Chapter 1245 Variation Pupils

Chapter 1245 – Variation Pupils


Vast Universe Great World, Vast Universe Heavenly Palace –

Two dozen plus top masters of the Divine Realm were gathered here. Through 30 massive crystal mirrors, they were able to see everything happening within all 30 martial fields of the semifinals.

The 30 semifinal locations all used different methods to hold the competition. Ten of the arenas had already concluded and had chosen 300 people to enter the finals.

“Juggernaut, Sable Rain, Dirong, Yuwen Bo… these four people are truly rare geniuses. This Divine Realm First Martial Meeting has a wonderful crop of talents!”

Vast Cosmos laughed. These people had all achieved first place in their own semifinals area. There was a very high chance that they would reach the top 20 rankings of the finals.

“Haha, they still can’t compare to the Empyrean descendants.” Wide Universe World King smiled. Yuwen Bo was a disciple of his Wide Universe Holy Lands.

“They are already quite good. In particular, there are several people who have strength similar to an Empyrean descendant, if not a bit weaker. If they are weaker, that is because their resources, inheritances, and talent are inferior.” Vast Cosmos evaluated. This was already a very high degree of praise. The resources that an Empyrean descendant used were far too luxurious. For instance, they would use Boundless World Pills during the Divine Sea realm, something that would cause even Great World King Holy Lands to feel pain. But, to an Empyrean descendant, these were simply common goods.

“This time, I will suggest to Empyrean Vast Universe that he increase the quota of people allowed into Vast Universe Heavenly Palace. Juggernaut, Yuwen Bo, and the others should all have some chances of entering.”

As Vast Cosmos spoke, the several Great World Kings present were overjoyed. Adding extra people always meant that a massive amount of additional resources would be used up. Even though an Empyrean was wealthy, they wouldn’t freely squander the resources they had accumulated.

It had to be known that the treatment one received within an Empyrean Heavenly Palace was something that no Great World King Holy Land would ever be able to compare with. This was an immense benefit to the growth of geniuses. They all hoped that they could send disciples from their own sect to gain experience in an Empyrean Heavenly Palace, even if just for a brief period of time.

“Mm, that’s right, how is your Skydark Holy Land’s Nether Limitless doing now?”

Vast Cosmos suddenly asked Tian Mingzi.

“Limitless hasn’t finished competing yet…” Tian Mingzi replied. “There are a couple of dark horses that have appeared on that martial field. Their strength and potential are quite good.”


Vast Cosmos said, interested. Tian Mingzi’s talent was originally extremely high, even faintly surpassing Vast Cosmos himself. If Tian Mingzi said some participants were ‘quite good’, then they naturally had to be outstanding individuals.

Not only was Vast Cosmos interested, but the other World Kings present looked towards the semifinal martial field of Gravemoon Star. Gravemoon Star’s competition was considered slow compared to the others so far. Even so, they were still nearing the finale.

“Oh! There are 10 participants that actually managed to mount the 30th step! Not bad! Very good! Perhaps there might be someone that can climb towards the 32nd step. But, to actually reach the top of the 32nd step is far too difficult.”

Vast Cosmos said, satisfied. As someone who came from Vast Universe Heavenly Palace, he was well aware of just how difficult the Divine Seal Altar was. He originally estimated that even four or five people reaching the 30th step would be an extremely good result.

“Tian Mingzi, who are these dark horses?”

“There are two: a black-clothed youth who wields a spear called Lin Ming, as well as a pale youth with a sword called Fang.”

As Tian Mingzi spoke, Lin Ming and Dragon Fang were both engaged in fierce combat. Their opponents were top 300 ranked masters of the Divine Seal Decree or some people below who hadn’t displayed their full strength in the preliminaries.

Before this, climbing from the 29th step to the 30th step, with 15 people at the start, only 10 had managed to reach the 30th step. A third of the participants had been eliminated during the climb upwards.

The violent battles were like a raging fire in full swing.

The entire 30th step was covered by a powerful and heavy Empyrean pressure. If an ordinary genius were placed here, they would find it difficult to stand, let alone fight. Because of the suppression of the atmosphere, they wouldn’t even be able to use 10% of their strength.

But currently, when the power and potential of these 10 geniuses gathered together, they formed dazzling beams of light that shot into the skies!

“Haha, within the Divine Realm’s 3000 great worlds with its quadrillion trillion lives, there are truly far too many geniuses! However, Nephew Limitless is truly unique. I believe that Nephew Limitless has a chance of reaching the 32nd step! Of the others, three or four should be able to reach the 31st step. To reach the 31st step is already a heaven-defying accomplishment.”

Wide Universe World King acclaimed. But, Tian Mingzi only faintly smiled, not responding.

At this time, on the Divine Seal Altar, the intense battles had concluded, with five people emerging as the victors. Lin Ming, Dragon Fang, Nether Limitless, and Bloodless Sword had made it through, as well as Purple Blade, whose performance in the preliminaries had been impressive.

Of these five people, all of them were potential victors.

But, the key point was that even though these five people had reached the 30th step, there were still three more steps above them!

If this was the same elimination ratio as before, then perhaps there would be no one that would be able to reach the 33rd step. Perhaps even the 32nd step would be far too difficult.

“What Xiao Daochild said was right. There is no human that can reach the 33rd step.”

“No one should be able to reach the top, not even Nether Limitless.”

At this time, people in the audience were discussing amongst themselves with true essence sound transmissions. With the semifinals having reached this point, the billions of people in the arena were focused and quiet, patiently waiting for the final battles to come. When these people reached the 31st step, regardless of who battled who, it would truly be a magnificent duel!

At this time, floating above the Divine Seal Altar, Xiao Daochild finally opened his eyes. A faint voice spread throughout the entire arena.

