Chapter 1247 Heroic Youth

Chapter 1247 – Heroic Youth

After Lin Ming pointed his spear at Nether Limitless, all of the disciples of the Skydark Holy Lands went rabid with anger, their eyes turning red. In the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting semifinals on Gravemoon Star, their Senior-apprentice Brother Nether had been in first place from start until now. How could they tolerate someone provoking him like this!

“This boy doesn’t know the heights of the heavens or the depths of the earth!”

“He is crazy! He actually dares to challenge Senior-apprentice Brother Nether, just who does he think he is!?”

“He wants to become famous, and he thinks that he can step on Senior-apprentice Brother Nether to do so. Hehe, but he has chosen the wrong person.”

“Just wait until Senior-apprentice Brother Nether beats his ass until it's red.”

No one was willing to destroy their own power and prestige. These people had been spirited for such a long time, and they also saw that Nether Limitless’s performance so far had been the best. As Nether Limitless’s supporters, the disciples of the Skydark Holy Lands all scoffed at Lin Ming’s insolent tactics.

Even the Ancient Phoenix Clan was lacking in confidence.

“Senior-apprentice Brother Lin is too aggressive. To think that he would choose to fight Nether Limitless as soon as he climbed up and not Bloodless Sword…”

“What are you worried about? Senior-apprentice Brother Lin surely has some secret strength that he has yet to bring out. Moreover, someone like Senior-apprentice Brother Lin lives for the thrill of battle. If he challenges someone, he will challenge the strongest there is.”

“That’s right, victory or defeat doesn’t matter. What’s most important is that he doesn’t weaken his own fighting spirit! What is Bloodless Sword? He is simply nothing at all. If there is someone to fight, it must be the strongest there is!”

“That’s right, Senior-apprentice Brother Lin pointing his spear at Nether Limitless is truly fearless!”

The female disciples of the Ancient Phoenix Clan all stared at Lin Ming as he challenged Nether Limitless with his spear. His valiant and heroic figure cut a handsome line, causing all of them to go crazy with desire.

At this time, Lin Ming’s black-clothed figure was as hard and straight as a spear. His clothing flapped in the wind and his long hair danced in the air. His eyes blazed as he stared at Nether Limitless, the edges of his face hard and his forehead as keen as a sword. His eyes were more electric than lightning!

A single young man, underneath the gaze of billions of people, dared to jump ranks to challenge the number one genius of a hundred great worlds – that was a character that had a chance of becoming a Great World King in the future! An extreme genius amongst geniuses!

Every time had its own peak, and the peak of this moment belonged to Lin Ming.

A heroic youth in the glory of his prime!

Such a character had a limitless future. With his incomparably sharp temperament and his outstanding physique, it was natural that countless young girls would fall for him.

“Haha, how interesting. Tian Mingzi, that dark horse you favored actually challenged the number one disciple of your Skydark Holy Lands.”

In Vast Universe Heavenly Palace, Vast Cosmos was extremely interested in this match. In these semifinals, it was difficult for anyone to catch the attention of a character like him.

Tian Mingzi laughed, not having much of a response.

Wide Universe World King said, “He is fierce, but in the end he isn’t the match of Nephew Limitless. Nephew Limitless is someone that has a chance of reaching the top 10 ranks of the First Martial Meeting’s Earth Proclamation!”

The Divine Realm First Martial Meeting would eventually produce two rankings. One was the Heaven Proclamation. That was the total rankings that included the disciples of the Empyrean Heavenly Palaces as well as all the geniuses of the 3000 great worlds.

The word ‘heaven’ implied the meaning of an Empyrean.

With the Heaven Proclamation, there was also a corresponding Earth Proclamation. The Earth Proclamation was a ranking list that excluded the Empyrean descendants and other disciples of the Empyrean Heavenly Palaces. It was a ranking list that included only the geniuses of the 3000 great worlds.

After all, it was unfair to compare ordinary geniuses to the lofty heights of Empyrean disciples.

