Chapter 1239 Crimson Strifecloud’s Daughter

Chapter 1239 – Crimson Strifecloud’s Daughter

As Lin Ming started to climb up to the 23rd step, the Ancient Dragon Clan’s Dragon One was defeated!

The one who defeated Dragon One was a small and ordinary young man with nothing special about him. But, in front of him, Dragon One still suffered a miserable loss.

It could only be said that there were far too many masters in the semifinals.

With Dragon One sent back to the 21st step, the result was that he had fallen behind Yan Littlemoon.

“The Dragon Clan’s Dragon One was defeated!”

Fairy Feng said from beside Huo Violentstone.

“Mm… I saw.” Huo Violentstone said. He nonchalantly turned his head to look at the person responsible for the Ancient Dragon Clan disciples here, Laughing Dragon.

At this time, Laughing Dragon couldn’t laugh at all.

As for Huo Violentstone, he didn’t gloat over this. And he definitely didn’t let Lin Ming’s success go to his head. This was because the intensity of the semifinals was far higher than the preliminaries’. The difficult stages were still to come. There was no way for Huo Violentstone to feel relaxed.

As Laughing Dragon felt Huo Violentstone’s gaze on him, he said, “Hehe, Old Huo, it looks like the four God Beast Clans only have your Ancient Phoenix Clan’s Lin Ming remaining. It seems Dragon One will at most be able to climb to the 23rd or 24th step before he is defeated. It's impossible for him to go any further. As for your Yan Littlemoon, she’s in the same position. Dragon Two, Dragon Three, Xiao Ping, and also the disciples of the Kirin Clan and Roc Clan will be much worse. None of them should be able to pass these semifinals.”

To pass the semifinals was the same as entering the top 10,000 ranks of the Divine Realm. This was truly far too difficult a task for Dragon One, Yan Littlemoon, and the others.

“Lin Ming will definitely enter the finals!” Huo Violentstone confidently said.

“Haha, I hope so. Although I have to admit that I’m feeling a bit sour over this, I still hope that the four God Beast Clans will do well.”

The four God Beast Clans competed and plotted against each other in peaceful times. But when facing a mutual enemy, they still banded together to protect their interests.

No matter which clan it was, it was a wonderful occasion to produce a strong powerhouse. Of course, having this powerhouse appear in their own clan was always the best.

Huo Violentstone didn’t say anything else. Instead, he looked towards the Divine Seal Altar and Lin Ming. His normally loud and boisterous manner was completely restrained and his expression was a bit solemn.

In these semifinals, one step could lead to life and one step could lead to death!

This was because the disparity in strength of the martial artists could be extremely great. In this competition, if someone were to easily defeat someone on one step, they could themselves be easily defeated on the next step!

Thus, each fight was not easy at all.

And at this time, more and more martial artists climbed up to the 23rd step.

This was the same situation as before. The martial artists that climbed to the 23rd step waited for some more martial artists to ascend.

Those martial artists that first mounted the 23rd step had a great advantage over the others.

This was because they were able to meditate on the Divine Seal Altar, eliminating the pill impurities within their bodies as they restored themselves to a better combat state.

Soon, 3000 people gathered on the 23rd step.

At this time, it was no longer Nether Limitless signaling the start of the battle. Rather, anyone that decided on who they wanted to fight would instantly begin.

Someone began running towards Lin Ming.

This person was a tall and explosive young woman. Her steps were lithe and she was as dexterous as a cat.

She had deep crimson red hair, and her skin was not white like jade, but rather a healthy and sexual wheat color. She wore tight-fitting leather armor. It was unknown what vicious beast this leather came from, the beautiful patterns were naturally engraved into it. Although the vicious beast had died a long time ago, these patterns still emitted faint fluctuations of the Laws. This was an indication that the vicious beast had been of a very high level.

The tight leather armor was extremely short, revealing her smooth and flat belly and intoxicating navel. It also served to accentuate and bring out her tall and busty twin peaks.

