Chapter 125 - Masochistic Cultivation

Chapter 125 Masochistic Cultivation.


Chapter 125 – Masochistic Cultivation

The deacon senior apprentice brother was totally confused; were there monsters inside of the Violent Wind Tunnel?

No, that was impossible. The Violent Wind Tunnel was used daily; how would there be monsters inside? Or had he made a mistake with the difficulty level? He turned around and looked at the array formation’s panel board; it was indeed the seventh level of difficulty.

But, why would Junior Apprentice Brother Lin’s appearance be so shabby? What happened inside?

Could it be that Junior Apprentice Brother Lin’s footwork technique was not steady?

That was also impossible. He remembered on the martial stage that Junior Apprentice Brother Lin had been steady like a towering mountain. It was impossible for there to be anything wrong with his footwork technique.

In this case, Lin Ming simply couldn’t explain. He said, “Senior Apprentice Brother, could I trouble you to reduce the difficulty by a level, and open up the sixth level of difficulty.

At the seventh level of difficulty, the wind velocity was just too fast. The time Lin Ming was airborne for was too short. Just as he was about to feel the origin of the wind, he would immediately smash into the wall.

So he hoped to reduce the difficulty by a bit. To comprehend the concept of wind, he did not need to resist the strength of the wind. The...

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