Thus, being able to rank on the top 10 of the Earth Proclamation was already an extremely fierce accomplishment.

When Empyrean Vast Universe had stated that the top three ranking martial artists of the First Martial Meeting could learn a transcendent divine might, and the top 10 could enter Vast Universe Heavenly Palace and accept the guidance of Vast Cosmos, this was basically aimed at the Earth Proclamation.

This was also a reasonable matter. For instance, someone like Xiao Moxian originally came from Demondawn Heavenly Palace. Demondawn Heavenly Palace was in no way worse than Vast Universe Heavenly Palace, so how would she possibly ever desire the resources at Vast Universe Heavenly Palace. If Vast Universe Heavenly Palace had those resources, then Demondawn Heavenly Palace would also have them.

As Wide Universe World King spoke up, another World King echoed him, “If Nephew Limitless has a good performance, then he will inevitably enter an Empyrean Heavenly Palace.”

“Maybe someone from Demondawn Heavenly Palace will come to snatch away Limitless instead, haha!”

The present World Kings all laughed out loud. First, they really did favor Nether Limitless’s chances, and secondly, they wanted to form good relations with Tian Mingzi. After all, out of the many World Kings present, Tian Mingzi had the brightest future. It was possible that his future achievements would be even better than Vast Cosmos’s!

Moreover, Tian Mingzi had extremely good relations with Demondawn Heavenly Palace and had obtained the recognition of Empyrean Demondawn. The reason for this was that tens of thousands of years ago, Tian Mingzi had once entered Demondawn Heavenly Palace and tempered himself in there for a long time.

This was similar to the current disciples being selected to enter Vast Universe Heavenly Palace. This layer of relations was truly important!


At this time, on the Divine Seal Altar, Mo Eversnow’s voice was echoing in Lin Ming’s ears. “Lin Ming, Tian Mingzi’s original background is the Verdant Feather Holy Lands, and the Verdant Feather Holy Lands is a sect that focuses on the Ice Laws as well as the Space and Time Laws. Tian Mingzi could have been said to have reached the pinnacle of achievements in these three Laws! As his descendant, Nether Limitless should also excel in these three Laws.”

“I understand.” When Lin Ming had seen Nether Limitless fight the spirit bodies, Nether Limitless’s casual palm strike was able to contain three or four Concepts. “Miss Mo, since the Verdant Feather Holy Lands’ transcendent divine might jade slip fell into Tian Mingzi’s hands, would Nether Limitless also have trained in it?”

Upon mentioning this transcendent divine might, a flash of hatred appeared in Mo Eversnow’s eyes. “Yes, the Verdant Feather Holy Lands’ transcendent divine might is far more complete than the True Martial Holy Lands’ Heavenly Demon Metamorphic Art. But, that transcendent divine might is an auxiliary arcane skill; its role in true combat is minor so you can more or less ignore it.”

“Oh?” Lin Ming’s thoughts stirred. In truth, he felt that auxiliary arcane skills were more precious than offensive transcendent divine mights. They were abilities that could affect one’s future achievements. Offensive-based transcendent divine mights were more focused on enhancing one’s strength.

For instance, the Heretical God Force was an auxiliary arcane skill. Without it, Lin Ming would never have obtained his current prowess in the Laws of Thunder and Fire. He might not have even managed to cross heavenly tribulation.

“I’ve got it. One day, I will take back the Verdant Feather Holy Lands’ transcendent divine might!”

As Lin Ming spoke, the aura of Nether Limitless suddenly erupted!

On the Divine Seal Altar, the black-clothed Nether Limitless seemed to become the only remaining person between the heavens and earth. Even the distant audience members were influenced by Nether Limitless’s aura. This feeling was as if someone had pointed a dagger at their heads, making them feel cold all over!

This was Nether Limitless’s sword potential! A thick killing intent as pure and black as the endless night swept over the entire audience.

“What a terrifying potential. To be able to utilize his sword potential to such a degree, he can kill others with this alone!”

