Chapter 1239 – Crimson Strifecloud’s Daughter

Chapter 1239 – Crimson Strifecloud’s Daughter

As Lin Ming started to climb up to the 23rd step, the Ancient Dragon Clan’s Dragon One was defeated!

The one who defeated Dragon One was a small and ordinary young man with nothing special about him. But, in front of him, Dragon One still suffered a miserable loss.

It could only be said that there were far too many masters in the semifinals.

With Dragon One sent back to the 21st step, the result was that he had fallen behind Yan Littlemoon.

“The Dragon Clan’s Dragon One was defeated!”

Fairy Feng said from beside Huo Violentstone.

“Mm… I saw.” Huo Violentstone said. He nonchalantly turned his head to look at the person responsible for the Ancient Dragon Clan disciples here, Laughing Dragon.

At this time, Laughing Dragon couldn’t laugh at all.

As for Huo Violentstone, he didn’t gloat over this. And he definitely didn’t let Lin Ming’s success go to his head. This was because the intensity of the semifinals was far higher than the preliminaries’. The difficult stages were still to come. There was no way for Huo Violentstone to feel relaxed.

As Laughing Dragon felt Huo Violentstone’s gaze on him, he said, “Hehe, Old Huo, it looks like the four God Beast Clans only have your Ancient Phoenix Clan’s Lin Ming remaining. It seems Dragon One will at most be...

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