Chapter 1253 Comprehending the Concepts

Chapter 1253 – Comprehending the Concepts

“Dragon Fang!”

“Dragon Fang!”

“Lin Ming!”

“Lin Ming!”

Billions of people crazily shouted out. At this time, no one was divided any longer by divisions of great worlds. The Ancient Phoenix Clan cheered out, the Crimson Light Great World’s people cheered out, the True Martial Great World’s people cheered, and even Demondawn Great World’s people cheered.

The scene was filled with an incomparable craziness. Everyone was hoping that these two people on the altar could create a miracle, a miracle that belonged to all martial artists!

In particular, everyone’s attention was focused Dragon Fang, the strongest martial artist from the 100 great worlds that had gathered at Gravemoon Star. It was extremely likely he would break apart the legends left behind at an Empyrean Heavenly Palace.

At this time, on the Divine Seal Altar, Lin Ming and Dragon Fang had already climbed up a tenth of the 32nd step; that was also 10,000 feet!

In the last several Divine Realm First Martial Meetings in which the Divine Seal Altar had been used, no one had been able to climb up to the 32nd step. One could see just how difficult it was from this alone!


“This is really a grand occasion of Gravemoon Star’s competition area. It’s something that wouldn’t be seen in even a million years!”

In the arena filled with billions of people, the highest class reserved area was a place specially prepared for the certain guests. This area formed its own separate minor dimension, and all those that sat here were old people, each and every one of them an important character of the 100 great worlds.

Among them, most were peak Holy Lords and there were even some half-step World Kings. However, there were no true World Kings.

World King powerhouses, especially Great Worlds Kings with high status like Tian Mingzi, could gather at Empyrean Heavenly Palaces and personally watch the competition with Empyrean disciples through massive crystal mirrors. Worlds Kings with slightly lower statuses, such as the True Martial Great World King, could ride their spirit ship and watch the competition from the skies. This was a privilege that only World Kings had. No one else was allowed to fly in the skies, otherwise the skies above the semifinals field would have already been filled with people.

Besides World Kings, the high level figures of the great worlds could only sit in the arena and watch from private reserved seats.

These characters were all haughty existences, rulers of their own domains. But now, as they saw Dragon Fang and Lin Ming, they were all filled with a deep emotion. The tides of time would eventually wash out the old and bring in the new; every new generation would succeed and surpass the last. The future achievements of these two youths were hard to imagine.

“Unbelievable. These two are definitely proud elites of their generation. I wonder just which one is better!”

“Mm, Dragon Fang is great, but Lin Ming is also outstanding. With his early Divine Sea cultivation, he was actually able to follow Dragon Fang this far. That isn’t simple at all!”

Everyone thought that Lin Ming was being slowly left behind by Dragon Fang. But, Lin Ming continued to climb up 10,000 feet, not falling a single bit behind Dragon Fang.


Wind howled.

The cheers were deafening.

The 3.3 million feet Divine Sea Altar stood proud and tall in the world. Climbing it, Lin Ming and Dragon Fang seemed extremely common and humble. But in actuality, in the future… they would be pillars that supported the entire Divine Realm!

10,000 feet…

20,000 feet…

30,000 feet…

Lin Ming climbed higher and higher, keeping pace with Dragon Fang!

The higher they climbed, the fiercer and more suppressive the pressure became!

“What a marvelous Divine Seal Altar. Every trace on the stone contained the aura of the Great Dao Laws.”

Lin Ming caught his breath. Every breath he took was long and deep. He inhaled like a snake and exhaled like an arrow, every breath equal to a hundred breaths of an ordinary person.

Moreover, an ordinary person inhaled air, but what Lin Ming breathed in was heaven and earth origin energy.

Pressure flooded down like a waterfall. It wasn’t just the Empyrean pressure, but Lin Ming also felt that his surroundings were filled with the power of chaotic Laws.

This power of Laws was not uniform and without rules; it was even different from the Laws that Lin Ming had comprehended.

If he didn’t revolve his own Laws to resist them, this chaotic power would have torn him down.

Every step he took up was filled with difficulties.

On one step, Lin Ming felt as if he had stepped onto the precipice of a falling cliff. On another step, he felt as if he had fallen into mud. On the next step, he felt as if he was being drowned in water.

Sometimes, a sudden swell of immense gravity would rush towards him, making it feel as if his arms would be ripped off. If it weren’t Lin Ming but some ordinary martial artist that didn’t possess his powerful mortal body and thick true essence, these gravitational waves would have pulled him off the cliff.

And sometimes, there would be a sudden impact of chaotic energy that directly attacked Lin Ming’s true essence. This chaotic energy was no less than the all-out attack of a late Divine Sea powerhouse. If this were usual times, then Lin Ming would have shrugged off the attack of an ordinary late Divine Sea powerhouse. But now, as he climbed the Divine Seal Altar and with him having consumed a great deal of strength, he found it difficult to withstand these strikes.

Hu - !

Lin Ming let out a long breath. He had only climbed up 30 thousand some feet; there was still 60 thousand some feet awaiting him!

According to this trend, Lin Ming sensed that it wouldn’t be a problem at all to reach the 32nd step. But, just the 32nd step was not Lin Ming’s ultimate goal!

He wanted to reach the 33rd step. But now, with his current ability, he would only be able to crawl several thousand feet up the 33rd step before being pushed off!

The Divine Seal Altar was known as a test where a Divine Sea realm martial artist could reach the summit. Empyrean Vast Universe had created this Divine Seal Altar so many years ago and yet he hadn’t had a single disciple that had ever managed to crawl up to the top during the Divine Sea realm. This was naturally not fake boastful talk.

