Chapter 1254 – Power of Divinity

Chapter 1254 – Power of Divinity

“This brat Lin Ming, just what tricks is he up to this time?” Huo Violentstone was burning with anxiousness. If that chaotic energy struck several more types, Lin Ming might find it hard to even guarantee his life.

Xiao Daochild also stood up, hesitating on whether or not he should act to save Lin Ming.

He had originally planned to directly end Lin Ming’s participation in the semifinals and prevent him from being seriously wounded by the chaotic energy currents. However, after closely investigating his situation, he discovered that Lin Ming’s consciousness had entered a strange state, as if he were half-awake. This condition was similar to sudden enlightenment.

Upon seeing this, Xiao Daochild hesitated even further.

This boy, did he enter sudden enlightenment at such an inopportune time?

The state of sudden enlightenment could only be found with a stroke of serendipity; he naturally wouldn’t break it. But in this case, if he didn’t, there might be a corpse instead.

It wasn’t just Xiao Daochild, but within Divine Dream Heavenly Palace, Empyrean Vast Universe and Empyrean Divine Dream had also seen Lin Ming’s strange state.

“At this time, he is perceiving the Laws? It’s as if… he has discovered...

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