Chapter 1234 Divine Seal Altar Artifact Spirit

Chapter 1234 – Divine Seal Altar Artifact Spirit

The Divine Seal Altar was a protracted war!

With 33 steps, the further one climbed, the more difficult it became! Luckily, the pressure on the flat plains of the steps was slightly lesser, thus one could take some reprieve there.

But as one went higher, the pressure would increase to incredible proportions. Resting would not be easy. One would need to crawl all the way up in a single go!

And at this time, the semifinals had already been going on for four hours.

The first group, including Nether Limitless, had already climbed to the eighth level!

As for Lin Ming, he had reached the sixth level.

Beneath him, there were still some martial artists crawling to the fourth level. Many of them were already exhausted and reaching their limit, but they still clenched their teeth and persisted.

Many of them knew that they had no chance of stepping onto the fourth step, but they still continued their attempt, trying to surpass their limits. To them, being able to withstand the baptism of this Empyrean pressure and climb up the Divine Seal Altar was a rare lucky chance.

If the ancient Divine Seal Altar dared to be called such a name, and dared to claim that those who ascended to its top could reach divinity, then that must be because by ascending these 33 steps and withstanding the baptism of the Divine Seal Altar, one could dig out all of their potential and break past their limits.

Although the Divine Seal Altar replica that Empyrean Vast Universe created was far from being able to compare with the true ancient Divine Seal Altar, it was still able to display a similar effect.

Strong wind whistled. The rivers of water formed from heaven and earth origin energy unceasingly fell from every step of the altar. The over 200 thousand participants were all desperately struggling with the Divine Seal Altar.

At the base of the altar, the two hosts were passionately and fervently shouting out every important happening in these semifinals.

Gradually, the sun set over the horizon and stars filled the skies.

For those in the audience, spending a few days to watch a competition wasn’t anything at all. They usually meditated for a far longer time.

As Lin Ming walked over the sixth level, his steps were slow but steady.

Generally, when a martial artist climbed up the steep cliffs their speed would be slow, but when they reached the flat step they would launch their movement ability and race forwards so that they didn’t waste any time on the flat area. But, Lin Ming didn’t care at all. He slowly stepped forwards, enlightening himself about this altar.

The streams of heaven and earth origin energy washed over Lin Ming’s feet, rushing past him like a crystal clear brook.

“33 Layered Heavens correspond to the 33 levels of the Divine Seal Altar. Every level had a completely different feeling…”

Lin Ming thought to himself. Out of everyone present, he was the first to understand the strangeness of the Divine Seal Altar from the very beginning. And, the further he climbed, the stronger this feeling became.

As for others, including even Nether Limitless, they didn’t feel anything profound from the Divine Seal Altar.

This was not because Lin Ming’s perception or divine sense far surpassed Nether Limitless’s, but because of out these hundreds of thousands of people, he was the one most closely intertwined with the 33 Heavens.

Only he, and he alone, had crossed a perfect 33 Layered Heavens nine by nine Life Destruction.

Lin Ming was increasingly sure that the true Divine Seal Altar was created by Empyrean Divine Seal. These sorts of ancient divine tools were often named after their creator.

“Who is Empyrean Divine Seal? How is he related to the great calamity from 3.6 billion years ago? Out of all the heroes in the past, just what role did he play? What is suppressed underneath the eye of the Ancient Elysium Seal? For what reasons would the Ancient Elysium Seal’s artifact spirit spend 3.6 billion years suppressing some unknown existence, to the point that it must use an arcane ability to fall into slumber so that its lifespan can extend to the distant future?

“In this world, what existence can live longer than an artifact spirit, and also in a situation where it was sealed?”

Lin Ming had all of these questions percolating in his mind. He also clearly remembered that the Ancient Elysium Seal had mentioned a great world calamity.

This was because in that catastrophe 3.6 billion years ago, even the rules that governed the heavens and earth had changed!

After that time, body transformation techniques were no longer suitable for humans. From that point on, the essence gathering system rose to glory, overshadowing all other methods.

From this alone it could be seen just how terrifying that calamity had been. Lin Ming found it hard to imagine just what sort of disaster had swept through the entire Divine Realm and not even all the Empyreans of the past had been able to resist it!

As Lin Ming was thinking, what he didn’t know was that at this time, there was someone secretly watching him.

This person was shrouded in mist. Although his form appeared to be that of an old man, he wasn’t human at all; he was an artifact spirit.

Deep within the Divine Seal Altar, this artifact spirit had a panoramic view of every single genius as they were competing.

Its responsibility here was to protect these participants. Once they encountered a life-threatening situation, the artifact spirit would then move to save them.

“This little fellow is a bit special; how interesting! I thought that young fellow Vast Universe was lazy and was just dragging me along to help look after these babies, but I never thought I’d meet such an interesting little fellow here. It’s as if he can feel the faint Concepts contained within the 33 steps of the Divine Seal Altar. These Concepts belong to the 33 Layered Heavens. Although it's impossible for him to comprehend anything in such a short time with his cultivation, he still shouldn’t be able to feel this! I wonder just what sort of lucky chances this boy has had.”

The old man thought to himself. Then, he laughed and said, “Hehe, that kid is quite funny. He’s not revealing his strength at all, and in fact he isn’t even using any of his strength. It’s like he’s taking a vacation and strolling through the countryside. Since I noticed him, I certainly can’t let him be so comfortable. Let’s test out his ability a bit and see just how he’s so special. If he’s any good, I’ll recommend him to that young boy Vast Universe.”

The old man’s lips curved up in a sly smile. In the next moment, a tiny wisp of light shot out and quietly sank into the stone walls of the Divine Seal Altar.

