Chapter 1248 Violent Collision

Chapter 1248 – Violent Collision

1000 feet was nothing but a faint twinkle in the eye. In a mere moment, Nether Limitless appeared in front of Lin Ming!

This was not space transmission. With Nether Limitless’s understandings of the Space Laws, he wasn’t yet able to reach teleportation in the Divine Realm. But, the speed that he could erupt with in this short distance actually seemed no different from teleportation.

Nether Limitless had shown the limit of his speed! His hand had already disappeared; all that was left was a black katana that roused a storm of sword light!

This was the same as 10 peak martial artists flourishing their swords all together. And, their sword lights had all gathered in front of Lin Ming, each one able to cause spatial ripples!

Such sword techniques caused one to gasp in praise!

“The might of these sword lights cannot compare to Nether Limitless’s first strike, but they still contained 30-40% of the original’s power and they also contained the Space Laws, able to form spatial ripples. These sword strikes are fast, but they are also extremely cunning and tricky; it is nearly impossible to block them all! With so many sword lights gathered together, their might could be imagined. Altogether, they were at least 10 times more powerful than the first strike!”

In the audience, even those martial artists that were confident in themselves felt helpless in the face of such an attack. It was like being a frail leaf in a mighty storm; they would have no strength to resist!

“The speeds of these sword strikes are fast, much faster than a spear. Let’s see just how Lin Ming deals with it!”

Lin Ming’s eyes sharpened. Facing Nether Limitless, there was no room to be lax.

In contrast with Nether Limitless’s dazzling sword lights, Lin Ming’s attack was calm and steady!

Like mountains and rivers, like the boundless earth!

He stood strong and tall, an indomitable wall!

Lin Ming’s spear light was far from being comparable to Nether Limitless’s strike in terms of speed. But, the brilliant azure light on his spear formed a halo, becoming one.

Every single spear strike Lin Ming thrust out carried with it the stability of the vast lands, like a surging tide stretching to the ends of the earth. A single spear strike was able to counter several of Nether Limitless’s sword strikes!

Lin Ming had already opened seven of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates, and the Heretical God Force was revolving to the limit.

Spear after spear, each stronger than the last!

Ding ding ding ding ding ding!

The collision of sword and spear had long become a continuous sound, like a rolling thundercloud, like the roar of a dragon, echoing through the world!

On the Divine Seal Altar, with these two people as the center, turbulent air waves blew wildly about, incomparably violent. If this wasn’t the Divine Seal Altar, then just these air currents alone would have the strength to shear off mountain peaks.

“Overturn the mountains, sunder the seas – Myriad Water Sword Arts!”  

Nether Limitless’s swords sharpened. His sword light became chaotic and wild, like splashing water, completely enveloping Lin Ming!

This was the Verdant Feather Holy Lands’ Water Laws. The Laws of Water and the Laws of Ice originally came from the same source. The Verdant Feather Holy Lands was a Holy Lands that displayed the might of the water elements to their peak!

Now, what Nether Limitless used was a fusion of the Water Laws and Space Laws. Every sword light caused deep and vibrant spatial ripples, just like ripples in water!

Water, soft and formless, it could splash against stone and metal without being affected.

But, the power of water far surpassed metal and stone in many aspects.

No matter how hard stone and metal were, they could still be crushed if struck with an even harder material. As for water, it was like a never-ending sword, a flowing blade without end.

This was the Concept of Water, lingering and constant, able to erode away all material. Even a single drop of water, day after day, could slowly pierce through the hardest rock.

As Nether Limitless used the Myriad Water Sword Arts, the Concept of Space that surrounded his sword lights instantly rose to a dramatic new level!

Water and space fused together. In that instant, water ripples and spatial ripples superimposed on each other, their oscillating frequencies resonating! This was causing two fundamentally different Laws to vibrate on the same frequency. Even many Divine Lord powerhouses present felt inferior as they saw this!

“Is this really a battle between juniors?”

“We are old, far too old! The rivers will wash away the past and bring in the future. Even I cannot achieve such a magnificent fusion of Laws.”

The Unbroken Cult Great Elder said with feeling in his voice. His strength was far above Nether Limitless’s, but that was because of his cultivation. In terms of comprehension of Laws, the truth was that he also surpassed Nether Limitless. Even so, he wasn’t able to reproduce such an exquisite fusion of the Laws. This made him feel as if the 10,000 years of his life had all been nothing but a waste.

Geniuses truly did not need explanations. There were some things that people couldn’t comprehend for a lifetime, but that geniuses could actually understand after a single try!

“He is truly blessed by the heavens; I simply cannot compare.” Beside the Unbroken Cult Great Elder, Yu Youming sighed with longing. The difference between them was far too great.

The Myriad Water Sword Arts and Lin Ming’s spear light collided! At the start, Lin Ming’s spear lights grew continuously, a single spear light breaking through several of Nether Limitless’s sword lights.

But now, Nether Limitless’s sword light also contained the attribute of endlessness. But, his perpetual endless was brought about by the Water Laws. Although it was inferior to Lin Ming’s own technique, it still achieved similar results from different methods.

“Endlessness? I can do that too!”

In that instant, Lin Ming was covered up by Nether Limitless’s sword light. All of his spear powers were completely suppressed.

“Senior-apprentice Brother Lin, be careful!”

“Brother Lin!”

The disciples of the Ancient Phoenix Clan all held their breath. As for Qin Xingxuan, her forehead was wet with a nervous sweat. In her eyes, all she could see was that Lin Ming had been completely enveloped by Nether Limitless’s sword light.

