Chapter 1242 – Rapid Drop In Numbers

Chapter 1242 – Rapid Drop In Numbers

Lin Ming and Crimson Wishjade’s battle was the most intense fight to erupt on the Divine Seal Altar so far, and also the highest level showdown. Everyone was watching it.

As for Nether Limitless and Bloodless Sword, after they defeated their opponents they didn’t immediately climb up to the 24th step. Instead, they stopped for a moment to look at Lin Ming’s battle.

“Interesting.” Nether Limitless smiled. Then, he turned and began to climb up.

Bloodless Sword also began climbing up to the 24th step. In their eyes, Lin Ming was only worth paying some attention too, but he wasn’t a great worry.

As for the other participants, they weren’t able to remain so calm. The pressure that Lin Ming placed on them was far too great.

“What a terrifying fellow!”

“He’s impossible to defeat!”

“Originally just characters like Nether Limitless, Bloodless Sword, and Dragon Fang were able to leave us gasping for breath, but now this dark horse Lin Ming has come from nowhere. How can we still live? If any of us aren’t careful then we’ll be ruined!”

Of the martial artists present, 99% of them didn’t have any confidence in facing Lin Ming!

“This fellow is quite skilled. Isn’t he a participant from your True Martial World? He doesn’t seem like a disciple from your True Martial Holy Lands.”

Near Wu Finalcloud, a black-clothed...

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