Chapter 1251 – To Climb the Peak

Chapter 1251 – To Climb the Peak

“He has fused the Space Laws into his sword. Using the vibrations of space, he broke through my Concept of Wind!”

After Bloodless Sword’s attack failed, he drew backwards. Dragon Fang’s attack had horrified him. With his attack just now, he had used a boundless sword energy to mix up the air currents, causing all the sword energy within the area to turn violent, forming something similar to a sword domain.

This sword technique was far, far away from being able to cause space to tremble with sword energy; it was only creating a faintly similar phenomenon. But, this was already amazing enough. Bloodless Sword had defeated countless opponents with this move.

But now, Dragon Fang’s sword strike had truly disrupted space and easily broke apart Bloodless Sword’s attack. His comprehension of the Space Laws was actually formidable to such a ridiculous degree.

“Too terrifying!” Bloodless Sword tightly gripped his sword hilt. He realized that this Dragon Fang standing on front of him, among his contemporaries, was the most powerful opponent he had ever faced!

At this moment, Dragon Fang raised his sword.

As his sword flashed, Dragon Fang’s star-bright pupils changed, condensing together into a single point. All around his pupils,...

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