken Vast Void’s record!

In that instant, the entire arena, the billions of spectators there, were all cheering out as loudly as they could!

This was a miracle wrought by Dragon Fang!

After reaching 70,000 feet, there was suddenly a drastic change in the thunder dominion. Within the thunder dominion, the endless thunder gathered together, forming savage vicious beasts!

Of these beasts, some seemed like massive pythons, some were enormous lizards, some were tigers, and there were even some like flood dragons. All of them clawed their way towards Dragon Fang!

“Heavens! What is that!?”

“Those are spirit bodies formed by the power of thunder, Thunder Souls! No… no, those are Thunder Sources!”

Thunder Sources were energy life forms created by the essence of thunder. The Purple Lion Thunder Source that Lin Ming absorbed was also a Thunder Source.

In order for a Thunder Source to be born, it had to be at the center of countless coincidences for tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of years.

And now, on the 33rd step of the Divine Seal Altar, there were suddenly over 20 Thunder Sources!

All of these Thunder Sources hurtled towards Dragon Fang!

Each Thunder Source had the ability to kill an early Divine Sea powerhouse!

An ordinary Divine Sea martial artist would be instantly killed. Even a master would find them extremely difficult to deal with, much less in these endless purple thunder dominion.

Dragon Fang took out the Dragon Fang Blade from his mouth. Space rippled around the blade as he slashed out!

“Tremble, space!”

With this slash, all of the space around the Dragon Fang Blade began to vibrate at high speeds! A weapon that was vibrating at high speed was much sharper than normal. Moreover, what Dragon Fang did was cause space to tremble and not his weapon. Space was known as the sharpest weapon in the world!

Peng peng peng peng!

Four Thunder Sources were blocked by Dragon Fang!

But, the other Thunder Sources followed right after, Dragon Fang didn’t have time to redraw his sword!

As Dragon Fang saw those numerous Thunder Sources rush towards him, in this critical moment, he shouted out –

“Mirror Image Avatar!”

Woosh woosh woosh woosh woosh woosh woosh!

Seven figures flashed out from Dragon Fang. These spatial mirror image projections were what Dragon Fang used to defeat Bloodless Sword. It was able to allow him to divide into eight!

These seven mirror images all attacked, each one blocking three Thunder Sources, instantly stopping 21 of them. However, two final Thunder Sources evaded Dragon Fang’s defenses, rapidly rushing towards his body!

Rumble rumble rumble!

One Thunder Source shattered Dragon Fang’s spatial enchantment, and the second Thunder Source solidly smashed into Dragon Fang’s protective true essence.

An energy life form created by the power of thunder, just how terrifyingly strong were they? It was far more formidable than any previous thunderbolt!

Dragon Fang’s protective true essence instantly exploded and the savage power of thunder crashed into his body!

The audience cried out in alarm. Some young girls that had a secret crush on Dragon Fang closed their eyes, too afraid to look.

But at this time, brilliant purple flames suddenly erupted, gushing out from Dragon Fang’s body. These purple flames intertwined with the thunder light, casting the entire surrounding area in endless deep purple, shining and radiant, blinding to the eye!

Everyone subconsciously looked away before turning back.

“What happened!?”

“He crossed it!”

“He crossed it… but, his eye…”

“Dragon Fang overdrew his strength and received heavy damage to his eye. If this continues then he’ll crawl at most to 80,000 feet or so.”

At this time, on the Divine Seal Altar, the corner of Dragon Fang’s right eye had torn open. The blood vessels had been ripped apart and blood was flowing out.

The purple flames in the right eye had nearly been extinguished.

Practicing the Three Lives Pupils gave one greatly increased self-recovery abilities of the eyes. If the eyes were wounded, they could quickly restore give enough time. But now, this injured eye meant that Dragon Fang wouldn’t be able to continue for much longer.

“This is too horrifying. This is a killing formation of 27 Thunder Sources, and yet Dragon Fang was able to cross it. But, the price he paid was one of his eyes. He’s already 77,000 feet high up; he has high hopes of reaching 80,000 feet.”

In the skies above the Divine Seal Altar, Xiao Daochild was full of praise. He was well aware of just how terrifying the 27 Thunder Source killing formation was. At this time, Xiao Daochild’s thoughts moved and he looked downwards. He saw that 10,000 feet behind Dragon Fang, Lin Ming had also climbed into the purple thunder dominion.

“Mm, Lin Ming has also climbed up to the level of heavenly tribulation. Great!”

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