“If there is an odd number of people that reach the 31st step, then the person with the best results in the preliminaries, Nether Limitless, may avoid battle and directly ascend to the 32nd step. The rest will continue fighting and the victor will climb to the 32nd step.

“If an odd number reaches the 31st step then Nether Limitless doesn’t need to fight?”

“This is far too great an advantage. In the last several steps, even if one didn’t fight they still couldn’t save much strength. But now, on the 31st step, the advantages of being able to avoid a battle are just far too great!”

“That’s right. These five people are all peak masters so it’s likely they can all climb to the 31st step. If Nether Limitless can avoid battling them here, he can climb even higher!”

All the disciples of the Ancient Phoenix Clan, the New Paradise Holy Lands where Bloodless Sword came from, as well as the sect that Purple Blade originated from, thought that this was extremely unfair.

But, the disciples of the Skydark Holy Lands were actually cheering as loudly as they could!

“Haha, too awesome! Senior-apprentice Brother Nether can avoid a battle, but this is also something that Senior-apprentice Brother Nether earned because his results were the best.”

“If so, then Senior-apprentice Brother Nether might have some chances of reaching the 32nd step or even the 33rd step!”

“Heh, in fact, even if Senior-apprentice Brother doesn’t avoid a battle, he could still easily win anyways!”

On the Divine Seal Altar, Nether Limitless maintained a calm appearance. He clenched his fists and thought, “Good! These rules are good for me.”

Even though Nether Limitless was exceedingly proud of himself, even he lacked the energy and confidence when facing the titanic Divine Seal Altar. If he could save some of his strength then the benefits would be gigantic.

“If I can really avoid a battle then I will be able to obtain an even better result here. My chances of catching Empyrean Demondawn’s attention will be that much greater!”

Nether Limitless was brimming with confidence!

“Begin the climb!” Xiao Daochild closed his eyes again and returned to his meditation in the air.

Five participants that were screened out from all the peak masters of 100 great worlds immediately jumped up onto the walls of the Divine Seal Altar in unison.

At the moment when Lin Ming touched the stone walls, he felt a great pressure on him.

“What a formidable pressure… moreover, this isn’t just pressure of the body and true essence, but also the soul…”

Lin Ming could feel that as soon as he began climbing up to the 31st step of the Divine Seal Altar, a wild and savage power rushed into his spiritual sea.

“This sort of soul pressure isn’t anything to me. But to the others, this should be a great test.”

After Lin Ming tempered his soul in the Divine Dream World, his soul force was far more formidable than other martial artists’ of his level. A soul pressure of this degree was something he could easily withstand.

With steady steps, he began to climb up the towering and roughly hewn stone walls of the Divine Seal Altar.

The closer he reached the top, the more vividly Lin Ming could feel the Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens from the Divine Seal Altar.

As for the others, it was actually impossible for them to climb up as calmly as Lin Ming was doing.

As they climbed up the Divine Seal Altar, all sorts of illusions crashed into them!

Fight! Crusade! Slaughter! Heart Demons!

Dragon Fang felt as if he was climbing onto a blood-drenched Asura battlefield. Within his ears, all he heard were the echoes and screams of hateful spirits and doomed souls!

The beating drum of war reverberated in his ears. A deep sword energy washed over his body, making him feel as if he would be torn apart at any moment.

“The Divine Seal Altar truly lives up to its reputation. How intriguing!!”

Dragon Fang closed his eyes and then opened them up once more. When he did, his pupils had changed. They became as narrow as a needle. And around these needle-like pupils formed a series of strange patterns.

His eyes seemed wrapped in a shroud of unfathomable mysteries, making others not dare to look at him. Those who did would feel as if their very souls would be sucked out.

After these variation pupils appeared, all illusions were instantly swept away by Dragon Fang, unable to affect his mind at all.

He began to steadily rise up once again. And, because he was facing the Divine Seal Altar, no one was able to see the differences in his eyes.

As for Nether Limitless and Bloodless Sword, they were finding this much harder.

“The 31st step is truly terrifying!”

Bloodless Sword twisted his eyebrows together.

“Slaughter Sword Intent, erupt!”

At that instant, a deep crimson divine light blazed out from between Bloodless Sword’s eyebrows. The killing intent that emitted from his body reached the peak. With his own killing intent, he resisted the countless waves of illusions.

As Bloodless Sword climbed up, his forehead became drenched with sweat and every movement he made was difficult. He clearly wasn’t able to remain as relaxed as Dragon Fang.

As for Nether Limitless, he was also in a similar situation with Bloodless Sword. By relying on his deep strength and cultivation he was able to forcefully resist these illusions. To him, climbing up the 31st step was an extremely great test!

And of these five people, Purple Blade was at the end. His face was wan, his fingers trembled, and every step he took was slower than the last. He seemed to be trapped in a swamp, his movements becoming increasingly slow.

“These are illusions! Illusions! They can’t affect me! They can’t affect me! They can’t affect me!”

Purple Blade cried out in his heart, wanting to rid himself of all these chaotic illusions in his mind. However, his current physical state was already extremely poor and he had consumed most of his energy. No, facing this dual pressure from the Divine Seal Altar on his body and soul, he was finding it impossible to resist.

This was the power of illusions. Even though he knew they were illusions, he would still be affected by them.

“I… I am the last! Am I… am I the worst!?”

Illusion and reality constantly shifted back and forth. Purple Blade could feel his own strength rapidly fading away from his body. In between these rapidly alternating scenes, he could see that Lin Ming, Dragon Fang, and the others had already pulled ahead by a considerable distance.

He was like a severely wounded mortal that had fallen into a deep ravine. Although he could see the top of the cliff, wanting to climb up it was simply a despairing matter.

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