Chapter 1248 – Violent Collision

Chapter 1248 – Violent Collision

1000 feet was nothing but a faint twinkle in the eye. In a mere moment, Nether Limitless appeared in front of Lin Ming!

This was not space transmission. With Nether Limitless’s understandings of the Space Laws, he wasn’t yet able to reach teleportation in the Divine Realm. But, the speed that he could erupt with in this short distance actually seemed no different from teleportation.

Nether Limitless had shown the limit of his speed! His hand had already disappeared; all that was left was a black katana that roused a storm of sword light!

This was the same as 10 peak martial artists flourishing their swords all together. And, their sword lights had all gathered in front of Lin Ming, each one able to cause spatial ripples!

Such sword techniques caused one to gasp in praise!

“The might of these sword lights cannot compare to Nether Limitless’s first strike, but they still contained 30-40% of the original’s power and they also contained the Space Laws, able to form spatial ripples. These sword strikes are fast, but they are also extremely cunning and tricky; it is nearly impossible to block them all! With so many sword lights gathered together, their might could be imagined. Altogether, they were at least 10 times more powerful...

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