Moreover, when the disciples of Empyrean Vast Universe had tried to climb up, nearly all of them had been at the late Divine Sea realm during their attempt. As for Lin Ming, he was only at the early Divine Sea realm.

Lin Ming didn’t expect to reach the top of the 33rd step. Want he wanted to do was to climb the 33rd step as far as he could, digging out all of his potential and pushing his limits to their extreme!

Lin Ming turned to look at Dragon Fang. Dragon Fang wasn’t too far away from Lin Ming; they were both climbing at around the same speed.

At this time, Dragon Fang’s pupils had turned into needle-like dots, with countless mysterious and profound patterns surrounding them.

“Those pupils…”

Lin Ming’s thoughts stirred. This wasn’t the first time he had seen Dragon Fang’s strange pupils.

Although he didn’t understand what mysteries were behind it, what he was certain about was that Dragon Fang had a higher awareness of the surrounding chaotic Laws because of these pupils. Thus, the amount of chaotic power Dragon Fang had to withstand was less than what Lin Ming had to withstand.

Dragon Fang sensed Lin Ming’s gaze and turned towards him. His variation pupils were incomparably sharp, as if they could see through one’s heart.

Dragon Fang smiled and continued to climb.

But at this time, Lin Ming actually slowed down. He took a deep breath and concentrated his thoughts.

Eyes closed in meditation!

From the very moment that Lin Ming touched the Divine Seal Altar, he had felt a vague Concept from it – the Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens!

This Concept filled every nook and corner of the Divine Seal Altar. Others could not sense it, but Lin Ming could clearly feel it.

Just what were the 33 Layered Heavens?

Lin Ming was unable to clearly say what it was, but he knew it wasn’t just myths and empty talk.

Because Lin Ming had crossed a 33 Layered Heavens Ninefall which contained the Laws of the Great Dao.

“Lin Ming isn’t moving!”

Everyone in the audience saw Lin Ming suddenly stop moving. Lin Ming had been able to follow Dragon Fang’s speed, but now that he remained motionless, he had been cast off by Dragon Fang.

“Is he resting because he exhausted his strength?”

On the Divine Seal Altar, martial artists were not allowed to fly, nor could they. In this situation, they were like mortals climbing a cliff. Sometimes they would stop on a ledge to restore their strength.

“Taking a rest is a good idea, otherwise he’ll exhaust his true essence and be swept off the Divine Seal Altar.”

“It looks like Dragon Fang will be able to smoothly mount the 32nd step. Lin Ming might find it difficult to reach that far though. But, even if he was swept away now, that would also be very good. Don’t forget that he is only at the early Divine Sea realm!”

Lin Ming was currently 35,000 feet high on the 32nd step. At this height, even if he were to be immediately defeated, no one would ever look down on him, because none of them would have the qualifications to do so!

In the past, when the Divine Seal Altar was used in the semifinals of the First Martial Meeting, there were countless unrivalled late Divine Sea geniuses that were all swept down before mounting the 32nd step.

“He’s done well. At the early Divine Sea he defeated Nether Limitless and also climbed 35,000 feet up the Divine Seal Altar’s 32nd step. If he can rest here and then climb up a few tens of thousands of feet more, he can take pride in his accomplishments!”

At this time, Dragon Fang had already climbed 45,000 feet up the 32nd step. As for Lin Ming, he was stuck at 35,000 feet up.

On the 32nd step, even Dragon Fang had to slowly climb up. It took him nearly half an hour to climb up these 10,000 feet.

Lin Ming had been lost in meditation for this half hour.

“Is he still resting? Even if he doesn’t move on the cliff, he still has to withstand the pressure. Can he not move his arms?”

“Could he have already lost consciousness, and is relying on his final breath to hold on…?”

“Senior-apprentice Brother Lin, hold on!”

“Senior-apprentice Brother Lin, don’t give up!”

All of the young Ancient Phoenix Clan disciples were crying and cheering for Lin Ming.

As they shouted, there was a loud explosive sound as the chaotic power broke through, causing Lin Ming’s protective true essence to burst apart. Even so, Lin Ming remained completely unaware of all this.

His forehead was matted with blood.

Even though Lin Ming had opened the Gate of View and fused with the supreme dragon bone, causing his bodily defensive power to reach incredible degrees, this was still a situation where he had consumed a great deal of his energy and also didn’t stimulate the true essence and dragon bone power within his body. In this meditative state, even a late Divine Sea powerhouse would be injured.

“Senior-apprentice Brother Lin!”

The disciples of the Ancient Phoenix Clan were horrified. After Lin Ming’s protective true essence shattered, he didn’t summon any new protective true essence!

“Senior-apprentice Brother Lin, be careful!”

The martial artists of the Ancient Phoenix Clan all cried out. But, despite their shouts, that chaotic energy still hurtled towards Lin Ming’s back!

Without any protective true essence, he would have to directly withstand the impact of this energy!


Lin Ming’s body suddenly shook. The clothes on his back tore apart and his skin was torn, dripping blood.

“Brother Lin!”

Qin Xingxuan cried out in alarm and fear as she saw this.

From the start, whether it was Lin Ming or Dragon Fang, both of them had fully galvanized their protective true essence to block the chaotic energy the 32nd step. The shockwaves afterwards were withstood by their bodies or flexible armor.

But now, Lin Ming’s protective true essence had been shattered and he would withstand this chaotic energy with his body alone. If an ordinary martial artist were to be struck by this, their body would be torn apart.

“Lin Ming is really unconscious!”

“There must be a mistake. How could he be so fierce if he’s unconscious? He withstood two hits and didn’t fall down?”

In the eyes of the audience, if Lin Ming was really unconscious, he should have instantly tumbled down once struck.

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