Chapter 1238 – The One Who Should Be Sorry Is Me

Chapter 1238 – The One Who Should Be Sorry Is Me

“Let the battles begin!”

“War has broken out!”

The two twin hosts spiritedly shouted.

At that moment, most of the participants on the 22nd step began to battle each other!

Even though they were all participants that had reached the 22nd step, the disparity in strength between them was enormous!

The strong would only need several breaths of time to kill the weak!

And from the very start, the powerhouses had already chosen their targets. As soon as the battle began, they rushed towards their chosen opponents.

This was basically a battlefield where the strong slaughtered the weak!

Of course, there were some people that misjudged the strength of others. Once they made this fatal mistake, they might find victory difficult or even have kicked a wall and be defeated instead. Although one was strong, with some bad luck, they might encounter someone stronger. They could only embrace their own defeat.

The accuracy of one’s eyesight was also another important standard that dictated whether or not one would be able to pass the 22nd step.

If one had poor eyesight, it was impossible to blame others.

Once the battle began, all of the martial artists in the arena were roused to the extreme.

There was no need to mention martial...

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