Chapter 1247 – Heroic Youth

Chapter 1247 – Heroic Youth

After Lin Ming pointed his spear at Nether Limitless, all of the disciples of the Skydark Holy Lands went rabid with anger, their eyes turning red. In the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting semifinals on Gravemoon Star, their Senior-apprentice Brother Nether had been in first place from start until now. How could they tolerate someone provoking him like this!

“This boy doesn’t know the heights of the heavens or the depths of the earth!”

“He is crazy! He actually dares to challenge Senior-apprentice Brother Nether, just who does he think he is!?”

“He wants to become famous, and he thinks that he can step on Senior-apprentice Brother Nether to do so. Hehe, but he has chosen the wrong person.”

“Just wait until Senior-apprentice Brother Nether beats his ass until it's red.”

No one was willing to destroy their own power and prestige. These people had been spirited for such a long time, and they also saw that Nether Limitless’s performance so far had been the best. As Nether Limitless’s supporters, the disciples of the Skydark Holy Lands all scoffed at Lin Ming’s insolent tactics.

Even the Ancient Phoenix Clan was lacking in confidence.

“Senior-apprentice Brother Lin is too aggressive. To think that he would choose to fight Nether Limitless as soon as he climbed up and not Bloodless...

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