Chapter 124 - Violent Wind Tunnel

Chapter 124 – Violent Wind Tunnel

In the northwest reaches of Zhou Mountain, there was a natural mountain valley. The entrance of the mountain valley faced the north, and spanned a thousand feet. As it extended inwards, it became increasingly narrow. The entire mountain valley was in the shape of a funnel, and it continued into the hillside until the width was only about 10 feet or so.

When gale winds blew from the north of Zhou Mountain, they were blocked by Zhou Mountain and formed a tremendous wind pressure and air current that flowed down the funnel shaped valley. As it went inwards, and the mountain valley became narrower, the speed and pressure of the wind increased with each step!

Before the Seven Profound Martial House was established, this mountain valley had been named Gale Valley. Inside the valley were large rolling stones that blew everywhere, and humans and livestock found it hard to stand firm.

After the Seven Profound Martial House was established, the Xiantian masters, who had decided to use the local environments, set up a large array in this crazy wind valley. Not only did this raise the speed of the wind, but the wind current and direction became unpredictable. Undercurrents were everywhere, and there were even strong heavenly winds that could harm the body.

This was one of the seven major killing arrays of metal, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, and lightning. This was...

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