Chapter 1257 Tricks

Chapter 1257 – Tricks

Lin Ming and Dragon Fang both stood beneath the precipice of the final step. As they looked up, they could see the 100,000 foot high divine cliff thrust straight into the clouds!

As Lin Ming looked at the last step of the Divine Seal Altar, his heart surged with a heroic and daring spirit!

Someday, in the far off future, perhaps he could even seek out the true Divine Seal Altar and experience the phantasmal Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens there.

Lin Ming could feel that the Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens contained some secret of the world’s Great Dao. If he wanted to reach the peak of all martial artists, he would have to thoroughly comprehend the highest truths of the Great Dao, otherwise there wouldn’t be the least bit of hope for him.

At this time, Dragon Fang opened his Three Lives Pupils. In his pupils, the pathways of all the chaotic energy on the Divine Seal Altar was clearly reflected within them.

He soon identified the area with the mildest flow of chaotic energy and leapt through!

In the air, Dragon Fang constantly shifted, changing his direction multiple times as he found the area with the least amount of chaotic energy to jump through.

He was like a swallow flitting through a storm. Even though that storm was filled with violent winds and thick lightning, he could still easily shuttle through.


Dragon Fang seized the Divine Seal Altar. This jump was 100 feet high!

“Fierce! Even though this is the Divine Seal Altar’s 33rd step, he still jumped 100 feet high!”

At the start, jumping up from the flat step, one could rise the highest. It would become increasingly difficult the further one went. Even so, to be able to leap 100 feet high even at the 33rd step was something that was praiseworthy.

“He’s too strong. Just look, the strange way he jumped through the air was not in a straight line but he twisted and turned several times on the way. He must have found some way to fit into the Laws of the Divine Seal Altar. Although these movements look like they are useless, the truth is that they contain all sorts of mysteries.”

“How strange. The Divine Seal Altar forbids flight, so how come Dragon Fang is able to switch direction in midair?”

Everyone discussed amongst themselves. They couldn’t see the power of divinity, thus they didn’t know just what Dragon Fang was attempting to do. But in the skies above the Divine Seal Altar, Xiao Daochild could see all of this clearly. The reason that Dragon Fang could change direction in the air was that he could see the circulating paths of the power of divinity, and then using his own origin energy, he would attack those flows of the power of divinity and then use the repulsive force to change directions.

In order to reach this step, one needed extremely accurate judgment and the ability to instantly seize the most fleeting of moments. Otherwise, it was possible to outthink yourself and receive a backlash from the power of divinity.

“This Dragon Fang seems as if he can see through everything; he is truly a monstrous genius!”

Without a doubt,  Dragon Fang’s original perception originally stood at the highest level. But now, with the Three Lives Pupils added on top of that, the achievements in Laws that Dragon Fang would reach in the future would be unbelievable!

At this time, everyone’s eyes were gathered on Lin Ming’s body.

How high could Lin Ming jump?

Lin Ming looked up at the cliffs of the 33rd step. He took a deep breath and said to himself, “The Divine Seal Altar’s 33 steps. One day, if I am to step onto the peak of martial arts, then let this be the beginning of my journey!”

At that time, a brilliant light burst out from between Lin Ming’s eyebrows. He suddenly opened the Eight Inner hidden Gates, all the strength within his body rapidly rising!

He squatted down, looked up at the sky, and then jumped upwards! His strength erupted at that moment. If it had been divine iron underneath Lin Ming’s feet, then that metal would have completely cracked apart!

Lin Ming leapt up with 10 times the power of Dragon Fang. But this was only a simple jump, reaching right into the impact of the power of divinity!

If Dragon Fang was a swallow flitting through a storm, avoiding the turbulent winds and thunder, then Lin Ming was a fish swimming up against the waterfall. He did not need any skills and only broke through with his absolute strength!

30 feet, 50 feet, 70 feet, 90 feet!

