Chapter 1249 – The Defeated Nether Limitless

Chapter 1249 – The Defeated Nether Limitless

“My talent is inferior to yours, and even my strength is inferior?” Nether Limitless laughed wildly as he heard Lin Ming’s words, extremely wildly!

“Hahahahahahaha! I didn’t say that your talent is truly the best amongst 100 great worlds, only that your talent can match the peak standard! Are you really so deluded that your think your talent is unparalleled? Do you believe that not only is your talent unrivalled, but also your strength? You want to teach me? Really, if I gave you a ladder you would think you could climb to the top!”

Nether Limitless fused true essence into his voice, having it spread through the arena!

As the disciples of the Skydark Holy Lands heard this, all of them rose up in anger. The entire Skydark Holy Lands area was roiled up in a chaotic mob.

“This brat is too arrogant!”

“Senior-apprentice Brother Nether, kick his ass until even his mom doesn’t recognize him!”

“Beat up that brat! Throw him off the Divine Seal Altar! Beat him into a pulp!”

It had to be known that the Skydark Holy Lands had an extraordinary status. With Nether Limitless added on, there were over 10,000 martial artists from the Skydark Holy Lands present, of which 8000-9000 were juniors.

The First Martial Meeting was a wild scene that caused everyone to go crazy with emotion. Let alone these martial artists that often resorted to violence to solve all of their problems, even in mortal nations, there was likely to be riots after kickball matches. Once the fans of these kickball matches rose up, it wasn’t strange if dozens or hundreds of people were trampled to death.

The 8000-9000 junior disciples of the Skydark Holy Lands were roused into a frothing rage. Even the other martial artists from the Demondawn Great World were going mad. They originally...

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