Chapter 1250 - Lin Ming, King!

Chapter 1250 - Lin Ming, King!

As a disciple of Empyrean Vast Universe, Xiao Daochild had constantly gone in and out of Vast Universe Heavenly Palace. In his million plus years of life, he had seen countless proud sons of heaven, and all of these geniuses were at the level of Empyrean descendants!

Empyrean Vast Universe himself had several hundred direct disciples. As for the other Empyreans, Xiao Daochild had seen even more of their disciples!

With this level of experience, it was hard for this small semifinal occurring on the Divine Seal Altar to arouse Xiao Daochild’s interest. Thus, he floated high in the air, cross-legged, his eyes shut in meditation and seemingly extremely detached. Even Nether Limitless wasn’t able to enter Xiao Daochild’s eyes.

But now, Lin Ming’s performance had been enough to startle Xiao Daochild to attention.

What he was shocked about was not Lin Ming’s strength. In his opinion, Lin Ming’s strength was within reasonable bounds. No, what he was surprised about was Lin Ming’s talent.

Just over 30 years of age, the early Divine Sea Lin Ming had been able to defeat the late Divine Sea Nether Limitless. This talent was high enough to stand evenly with an Empyrean descendant! Moreover, Lin Ming had not grown up in an Empyrean Heavenly Palace. Without the resources, inheritances, and teachers available at an...

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