Even if Lin Ming had comprehended a portion of the power of divinity, underneath the wild impact his speed still sharply fell.


Lin Ming gripped an outcropping of the Divine Seal Altar’s walls. His first jump was also 100 feet!

A terrifying pressure continued to smash into Lin Ming’s body. But, Lin Ming’s body tightly held onto the stone ledge with an iron grip.

“Mm? He also jumped up 100 feet! Lin Ming is amazing too, his momentum is no worse than Dragon Fang’s!”

“Hehe, the 33rd step is a protracted war of attrition. We won’t be able to see anything at the start, but the longer it goes on, the more they will pull apart from each other.”

The entire audience was looking at every single change on the Divine Seal Altar with total concentration. Lin Ming and Dragon Fang continued to climb up together!

“What a strong pressure, what a formidable power of divinity. This is already several times stronger than anything I experienced on the 32nd step. If just the start is like this, then the intensity of the forces ahead could be imagined! No wonder Senior Xiao Daochild said that even though numerous direct disciples of Empyrean Vast Universe had climbed up the Divine Seal Altar, none of them had managed to mount the summit in over 2 million years. For these 2 million years, even if Empyrean Vast Universe accepted a direct disciple every several hundred thousand years, he should still have had dozens of them.”

Surges of strong power of divinity rushed towards Lin Ming. Each one divided in two, 90% of the energies being diverted away while 10% was absorbed by Lin Ming.

Lin Ming felt as if his body was a sponge that endlessly absorbed energy. However, the energies contained within this power of divinity were simply too wild and crazy. Absorbing it made his inner organs feel as if they were burning in an inferno, and there were even crackling sounds emitting from his meridians as if they couldn’t withstand this brutal baptism of energy.

As for Dragon Fang, he was relying on his Three Lives Pupils to see through the path of the energy flow and avoid the areas with the strongest power of divinity.

One was avoiding and one was resisting; Dragon Fang naturally had a much easier time than Lin Ming.

“Dragon Fang is using some tricks.”

In Divine Dream Heavenly Palace, Empyrean Vast Universe commented. The ability of the Three Lives Pupils to completely see through the circulation of all Laws was too heaven-defying.

“Although Lin Ming’s method is rarer, in terms of just results, Lin Ming is at a disadvantage. He can only absorb a small portion of the power of divinity and has to shunt away the rest. This will rapidly consume his strength. I have no idea just what step Lin Ming will be able to insist until.”

Empyrean Vast Universe was the one who had created this Divine Seal Altar, thus he was the one most aware of just how difficult the last several tens of thousands of feet were to climb. That height was abnormally difficult. It would be impossible for Lin Ming or Dragon Fang to climb up that high.

To the side of Empyrean Vast Universe, Empyrean Divine Dream exhaled a light breath. She softly said, “These tricky methods are only unorthodox methods. He can temporarily find a shortcut, but it will be impossible for him to continue doing so.”

“Of course.” Empyrean Vast Universe chuckled. “This Divine Seal Altar replica has 10% of the true ancient Divine Seal Altar’s charm. Although it is only 10%, it is still not something that a Divine Sea realm martial artist can climb. Dragon Fang can use these little tricks now, but he cannot do so forever. There is a chance that he can climb up 70,000-80,000 feet, and Lin Ming is also the same. But for him to resist the power of divinity in this manner is impossible for the final several tens of thousands of feet. The only possibility would be if he made another breakthrough at that time. Still, I cannot imagine why Lin Ming can sense the 33 Layered Heavens Laws. I even suspect that Lin Ming might have obtained a Concept inheritance related to the 33 Layered Heavens ancient Divine Seal Altar. If that’s true then he really is a lucky child.”

Empyrean Vast Universe knew that with Lin Min’s cultivation, wanting to feel the Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens was impossible. The only possibility was if he had a heaven-seizing lucky chance, because this was no longer a question of perception.

