Chapter 1246 – Lin Ming VS Nether Limitless

Chapter 1246 – Lin Ming VS Nether Limitless

“Is something wrong with Purple Blade?”

“He’s randomly climbing about; he’s not going in a straight line at all!”

In the audience, many people noticed something strange happening with Purple Blade. He had already been left far behind by the other four people.

“Elder Senior-apprentice Brother, you can do it, put your back into it!”

“Elder Senior-apprentice Brother, don’t give up!”

The disciples from Purple Blade’s Holy Lands were all cheering for him. However, he wasn’t able to hear their cheers at all.

His sweat had already covered his eyes and his consciousness had gone completely blurry.

“Blood… my hands are holding blood? Am I crawling in a sea of blood… the end, I cannot see the end…” Every time Purple Blade took a step up, he felt as if he were grasping a mountain of swords. His palms and legs ached with a cutting pain.

His exhaustion had reached the limit. He felt as if he weighed 10,000 jins, and the pain was so intense he thought he would die at any moment.

With his final fading will, he forcefully grasped what he could. But, he no longer had the strength to take another step up.

Purple Blade had already lost consciousness. At the moment when the flow of energy within his body stopped, he was no longer able to withstand...

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