Chapter 1233 – The Great Road Before Us

Chapter 1233 – The Great Road Before Us

After the red-clothed martial artist was eliminated, more and more people began to fall.

In fact, many people had already reached their limit. They were putting forth all of their strength and forcefully persisting because none of them wanted to be the first loser.

Now that someone had already fallen and been eliminated, it was much easier to admit defeat.

Thus, just a bit later, these people all began to follow in falling down from the 100,000 foot cliff.

At the moment before they hit the ground, an invisible energy wrapped around them and ejected them from the Divine Seal Altar.

Soon, several hundred martial artists were eliminated. But compared to the several hundred thousand martial artists competing, this was only a very small number.

99.99% of the martial artists were able to make it up the second step of the Divine Seal Altar.

And at this time, Lin Ming had reached the second step.

The air around him distorted and a martial artist in loose yellow robes appeared in front of him. This person had blurry facial features and grasped a long sword. From their true essence fluctuations, one could sense they were at the late Divine Sea realm.

Of course, this spirit body’s strength was far more formidable than an ordinary late Divine Sea martial artist’s.

This was Lin Ming’s second battle!

Lin Ming’s eyes were calm and serene. To him, this wasn’t a challenge...

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