Chapter 1235 – Without Weapons

Chapter 1235 – Without Weapons

“Eh? This little baby understands the Concept of Fire, and moreover it’s dual Concepts of Thunder and Fire. His comprehension is extremely high, and with the way he is utilizing these concepts, it seems that he’s reached the threshold of the fifth level!”

The old man traced his chin, revealing an extremely interested expression.

The fifth level Concept of the Five Element Laws was separated from the fourth level Concepts by an extremely large gap. There were many powerhouses that would never manage to cross this moat in their lifetimes!

Even some weaker Divine Lord powerhouses wouldn’t be able to cross this step.

In other words, Lin Ming’s comprehensions of Laws now surpassed many Divine Lord powerhouses!

“I’ll have to slowly test your abilities. Young man, you shouldn’t have any problems with this. For this old man to test you is your...

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