Chapter 1252 – Dragon Fang’s Identity

Chapter 1252 – Dragon Fang’s Identity

Among a vast and endless sea of clouds, countless celestial mountains floated in the skies. These celestial mountains were tens of thousands of feet high, lush with verdant plants and vibrant flowers. Waterfalls fell down from the peaks of these mountains, flowing like countless bolts of snow white silk that was hundreds of thousands of feet long, sprinkling into the clouds before fading from sight.

Among these numerous celestial mountains was a separate spatial dimension. This space was filled with a great lake that sparkled like fields of diamonds. Fishes leapt through the pristine lake and water lotuses bloomed. All sorts of spirit birds flew back and forth, filling the air with a rainbow of beautiful and auspicious colors.

In front of this immortal lake was a lush bamboo house. This bamboo house appeared very common, and one could even smell the fragrant scent of fresh bamboo.

Warm sunlight sprinkled down, illuminating the bamboo house. At this time, the door to the house was pushed open and a woman dressed in pure white slowly stepped out. She appeared to be just over 20 years of age, and she carried a watering pot in her hands. Although she appeared like a mortal woman, from her head to her toes she exuded a holy and utterly divine aura.

As she...

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