Chapter 1243 – Loose Tongues Lead To Trouble

Chapter 1243 – Loose Tongues Lead To Trouble

“Someone from the first group has fallen down!”

“This is too terrifying! These are all top five ranked people of their own great world, extraordinary geniuses amongst extraordinary geniuses. Even so, they weren’t able to withstand the pressure of the 26th step!”

When Lin Ming fought Crimson Wishjade, there were around 1900 people competing, each equal to around the top 20 of a great world. Now, with just around 500 participants left, they were all the top five ranked geniuses of a great world.

If someone from the top five couldn’t climb up to the 26th step then the others could forget about it.

“At the 26th step! And it will become more and more difficult the further they climb! At the last several steps, the difficulty will surely soar to an unimaginable level!”

“Senior Xiao Daochild wasn’t joking when he said that it was infinitely hopeless that any of the participants would be able to reach the top. I thought it was an exaggeration, but now it seems that there really isn’t anyone that will be capable of mounting the summit!”

In the audience, there were some people that recalled Xiao Daochild’s words.

“Infinitely hopeless… is even Nether Limitless no good?” A martial artist from the Demondawn Great World asked. In his opinion, Nether Limitless was...

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