Chapter 1232 – Brutal Competition

Chapter 1232 – Brutal Competition

“Lin Ming!”

“Lin Ming!”

“Lin Ming!”

These loud and clarion cries echoed through the clouds!

The disciples of the Ancient Phoenix Clan cried out with all of their strength. How could they not be excited!

In the Divine Realm, strength was everything.

With strength, one would be respected, whether it was an individual or a sect.

The weak could only bow their heads to others. Tens of thousands of years ago, the Ancient Phoenix Clan had to marry their little princess off to the Crimson Light Holy Lands. This was because the Crimson Light Holy Lands was a Great World King level influence and their Ancient Phoenix Clan was only a peak Holy Land.

And now, the geniuses of the Crimson Light Holy Lands had all been overshadowed by Lin Ming!

The disciples of the Ancient Phoenix Clan were all proud and ecstatic with joy!

This moment was the glory of their Ancient Phoenix Clan!

“Good! Shout louder! Shout harder! Shout until your shouts cover everyone else! You damned brat, it's time for you to show off!”

Huo Violentstone didn’t seem like a respected elder at all. His face was flushed red as he shouted from the audience, his hands slapping his thighs. With the several billion people in the audience, there were more than just those calling out Lin Ming’s name. With all of the participants competing, their friends and relatives were...

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