Chapter 1237 – The Battle Begins

Chapter 1237 – The Battle Begins

On the first 21 steps of the Divine Seal Altar, one would fight simulation spirit bodies produced by array formations. Starting from the 22nd step and upwards, one would no longer fight simulation spirit bodies but would have to fight and defeat other participants on the same step!

This produced another problem. That was that the first group which was in the lead was stronger overall, thus the opponents they faced were also more powerful.

Thus, if they wished to maintain their status of being in the vanguard, they would have to pay a certain price.

If they were too weak they would be defeated and their ranking here would drop.

A participant was only able to lose five times before they were eliminated; they naturally didn’t wish to waste these chances.

As some people realized this, they began to slow down their pace. If they instantly rushed to the 22nd step and had to directly face Nether Limitless, then that truly wouldn’t be fun.

In fact, only a very small minority of people were able to climb up to the 22nd step.

After such a long time with people continually being eliminated, out of the original 300,000 participants, there was not even a hundred thousand left. But, out of these remaining participants, the overwhelming...

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