On the lower half of her body, she wore a very tight skirt that was made of similar leather. This tight skirt completely followed the curves of her round thighs.

Her weapon was a sickle blade. The blade edge shined with a cold light, perfectly fusing together with the deadly and exaggerated curvature of the weapon.

The young woman smiled as she looked at Lin Ming, bringing up the sickle blade in her hands.

“This woman…” Lin Ming’s eyebrows shot up. The feeling she gave off was that of a wild leopard: beautiful, vigorous, and yet filled with an explosive force and exotic danger.

This woman was far fiercer than the last martial artist he had faced.

In the arena, the martial artists of the Ancient Phoenix Clan also noticed her.

“That woman… seems a bit familiar.” Palace Master Lian Zhen said from beside Huo Violentstone.

Huo Violentstone was stunned for some time. Then, he ruefully smiled and said, “If I’m not wrong then she is the daughter of Crimson Strifecloud, the current Crimson Dragon Envoy of the Crimson Light Holy Lands. Her mother should be the daughter of our Ancient Phoenix Clan’s last patriarch, the little princess that had a perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodline. In the past, there were countless pursuers that chased after her, but in the end she was married off to Crimson Strifecloud.”

As Huo Violentstone spoke to here, he deeply sighed. Once upon a time, he too had been one of the little princess’ suitors.

In truth, although the Ancient Phoenix Clan had married the little princess off to Crimson Strifecloud because of political reasons, it was by no means wronging or harming her. Crimson Strifecloud had been an extraordinary character. With the little princess’ background, her beauty, her phoenix bloodline, and her primordial yin, Crimson Strifecloud would not have treated her coldly.

Even so, Huo Violentstone had always kept this matter in his heart. In his opinion, marrying someone off in exchange for benefits was the sorrow of the weak.

“No wonder. She really does look like her mother. It’s just that her skin color and hair color are different. That coloring should have been inherited from her father!” Lian Zhen nodded, his expression complex. He didn’t think that one day, Lin Ming would battle the daughter of the Ancient Phoenix Clan’s little princess!

“Not only is her coloring that of her father, but her disposition is also her father’s. I can see none of her mother’s virtuous grace and gentleness on her.”

The past Crimson Strifecloud had bronze skin and a full head of red hair. His character was well known to all.

And now, his daughter was also the same.

“You’re the one called Lin Ming? I know you!” The red-haired woman said. She actually knew who Lin Ming was.

“And you are?” Lin Ming was a bit startled. He wasn’t like Nether Limitless, who had rushed straight up to the top 20 ranks of the Divine Seal Decree, causing everyone in the Divine Realm to know of him. Rather, he had finished the preliminaries ranked around 10,000 on the Divine Seal Decree. That shouldn’t be a level where everyone would know of him.

“My father is Crimson Strifecloud. I heard Father say that you defeated the spirit body he left behind in the Ancient Phoenix Clan’s Illusionary God Combat Array. Is that right?”

Lin Ming froze for a moment; this was actually Crimson Strifecloud’s daughter!

Wasn’t this a bit too theatrical?

He had defeated Crimson Strifecloud and now his daughter had appeared!

From the sound of it, this woman had deliberately come here for him?

He carefully looked at this young woman in front of him. He could feel the aura of the Ancient Phoenix Clan from her, and could also feel that she had the Ancient Phoenix bloodline. Of course, her bloodline density was much lighter than Yan Littlemoon’s. This was the shortcoming of transplanting the Ancient Phoenix bloodline. As long as one continued reproducing down generations, the bloodline would become increasingly pale, slowly fading until it finally disappeared.

“Your mother is the Ancient Phoenix Clan’s little princess?” When Lin Ming was at Fire Spirit Star, he had also heard the stories.

“That’s right. But my mother is a weak woman. Luckily, I am not like her.”

