Chapter 1256 – Climbing to the 33

Chapter 1256 – Climbing to the 33rd Step

“The great calamity approaches…” Empyrean Divine Dream said to herself, as if she were immersed in the rivers of endless history.

Of course, even if one were to say that this great calamity of the Heavenly Dao was approaching soon, that could mean tens of thousands or even millions of years.

In truth, no one could say just when it would happen.

During this tumultuous period, old Empyreans would fall and new Empyreans would rise.

At this time, Empyrean Vast Universe’s thoughts stirred and he looked towards the Divine Seal Altar.

“Dragon Fang has also begun to display his strength… the Three Lives Pupils truly lives up to its name!”

Empyrean Vast Universe was more confident in Dragon Fang because his Three Lives Pupils was a complete transcendent divine might. It was also known as a heaven-defying physical state, one that could peer through all Laws. Even among all transcendent divine mights, it was still considered an outstanding example!

Even with transcendent divine mights, there were great disparities between them.

At this time, on the Divine Seal Altar’s 32nd step, Lin Ming had already climbed up to the 50,000 foot mark. His speed still didn’t slow down, as if there was nothing that could stop his advance.

However, at the time Lin Ming started moving again, Dragon Fang had...

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