“This is indeed horrifying. And, the key point is that this is the sword potential that he is releasing under the suppression of the Divine Seal Altar’s 31st step. Although the pressure on the flat steps is far lower than the pressure on the vertical cliffs, one’s true essence will still be greatly suppressed. To be able to display this level of skill underneath this pressure, one can only remain in awe of the young…”

Even Huo Violentstone, who always believed that his own people were the most amazing and wonderful, had a solemn expression on his face. His eyes were full of praise and shock. He couldn’t help but acknowledge Nether Limitless’s strength.

As for the Skydark Holy Lands, their numerous disciples were cheering louder than ever.

“Senior-apprentice Brother Nether is invincible!”

“Senior-apprentice Brother Nether will win!”

“Haha! This is the majesty of a true king!”

At this time, Nether Limitless finally took out his blade. It was a four foot long katana, thin, with a foot long hilt. This was a medium-grade spirit artifact that was used with both hands. In terms of quality, it was inferior to the Phoenix Blood Spear. But, the current Phoenix Blood Spear had yet to fully grow. The power that this katana could display was in truth above that of the Phoenix Blood Spear!

With a thrust, the sword whistled through the air!

In that instant, space seemed to distort around Nether Limitless. Nether Limitless was hidden within this space distortion, sword and body having become one.

Clear ripples formed around the edges of space around the sword, cutting apart all!

As Lin Ming saw this sword strike, his pupils shrank. Once, a supreme elder who thoroughly understood the Space Laws stated that the sharpest weapon in the world was not any material object forged by a refining grandmaster, but space itself. When the skies broke apart and space collapsed, that force was able to tear apart all of reality!

Although Nether Limitless couldn’t tear open the incomparably stable space of the Divine Realm, he could actually form spatial ripples around his sword to greatly enhance its cutting ability!

Just this casual sword strike was already so powerful.

How would Lin Ming block this strike?

Everyone’s eyes widened. The heroic young elites able to sit in this arena were all heaven-gifted talents of their area. Even so, if they were the ones facing Nether Limitless, they would be horrified to find that they might not even be able to withstand this attack! Moreover, this was only Nether Limitless’s first sword strike. It was nothing but a probing strike with the fierce attacks yet to come!

“What a powerful strike! Lin Ming is in danger!”

Facing this sword strike, Lin Ming shifted to the side and wielded the Phoenix Blood Spear. The long spear cried out as an azure spear light shot out like a brilliant flood dragon, smashing into Nether Limitless’s sword light.

Chi chi chi!

The sword light and spear light fiercely collided. An incomparably harsh grating sound spread out. The spatial ripples around the sword light continuously melted away, and the azure spear light also constantly broke apart, and at an even faster rate.

Nether Limitless grinned. Space was known as the sharpest weapon. Its reputation as being able to cut through all was well warranted!

But, just as Lin Ming’s spear light was about to be swallowed up by the sword light, a mysterious scene occurred. After the broken spear light broke apart, it reformed, reborn once more!

“Endless growth?”

Nether Limitless’s eyebrows shot up. This spear light actually had the attribute of endlessness.

Endlessness was an extremely special type of Concept. Once this Concept was evolved to the peak, it would become the Concept of Immortality!

After Lin Ming absorbed the supreme ancient azure dragon bone, the endlessly growing attribute of his true essence had clearly increased.


As the spatial ripples were melted away, the spear light and sword light both burst apart, turning into black and azure lights that rained down.

In the first exchange of moves, both were evenly matched!

“He blocked it?”

“I thought that Lin Ming would suffer a loss.”


In a single exchange between masters, even if it was just a probing strike, one could see many things from it. Although the two were casually striking each other, their moves contained the mysteries of numerous Laws, worthy of praise!

“Not bad. You are worthy of me being a little serious, but that is only being serious!”

Nether Limitless laughed. His body turned into a beam of light as he hurtled towards Lin Ming!

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