Chapter 1234 – Divine Seal Altar Artifact Spirit

Chapter 1234 – Divine Seal Altar Artifact Spirit

The Divine Seal Altar was a protracted war!

With 33 steps, the further one climbed, the more difficult it became! Luckily, the pressure on the flat plains of the steps was slightly lesser, thus one could take some reprieve there.

But as one went higher, the pressure would increase to incredible proportions. Resting would not be easy. One would need to crawl all the way up in a single go!

And at this time, the semifinals had already been going on for four hours.

The first group, including Nether Limitless, had already climbed to the eighth level!

As for Lin Ming, he had reached the sixth level.

Beneath him, there were still some martial artists crawling to the fourth level. Many of them were already exhausted and reaching their limit, but they still clenched their teeth and persisted.

Many of them knew that they had no chance of stepping onto the fourth step, but they still continued their attempt, trying to surpass their limits. To them, being able to withstand the baptism of this Empyrean pressure and climb up the Divine Seal Altar was a rare lucky chance.

If the ancient Divine Seal Altar dared to be called such a name, and dared to claim that those who ascended to its top could reach divinity, then that must be because by ascending these 33 steps and withstanding...

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