Chapter 1244 – 15 People

Chapter 1244 – 15 People

“Wu Finalcloud, I’ll remember this!” The green-haired swordsman cast one last indignant look at Wu Finalcloud before he leapt off the 26th step.

As for Wu Finalcloud, he remained calm. He didn’t fear this Zhou Hong; his background was even slightly superior to Zhou Hong’s. After all, although the True Martial Holy Lands came from a second-order world, they were still an extremely wealthy Holy Land. He even thought that Lin Ming had been too light-handed.

As for those that had been cheering for the green-haired swordsman, all of them looked as if they had collapsed. The entire area of his supporters, the several thousands of disciples, had all fallen into a deep and gloomy silence.

On the other hand, the Ancient Phoenix Clan erupted with cheers like a rushing tide, serving as a sharp contrast to them.

In these semifinals, the Ancient Phoenix Clan was nearly one of the loudest cheerers. In addition to them, the disciples of the Skydark Holy Lands shouted loudly enough that their voices quaked the heavens.

“Senior-apprentice Brother Lin is too strong!”

“He’s invincible!”

In the midst of these thronging cheers, Lin Ming began to climb up to the 27th step!

He was part of the first group to climb up to the 27th step. In front of him was only a small group...

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