Chapter 1240 Absolute Suppression

Chapter 1240 – Absolute Suppression

“Although you are only from an ordinary Holy Land background, I will fight you with everything I have from the start. I will carve into your heart the glory of the Crimson Light Holy Lands. I will defeat you with my greatest strength so that you can understand the disparity between us!”

As Crimson Wishjade spoke, red scales began to appear on her face. Her hair grew longer and even her body grew taller.

Her long and slender legs filled with strength. Once this strength erupted, even a piece of divine iron that could forge a spirit artifact would be easily kicked in half.

“This is the Crimson Light Family’s unique bloodline – Scorching Blood!” Huo Violentstone grimly said from within the audience.

In the Divine Realm, there were many families that had their own bloodline inheritances.

The Scorching Blood bloodline, capable of making one’s blood burn like fire. Although it was inferior to the Ancient Phoenix bloodline in quality, it won in density. The Scorching Blood bloodline could be inherited even without reducing the density. Through screening over numerous generations, their bloodline became stronger. This was a seal carved into their very genetics that could not be changed!

As for the Ancient Phoenix Clan, their phoenix bloodline was only transplanted after birth. The degree of their hereditary transmission was much lower and the amount of phoenix blood they could transplant was also lower, because high quality phoenix blood was simply far too precious.

Hu - !

Crimson Wishjade’s body ignited with monstrous waves of flames. The Crimson Light World King Family also focused on fire-based abilities. This was the reason Crimson Strifecloud married the Ancient Phoenix Clan’s little princess in the past.

“Little Jade… although her words are a bit too arrogant, she does have the capabilities to fight him. At least she isn’t blindly underestimating him. Maybe she can win…” In the audience, Crimson Strifecloud whispered to himself. He was aware of Crimson Wishjade’s complete strength. But, as for where the limits of Lin Ming’s strength lay, he didn’t know at all. Victory or defeat would depend on how much Lin Ming’s strength surpassed his imagination.

At this time, on the 23rd step of the Divine Seal Altar, Lin Ming was facing Crimson Wishjade, who was fully displaying her Scorching Blood bloodline. He faintly smiled and said, “You want me to understand the disparity between us, but… I fear that you may be mistaken in just who is weaker and who is stronger.”

“What shameless boasting! A disciple of an ordinary Holy Land is actually so arrogant! I will show you just what happens to people like you!”

Omm –

Crimson Wishjade raised her sickle blade up high. At this time, the phantom of an immortal firelord appeared behind her. The power of scorching blood swelled up as a conflagration of flames rose upwards, galloping forwards like a rushing army. Raging flames spread throughout the surrounding area!

On the relatively quiet 23rd step, such an explosive battle was extremely eye-catching!

It had to be known that the entire 23rd step was covered with an immense Empyrean pressure. The weaker martial artists weren’t even able to display 30% of their full strength; it was impossible for them to release such a massive attack!

“Crimson Flame Domain! This is the Crimson Flame Domain!”

There were many types of fire domains. The one that Crimson Wishjade used now was the Crimson Flame Domain. It was much stronger than the Blue Lotus Domain. This sort of domain was intrinsically fused into the Scorching Blood bloodline of the Crimson Light Family.

As monstrous flames burned into the skies, the entire audience and all the martial artists on the 23rd step turned towards them.

This was a battle between two great powerhouses!

“Mm? Someone is using the Crimson Flame Domain, and it’s a woman too… I think she should be the extreme genius being raised in the Crimson Light Holy Lands and also the peak master of the Crimson Light World. Her opponent is… eh? Her opponent is Lin Ming!”

On the spirit boat floating in front of the Divine Seal Altar, the two hosts shouted out with gusto. They had looked over the information of all the participants here, thus they knew most of the geniuses and where they came from.

They had originally no longer bothered with Lin Ming, but now, Lin Ming caught their attention once again. Many of those in the audience also noticed them.

Then, Crimson Wishjade attacked. Her sickle blade slashed down!

In that moment, Crimson Wishjade seemed to fuse with the phantom firelord behind her. The Crimson Flame Domain expanded outwards, enveloping the entire battlefield.

Lin Ming grasped the Phoenix Blood Spear and swept it outwards!

Blue Lotus Flame Dance!

In a battle of Fire Laws against Fire Laws, a towering blue lotus rose into the air. A brilliant blue beam of fire shot straight out!

However, as this beam of fire hurtled towards Crimson Wishjade’s blade light, the beam of fire suddenly slowed down as if there was a tremendous amount of resistance!

On the other hand, Crimson Wishjade’s sickle blade seemed to speed up with overwhelming momentum, making one’s heart race.

“My Crimson Flame Domain can gather all fire element heaven and earth origin energy without needing to use any true essence. It is capable of ruling over all flames in this world. For you to use the Fire Laws to battle with me is simply seeking your own death.”

Crimson Wishjade coldly sneered. Her saber light suddenly split into thousands of little wisps. Every wisp of saber light was like a petal of a red lotus. For a time, the entire sky was flooded with countless red lotus petals; it was an incomparably gorgeous scene!

“Since that’s what you think, I will use the Fire Laws to defeat you!”

Lin Ming smiled. In terms of the Fire Laws, regardless of comprehension or utilization, he had never felt weak, especially against his peers. Against them, he was fully confident that he was king!

Crimson Wishjade had the Crimson Flame Domain, but as for him, he had a transcendent divine might!

Moreover, Lin Ming had already comprehended the fifth level Concept of the Fire Laws – Virtual Fire! This was a boundary that ordinary geniuses could never hope to match.

As Crimson Wishjade rushed towards him, from within Lin Ming’s inner world, the Heretical God Seedling indignantly spread out. The power of fire rushed out like a tide; the Heretical God Force opened to the limit!