“Mm… I shouldn’t be so enthusiastic at the start. Everything needs to be done gradually for it to be interesting… I hope that this little boy doesn’t disappoint me.”

The old man chuckled, his eyes filled with anticipation at Lin Ming’s performance.


As Lin Ming was thinking, he felt space distort around him. This was a familiar feeling that he had sensed countless times before. This was the feeling of when an array formation was activating and a simulation spirit body was soon to appear.

The sixth spirit body couldn’t arouse Lin Ming’s interest at all. One could see this just by looking at how the other participants were able to easily clear this level.

As long as Lin Ming wanted to, he could instantly kill this spirit body without even taking out his weapon.

This spirit body was only a hundred feet away from Lin Ming!

The spirit body wore a tightly-fitted battle robe and held a red long spear in its hands, somewhat resembling Lin Ming’s own Phoenix Blood Spear.

“A spear? How refreshing.”

Lin Ming still didn’t bring out the Phoenix Blood Spear. From the start until now, he had only been using his fingers as a spear.


The spirit body moved, reaching an incredible speed. The long spear in its hand thrust out like a viper at an extremely tricky angle.

With a thrust of its spear, lightning quickened. This was the Laws of Thunder. Moreover, this spirit body had already reached the fourth level Concept of the Thunder Laws – Manifestation!

“The sixth step’s spirit body has capable attainments in techniques and Laws!”

Lin Ming drew back, easily dodging the spear attack of the spirit body. His right hand’s fingers flicked out once more.


A spear light shot straight towards the spirit body’s forehead!

However, that spirit body had extremely fast reflexes. It whipped its head to the side and dodged Lin Ming’s attack.


Lin Ming was a bit startled. He changed methods, waving his hand and emitting a blazing purple light.

He also used the fourth level Concept of the Thunder Laws – Manifestation.

Manifested thunder had its own consciousness and spirituality. In comparison to mindless energy, it was several times stronger.

Moreover, elemental energy with its own intelligence was not easy to dodge!

Lin Ming flicked his 10 fingers once again.


The spirit body’s spear light was crushed apart. Lin Ming thought this battle was over, but at this moment the spirit body sinisterly grinned. In the next moment, it shook its long spear and smashed apart Lin Ming’s spear lights!


Lin Ming was stunned for a moment. In his estimation, the spirit body of the sixth level absolutely shouldn’t have the ability to crush apart his spear light, otherwise the other participants would never have crossed this level so easily.

“Something’s strange!”

Lin Ming rapidly reacted.

With something so unusual occurring, Lin Ming certainly wouldn’t be careless as to avoid any surprises. And, he also clearly remembered that strange grin that appeared on this spirit body’s face. How could a mindless spirit body created by an array formation produce such a human expression?

“That Lin Ming from the Ancient Phoenix Clan still hasn’t brought out his weapon. But now that he’s facing the sixth match, his opponent is far more formidable than what he has faced so far! Lin Ming wasn’t able to instantly kill it and has also seemed to run into some trouble. Is he still planning on not using his weapon? What a bold man, confident in his own skills!”

The two twin hosts shouted out. There were only a dozen or so participants that they were focusing on.

Lin Ming was one of them. As for what the tricks that the Divine Seal Altar’s artifact spirit was playing, they simply weren’t able to see through it. Much less them, but not even an ordinary World King could see through. Even Lin Ming, who was personally experiencing it, only felt that something was strange, but he still wasn’t able to place his finger on just what was happening.

“Lin Ming should use his spear. If he doesn’t use his spear then he might meet with unexpected failure!”

“That’s right, he needs to be more careful. If he fights the other participants then he can be defeated five times, but if he loses to a spirit body just once then he will be eliminated!”

Many martial artists from the Crimson Light World began to discuss amongst themselves, clearly worried for Lin Ming.

They didn’t come from the Ancient Phoenix Clan, but they still supported Lin Ming.

They were some lower level Holy Lands of the Crimson Light World. They originally had some of their geniuses participating in the semifinals, but those geniuses had been defeated in the first few steps. Without anyone to support, they transferred their energy to support Lin Ming instead. After all, since the Ancient Phoenix Clan Headquarters was located at the Crimson Light World, they could always at least form relations with them a little bit.

There was always competition between the different great worlds. If a martial artist were to appear in a great world that had more powerhouses than they had clouds, then they would be emboldened as they left to explore the Divine Realm.

On the other hand, if someone came from a desolate great world that didn’t produce many powerhouses, they would be despised upon adventuring through the Divine Realm, labeled as a backwater genius.

If the Crimson Light World was able to produce an Empyrean and that Empyrean chose to establish their own sect at the Crimson Light World, the Crimson Light World would directly rise into the ranks of a second-order great world! The energy and momentum of an Empyrean was truly terrifying. Just their presence alone was enough to affect the overall ranking of a great world!

The spirit body thrust its spear out once more. Lin Ming used 30% of his true essence this time. He didn’t use his spear and he definitely didn’t use the Heretical God Force or the Eight Inner Hidden Gates. Even so, his speed and strength was able to fully suppress the spirit body.

But this spirit body was extremely tough. At a critical moment it was able to shatter apart Lin Ming’s killing blow.

“Now this is fun!”

Lin Ming was a bit interested and a bit more serious. He dodged the spirit body’s spear light and then shot out five thunder-fused spear lights.

The spirit body wanted to use its old move to crush these five spear lights.

But this time, Lin Ming faintly smiled. He sprung the fingers of his other hand and shot out five fire-fused spear lights.

Thunder and fire intersected, directly exploding!


The spirit body broke apart into countless motes of dust before vanishing.

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