Chapter 1241 – Too Shameless

Chapter 1241 – Too Shameless

Hu - !

A spear swept out.

The Crimson Flame Domain was ripped apart like a flimsy piece of paper. Lin Ming’s spear swept towards Crimson Wishjade’s waist.


Crimson Wishjade pulled up her sickle blade, wanting to block this spear. The sickle blade was known for being a strange and tricky weapon that was hard to defend against. In terms of meeting other weapons in a head on collision though, it was inferior to the sword!

If this were a direct melee then Crimson Wishjade would naturally suffer a loss. She felt her arms shake, her hands turn numb, and her entire body was thrown backwards.

Lin Ming stepped forwards, using Golden Roc Shattering the Void to instantly close the distance between them.

His spear came pounding down once more!

Clang! Clang! Clang!

With another violent and fierce impact, Crimson Wishjade’s arm went numb and her hand turned red with blood. However, Lin Ming’s attacks came in a ruthless and aggressive barrage, simply not giving her any chance to counterattack!

Her high comprehension of the Fire Laws had been...

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