Chapter 1255 – Straight to the Top

Chapter 1255 – Straight to the Top

“He can absorb the power of divinity?”

Empyrean Vast Universe revealed a shocked expression. This was no longer a problem of perception. No matter how high one’s perception was, it was impossible to perceive the power of divinity if their cultivation was lacking, much less in such a short time. This was just like bringing an extremely talented three year old child to the imperial palace as the royal mathematician. No matter how talented that three year old was, they still wouldn’t be able to make complex calculations.

“Divine Dream, what is happening here?”

Empyrean Vast Universe looked over to Divine Dream. Empyrean Vast Universe’s strength wasn’t considered outstanding amongst all the Empyreans, but Empyrean Divine Dream was actually one of the few peak Empyrean existences.

Empyrean Divine Dream said in a quiet voice, “I have some speculations, but I must see more to make sure…” Her voice was faint and dreamy, as if she hadn’t said anything at all.

At this time, on the Divine Seal Altar, Lin Ming was now thoroughly enlightened.

The energy of the 33 Layered Heavens on the Divine Seal Altar, the reason why it gave off a chaotic feeling and the reason why it was nearly impossible to absorb, was because it was a completely mixed...

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