Chapter 1245 – Variation Pupils

Chapter 1245 – Variation Pupils


Vast Universe Great World, Vast Universe Heavenly Palace –

Two dozen plus top masters of the Divine Realm were gathered here. Through 30 massive crystal mirrors, they were able to see everything happening within all 30 martial fields of the semifinals.

The 30 semifinal locations all used different methods to hold the competition. Ten of the arenas had already concluded and had chosen 300 people to enter the finals.

“Juggernaut, Sable Rain, Dirong, Yuwen Bo… these four people are truly rare geniuses. This Divine Realm First Martial Meeting has a wonderful crop of talents!”

Vast Cosmos laughed. These people had all achieved first place in their own semifinals area. There was a very high chance that they would reach the top 20 rankings of the finals.

“Haha, they still can’t compare to the Empyrean descendants.” Wide Universe World King smiled. Yuwen Bo was a disciple of his Wide Universe Holy Lands.

“They are already quite good. In particular, there are several people who have strength similar to an Empyrean descendant, if not a bit weaker. If they are weaker, that is because their resources, inheritances, and talent are inferior.” Vast Cosmos evaluated. This was already a very high degree of praise. The resources that an Empyrean descendant used were far too luxurious....

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