In that instant, on top of Lin Ming’s spear light, the phantom of a divine tree seemed to appear. This phantom only appeared for a brief instant, but in this instant, Lin Ming’s spear light became several times sharper!

Even the Fire Laws between the heavens and earth seemed to be influenced by this and twist around. The fire origin energy around Crimson Wishjade that rushed towards him like a surging  tide was suddenly cut apart and controlled by Lin Ming!

Peng peng peng!

In the split moment when the divine tree phantom appeared, those thousands of red lotus petals that fluttered in the skies were all destroyed as if they had been scorched to nothing!

Within the Crimson Flame Domain, all of the wild fire origin energy there was controlled by Lin Ming!


Crimson Wishjade was shocked. She had never encountered such a scene before!

In a battle of martial artists that used the same Laws, the one that was able to use their comprehension of Laws to control the heaven and earth origin energy could directly suppress the other.

Crimson Wishjade’s perception was extremely high to begin with, and she had also inherited the Crimson Light Family’s Burning Blood bloodline as well as phoenix bloodline from her mother who possessed the perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodline. To her, the Ancient Phoenix bloodline was the finishing touch upon her own bloodline. After comprehending the Crimson Flame Domain, she was even more confident that no one could challenge her in the aspect of Fire Laws!

But now, she was the one being suppressed by Lin Ming.

“Crimson Flame Domain, completely open!”

In that instant, brilliant golden rays of light shot out from all over Crimson Wishjade’s body. The skin of her body turned a deep fiery red.

She had activated her Scorching Blood bloodline to the limit.

As Lin Ming faced Crimson Wishjade giving her all, he merely swept his spear out.


Lin Ming shouted out loud. All of the surrounding fire origin energy was swept up by Lin Ming’s spear. A giant tear formed in Crimson Wishjade’s Crimson Flame Domain!

Lin Ming strode into the Crimson Flame Domain. At this time, he was like a war god descended to the world, unstoppable and indestructible. As he walked forwards, every single bit of fire origin energy gathered to him. There was even some fire origin energy that manifested into spiritual flame beings. There were fire crows, fire kirins, fire wolves, and so forth. All of these beings surrounded Lin Ming, bowing to him, worshipping him! This was a phenomenon that occurred when one comprehended the Fire Laws to an exceedingly high degree, capable of ruling over the world!

Faintly, behind Lin Ming, the phantom of a divine tree appeared. It took root in the endless inferno of flames. It rose higher and higher, growing into a towering tree!

Within this sea of flames, a divine tree was born!

This phenomenon was seen by all present, but no one knew what it meant.

“This is…”

Within the Divine Seal Altar, the gray-robed old man was watching all of this happen. He paid particular attention to this divine tree.

The gray-robed old man was extremely interested in Lin Ming. He didn’t think it was strange if Lin Ming knew a transcendent divine might, but the key point was that he didn’t know of the Heretical God Force.

The Divine Realm had existed for countless billions of years. Before ancient times, there were even more ancient times, continuing all the way back until the creation of the universe!

In all this time, there was an untold number of Empyreans that had appeared. And among these Empyreans, many of them had created their own transcendent divine might.

Of these transcendent divine mights, 90% of them had been lost to time. But, there was a small number that had been preserved. These were located all over the Divine Realm or in some unknown ancient mystic realms.

Sometimes, these mystic realms weren’t dangerous at all. After all, far too long a time had passed. Any powerful array formation would have weakened or even vanished, and any formidable guardian beast would have exhausted its lifespan and died.

To obtain the transcendent divine mights located in these mystic realms, it depended on one’s luck and not strength.

The gray-robed old man had an extraordinary degree of experience, but even he didn’t know every single transcendent divine might.

There was no one that could accomplish such a feat.

Moreover, many transcendent divine mights had special peculiarities. For instance, the Heretical God Force was not an offensive transcendent divine might but an auxiliary arcane skill. Even if one saw the towering divine tree that rose in the boundless sea of fire behind Lin Ming, it was impossible for them to judge whether or not this phenomenon originated from an arcane skill, cultivation method, special physique, or bloodline.

“How interesting. I wonder just where this young boy comes from.”

The gray-robed old man muttered to himself. “This little baby girl can’t even force out his true strength. Luckily, there are some other nice talented brats ahead of her. If they fight Lin Ming, I should be able to see some more.”

At this time, on the 23rd step of the Divine Seal Altar, Lin Ming had already rushed towards the front of Crimson Wishjade. All of the surrounding fire origin energy was swept up around him, all of it under his control.


Crimson Wishjade’s pupils shrank. Her Crimson Flame Domain had actually been ripped open! Not just that, but within her own domain, he was actually able to grasp complete control of the Fire Laws and suppress her!

“Lin Ming is actually this strong!?”

In the audience, Huo Violentstone was extremely shocked. Even though Crimson Wishjade had such immense talent, she was still completely surpassed in a battle against Lin Ming. This was something he had never imagined from the start. After all, they hadn’t seen Lin Ming’s performance in the preliminaries, they had only seen the change in his merit points.

One’s merit points and one’s true combat strength were two different matters. Otherwise, the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting would have been simply settled with a ranking of merit points.

Lin Ming ignored this all. From between his eyebrows, the blood of the Ancient Phoenix burnt, emitting a flaming golden light!

Since he said he would use the Fire Laws to defeat Crimson Wishjade, he naturally wouldn’t use his body transformation technique or the Thunder Laws. In Lin Ming’s view, Crimson Wishjade was merely a peak talent of a Great World King Holy Land. As for the Crimson Light Holy Lands, they were only from a third-order world. Crimson Wishjade likely couldn’t even compare with Wu Finalcloud, who came from the True Martial Great World, a second-order world.

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