Chapter 1240 – Absolute Suppression

Chapter 1240 – Absolute Suppression

“Although you are only from an ordinary Holy Land background, I will fight you with everything I have from the start. I will carve into your heart the glory of the Crimson Light Holy Lands. I will defeat you with my greatest strength so that you can understand the disparity between us!”

As Crimson Wishjade spoke, red scales began to appear on her face. Her hair grew longer and even her body grew taller.

Her long and slender legs filled with strength. Once this strength erupted, even a piece of divine iron that could forge a spirit artifact would be easily kicked in half.

“This is the Crimson Light Family’s unique bloodline – Scorching Blood!” Huo Violentstone grimly said from within the audience.

In the Divine Realm, there were many families that had their own bloodline inheritances.

The Scorching Blood bloodline, capable of making one’s blood burn like fire. Although it was inferior to the Ancient Phoenix bloodline in quality, it won in density. The Scorching Blood bloodline could be inherited even without reducing the density. Through screening over numerous generations, their bloodline became stronger. This was a seal carved into their very genetics that could not be changed!

As for the Ancient Phoenix Clan, their phoenix bloodline was only transplanted after...

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