Empyrean Divine Dream looked thoughtful, not speaking further.

Slowly, Dragon Fang took the lead.

At the start, Dragon Fang only led by several dozen feet, but later, this extended to hundreds of feet.

Lin Ming didn’t blindly try to compete with speed. He only steadily grasped onto the rough traces of the Divine Seal Altar, simultaneously withstanding a baptism from the power of divinity and also enlightening himself on the Concepts. As the power of divinity flowed past him, he could feel something like the endless years of time passing him by.

The Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens was all-encompassing. Lin Ming even suspected that maybe the so-called 33 Layered Heavens referred to 33 different kinds of energies.

“Dragon Fang’s foundation is much deeper. I am afraid that the further up they go, the greater the disparity will be between them.”

“That’s reasonable. Dragon Fang also climbed up the 32nd step ahead of Lin Ming.”

“Although that is true, don’t forget that Lin Ming is only at the early Divine Sea realm. With the Divine Sea Altar competition having reached this point, don’t forget that there is no longer a loser here. Putting aside their strength, the potential of these two even surpasses direct disciples of Empyrean Vast Universe!”

By this time, two hours had slowly passed by!

The Divine Seal Altar’s 33rd step was beyond extraordinary. Even though two hours had passed, Lin Ming and Dragon Fang had only climbed up around 25,000 feet!

At this time, Dragon Fang was leading Lin Ming by 2000 feet. He looked down to see Lin Ming advancing steadily and a flash of awe and praise appeared in his eyes.

“Lin Ming’s methods are completely different from mine, and he must consume a greater amount of strength than I do. Even so, he still has plenty of energy left. His endurance and restorative ability are truly inconceivable.”

As Dragon Fang was thinking this, his complexion suddenly changed. He could feel that at this time, the power of divinity ahead of him suddenly became chaotic and dense.

At the start, Dragon Fang had relied upon the Three Lives Pupils to see through the chaotic energy and identify the path of the power of divinity.

But now, that was no longer possible.

The gap between the flows of the power of divinity were too small; he couldn’t avoid them!

In Divine Dream Heavenly Palace, Empyrean Vast Universe looked at Dragon Fang. It was impossible to climb the final parts of the Divine Seal Altar using these tricky methods. He wanted to see just how Dragon Fang would overcome this pass.

Dragon Fang paused here for a moment. Then, within his needle-point like pupils, a complete panoramic view of the power of divinity was suddenly reflected within them.

“Fifth level Concept of the Space Laws – Spatial Genesis!”

Dragon Fang’s eyes flashed with a cold light. At this moment, the spatial energy around him suddenly twisted. That originally impossibly small gap through the surges of the power of divinity that Dragon Fang couldn’t pass through, after being changed by the Space Laws, was suddenly able to be passed through.

“He used Spatial Genesis to shrink the space around him so that he could pass through that impossibly small gap. This Dragon Fang is truly giving me more and more pleasant surprises! In the past, after I created the Divine Seal Altar, even my most outstanding disciple since then, Vast Void, was only able to climb 70,000 feet up the 33rd step. But at that time, he had been at the late Divine Sea realm. Dragon Fang has hopes of breaking the record he left behind.”

Empyrean Vast Universe favored Dragon Fang. Amongst the Empyreans, his strength was considered average at best. Compared to Empyrean Divine Dream, Empyrean Primordius, and Three Lives Old Man, there was a very great disparity between them.

And Dragon Fang was Three Lives Old Man’s disciple, and his only disciple!

In these last 300 million years, Three Lives Old Man had only trained a single successor. If Dragon Fang was able to sweep away all the disciples that Empyrean Vast Universe had ever accepted at just the middle Divine Sea realm, then he could accept that. He wouldn’t be shocked at all. Rather, he would even think that was completely reasonable.

“Dragon Fang should be able to break that record. But, it’s only this Lin Ming I cannot understand. There are far too many puzzles in his body.”

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