In that dense sword light, even divine iron would be turned into powder. If a flesh and blood body was placed in that sword light, just what would happen?

Mu Qianyu’s palms were also wet with sweat. This was reality; this was not the divine dream space!

Although the rules stated that one could not kill others, in a battle between peak masters, having accidents occur was an extremely likely matter! As for Xiao Daochild, he may be the one supervising this competition and his strength was also formidable, but he was several miles away. Moreover, Xiao Daochild had a very distant temperament. He hadn’t meddled in anything so far, so it was hard to say what would happen if there really was an accident!

“What formidable Water Laws; it nearly traces upon the threshold of the fifth level Concept.” Lin Ming’s face was cold and solemn underneath the sword light. If Nether Limitless could rank near the top of the Divine Seal Decree, he naturally had aspects that he excelled at. The Space and Time Laws that he perceived were among the most difficult Laws to comprehend, and even as he mastered them, he even managed to perceive the Water Laws to this degree. This was not something that the average person could hope to achieve.

Even for Lin Ming, if he hadn’t entered the Divine Dream World and swallowed an elementary spirit source, his comprehension of Laws would be far inferior to Nether Limitless’s.

“If this is the limit of your techniques, then you have already lost! Sea Splitting Sword!” Nether Limitless shouted out, putting forth his killing move. The name of Sea Splitting Sword was no exaggeration, this sword strike could truly split a sea in half! With such a formidable sword potential and such overwhelming momentum, the might of this attack could be imagined!

A terrifying aura swept through the entire audience, causing everyone to stare on with bated breath. Their eyes all focused on Lin Ming, waiting to see just how Lin Ming would withstand this sword strike.

In that instant, Lin Ming’s aura erupted to the limit. All of those spear strikes gathered together, condensing into one. All of those spear strikes from before had not been random attacks, but preparing for this moment, this final spear strike.

Celestial Tyrant Manual – Hundred Layered Waves!

To use Hundred Layered Waves to counter the Sea Splitting Sword, Lin Ming’s technique was not based upon the Concept of Water, but with the constant spear potentials superimposed upon each other, this was achieving the same effects as the Sea Splitting Sword!

Hundred Layered Waves against the Sea Splitting Sword!


The spear light and sword light exploded simultaneously. At that time, it was like two tsunamis a hundred miles high crashed into each other, causing the world to tremble and massive shockwaves to surge outwards.

Everyone saw the phantom of a vast and raging sea appear in the skies above the Divine Seal Altar. The waves roiled about, splashing into the deep blue heavens!

Lin Ming and Nether Limitless were both fighting in this turbulent sea, like two flood dragons striving to be king!

“He blocked it!”

“Senior-apprentice Brother Lin, well fought!”

“Just that spear strike alone is enough for Senior-apprentice Brother Lin’s fame to rise! His name will be praised among all martial artists of a hundred great worlds!

The disciples of the Ancient Phoenix Clan were all delirious with excitement. The semifinals of Gravemoon Star were far from being able to sweep through the entire Divine Realm. After all, each area had its own corresponding semifinals. But, out of the 100 great worlds participating in the semifinals on Gravemoon Star, Lin Ming was a name that no one could avoid. Without a doubt, Lin Ming was one of the greatest powerhouses from these 100 great worlds!

Being one of the strongest wasn’t the most alarming matter. What was most astounding was that Lin Ming only had an early Divine Sea cultivation, and he was just over 30 years old. For a martial artist that lived for several million years or even 10 million years, 30 years of age couldn’t even be considered the end of their beginning.

By just this alone, Lin Ming’s talent was enough to sweep across everyone from these 100 great worlds! It was possible that he would even obtain the attention of an Empyrean!

Obtaining the attention of an Empyrean was different from reaching the top 10 rankings of the Earth Proclamation and then being chosen to enter Vast Universe Heavenly Palace. This was because even if one were to enter Vast Universe Heavenly Palace, they wouldn’t be able to see Empyrean Vast Universe and would only be able to receive the guidance of his direct disciple, Vast Cosmos. What sort of character was an Empyrean? In their almost 100 million years of life, they would see countless extreme talents. To them, being in the top 10 ranks of the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting’s Earth Proclamation wasn’t anything at all.

Thus, how could the disciples of the Ancient Phoenix Clan not be brimming with pride!

Nether Limitless also realized this. In a sense, his limelight had already been swept away by Lin Ming. “No wonder you have the confidence to challenge me! You indeed have the capital to be proud of yourself! Your talent can be considered at the peak of these 100 great worlds, and, if your talent was a bit better, you could even barely compare with those Empyrean descendants! But, talent is only talent. In true battle, all that matters is strength! And in strength, you are inferior to me!”

A sharp light flashed in Nether Limitless’s eyes. Although he didn’t want to admit it, Lin Ming’s talent had indeed surpassed his own! Even though he was two small boundaries higher, even though he was almost 10 years older, he still wasn’t able to quickly defeat Lin Ming. This was simply his life’s shame!

He had already lost to Lin Ming in talent, but he absolutely would not lose to Lin Ming in battle!

Even if he had to risk using every forbidden technique in his arsenal, Nether Limitless had to defeat Lin Ming, no matter the cost. Otherwise, this loss would become a stain that he would never wipe away in his life. As for obtaining the attention of Empyrean Demondawn, that would turn into a joke!

“Oh?” Lin Ming faintly smiled. “I will teach you that not only is your talent inferior to mine, but your strength is too!”

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