As the red-haired woman spoke, she stroked the edge of her sickle blade with a single finger before stretching out her tongue and licking the blade. This was an extremely wild and barbaric action, one filled with sex appeal.

Lin Ming frowned. He didn’t like listening to this woman’s words, as if she were disparaging and looking down upon her own mother. “You and I can be considered as having come from the same roots. Are you planning on being my enemy?”

In Lin Ming’s opinion, if this red-haired woman dared to challenge him, she naturally had the confidence that she could win. Her goal was to use him as a stepping stone to reach the 24th step. For two geniuses who came from the same roots to step on each other to reach the next step, this was a bit too dramatic.

The red-haired young woman laughed. “Same roots? You wish. I come from the Crimson Light Holy Lands, a Great World King level influence. As for you, you are only from the Ancient Phoenix Clan, a mere ordinary Holy Land. How could you say we come from the same roots?

“The reason I will fight is not because I think highly of you, but because you managed to defeat the spirit body phantom that my father left behind within the Illusionary God Combat Array during his youth. Although you defeated that phantom spirit body, the truth is that it was simply unable to reproduce the true strength of my father during his youth. Moreover, that matter leaves me very uncomfortable. Aren’t you just a common martial artist? How could my father possibly lose to you? Thus, I must defeat you.”

The red-haired woman said as if this was all a matter of course. Her words carried with them an arrogant tone. This was a natural feeling of superiority that one was born with. In fact, many people of Great World King Holy Lands looked down at those from ordinary Holy Lands. In particular, someone like Lin Ming was even more of a commoner than the rest. He was simply the weed amongst the grass.

“I see.” Lin Ming said, thinking this whole situation a bit funny.

“To think that you can still smile, how interesting. It’s as if you don’t realize what sort of situation you’re in. Soon, you won’t be able to smile anymore. Before our battle begins, let me tell you something. My talent is the greatest of my father’s 100 children, and I am far stronger than he was in his youth! Finally, let me tell you my name so that you may carve it down in your mind. My name is Crimson Wishjade.”

For Crimson Wishjade to encounter Lin Ming here, it couldn’t be called a stroke of fate. Rather, for a peak influence like the Crimson Light Holy Lands, they naturally wouldn’t allow their most outstanding disciples to miss out on the First Martial Meeting. Crimson Wishjade was originally born too early to enter the First Martial Meeting. However, she entered a time enchantment and by adjusting the flow of time, she was able to pass several hundred years in just several years.

“If that’s the case, then let me teach you a lesson on behalf of your mother!” Lin Ming extracted the Phoenix Blood Spear. He had always felt a trace of sympathy towards the little princess who was forced to marry into the Crimson Light Holy Lands because of her clan’s politics. And now, the little princess’ daughter actually took the Crimson Light Holy Lands as her honor and the Ancient Phoenix Clan as her shame. This left him with a bad taste in his mouth.

“Teach me? Heh! It seems you want to die.”

Crimson Wishjade revealed a thick murderous intent. And in the audience, a tall middle-aged man with a full head of red hair was watching this battle.

He was Crimson Strifecloud.

“Little Jade, you really are giving me a headache here. Your character will cause you to suffer a loss sooner or later… I already warned you that Lin Ming isn’t simple at all, and I can’t even tell how this battle will end up. I don’t think that your chances of winning are even 50% and yet you are actually so full of confidence…” Crimson Strifecloud sighed.

Currently, Lin Ming was countless times more powerful than he was in the past when he had rushed through the Illusionary God Combat Array.

However, Lin Ming’s opponent was also powerful. In the past, the Crimson Strifecloud within the Illusionary God Combat Array was only at the eighth stage of Life Destruction, but the current Crimson Wishjade was at the late Divine Sea realm. This was also the reason that she was so confident. If a late Divine Sea martial artist couldn’t defeat an early Divine Sea martial artist, then that was truly shameful!

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