Chapter 1231 - What is Pride

Chapter 1231 - What is Pride

As several hundred thousand martial artists climbed up the steep cliffs of the Divine Seal Altar, this sight was incomparably grand.

Lin Ming’s speed was not fast, but every step he took was steady. In fact, Lin Ming was not deliberately being slow. Rather, as he climbed the Divine Seal Altar, the aura around him, the pressure, the touch and feel of the stones underneath his hands, the flow of heaven and earth origin energy, everything around him gathered together bringing an indescribable feeling.

“The stone cliffs of the Divine Seal Altar are rough, imposing, and ancient. Gripping the traces on this stone is like holding onto the endless flow of time.” Lin Ming was able to inexplicably sense this in his heart. As he climbed the Divine Seal Altar, he discovered that there were many strange Concepts engraved into the step. While he wanted to stop and slowly enlighten himself on them, there simply wasn’t time.

These semifinals would continue for only several days. Even if Lin Ming wanted to study the Divine Seal Altar, he wouldn’t be able to learn much in this short period of time.

“The Divine Seal Altar. In the legends it is called an ancient divine instrument, an existence that even surpasses an Empyrean spirit treasure. If one can reach the precipice they can reach divinity, thus it is called the Divine Seal Altar!

“That shouldn’t be empty talk. Although the Divine Seal Altar that Empyrean Vast Universe made is only a replica, it still contains the Concept of the ancient Divine Seal Altar. If I could enlighten myself on this, then that would be of great benefit to me.

“Someday, if I am fated to encounter the true ancient Divine Seal Altar and am able to climb to the peak of those 33 steps, I wonder just what sort of scene that would be!”

Lin Ming sighed with emotion. He continued his steady pace upwards, slowly feeling the Concepts contained within the Divine Seal Altar.

Nether Limitless, Bloodless Sword, and many others were rushing upwards as fast as they could in order to be the first. And at this time, beneath them, Lin Ming was slowly making his way up as if he were savoring a cup of fresh tea. He was slowly enlightening himself on everything around him. Even if he couldn’t comprehend anything, this was still broadening his state of mind.

Lin Ming looked up. A small number of people were already about to reach the first step. As for Dragon Fang, he had started at the other side of the Divine Seal Altar so he didn’t seem him right now.

At this time, out of the several hundred thousand martial artists, someone finally leapt onto the first step of the Divine Seal Altar!

“Someone has mounted the first step! The first person to mount the first step of the Divine Seal Altar… comes from the Demondawn Great World, Nether Limitless!”

At the base of the Divine Seal Altar, the twin girls shouted out. Their voices were amplified through an array formation and spread through the entire audience.

“Nether Limitless!”

“Nether Limitless!’

“Nether Limitless!”

“Senior-apprentice Brother Nether, you can do it!”

As the twins called out Nether Limitless’s name, a group of young people stood up and crazily cheered out loud!

Without a doubt, they came from the same Holy Land as Nether Limitless. They were core disciples from the Skydark Holy Lands.

“Nether Limitless’s results in the preliminaries reached rank 18 on the Divine Seal Decree. He came second in the Demondawn Great World, second only to the top master of the Demondawn Great World Empyrean Demondawn’s descendant, Xiao Moxian!”

As the twin girls shouted out Xiao Moxian’s name, a great number of people in the audience cried out in alarm.

This name cracked through everyone’s ears like a bolt of thunder! From the very start of the preliminaries and even when the Divine Seal Decree had first appeared, Xiao Moxian had been ranked first. There had never been a time when anyone had surpassed her and she had led everyone by a considerable amount!

Xiao Moxian did not need to participate in the semifinals; she was able to directly pass into the finals. In fact, she didn’t even need to participate in the preliminaries. The only reason she had joined was to show off, and now that she had enough limelight, she didn’t have any interest in riding a spirit ship for three months and travelling trillions of miles to a small backwater planet like Gravemoon star. Thus, Xiao Moxian was absent from the semifinals on Gravemoon Star.

None of the participants had any objections to the Empyrean descendants being directly passed into the finals. This was simply a natural matter.

“Who is Nether Limitless? I didn’t expect someone so fierce to appear.”

“You idiot, he is the number one disciple of the Skydark Holy Lands. In the future there is a great chance that he will become an ordinary World King or even a Great World King!”

There were some martial artists that had joined the First Martial Meeting but had been eliminated at the end of the preliminaries, thus they weren’t able to see the Divine Seal Decree and also didn’t know of Nether Limitless’s fame. If they were participants all the way until the end of the preliminaries, they naturally wouldn’t know of the Divine Seal Decree ranked 18th master Nether Limitless.

Many Elders of the Skydark Holy Lands smiled as they heard these discussions. They were very satisfied in this junior disciple Limitless.


A simulation spirit body appeared in front of Nether Limitless: this was his opponent for this step.

Just as the spirit body appeared, Nether Limitless moved.

Draw the sword! Attack!

With this single action, many people only saw Nether Limitless’s body move a bit. They didn’t even see the sword point before the blade had returned to its sheath!

The spirit body’s neck bent and its entire body burst apart.

“Instant kill! Nether Limitless can now ascend to the second step!”

The twin girls shouted, their voices clearly spreading through the entire audience.


“Is it over like that? That’s too fierce!”

Many of the core disciples in the audience widened their eyes. Many of the famous Elders were also startled. They didn’t think that this semifinal was too easy, only that Nether Limitless was too abnormal.

“Haha, Limitless really hasn’t disappointed, he’s actually first so far.”

In Vast Universe Heavenly Palace, Vast Cosmos said with a smile.

Vast Cosmos, as well as many other Great World Kings, were still sitting in Vast Universe Heavenly Palace. From here they were able to simultaneously see the scene of the arenas in all 30 semifinals.

At their level, what they cared about was not a single area but the performance of all the geniuses in the entire Divine Realm.

With 30 semifinal arenas, every arena used a different method of competing. But generally speaking, every method used was as fair as possible. There would not be any geniuses that were eliminated early.

Tian Mingzi smiled. He humbly said, “He’s only temporarily in first place. This child Limitless really likes to show off. There should be a good number of people that have yet to reveal their true strength.”

“Haha, Brother Skydark is too modest. Who could possibly be Limitless’s opponent?”

“That’s right, in the Gravemoon Star competition area, the highest ranking person is Limitless at rank 18. He is far ahead of everyone else there.”

Many World Kings praised in abundance.

Tian Mingzi smiled, not saying much in response.

He looked at Nether Limitless on the Divine Seal Altar and silently said, “The semifinals are far from being able to capture the attention of Empyrean Demondawn. Only the finals, where you will compete with Empyrean descendants, will be a grand enough stage!”

After Nether Limitless reached the first step, Bloodless Sword and the others also reached the first level. Their battles were clean and passed in just the blink of an eye; they were able to instantly kill the spirit bodies! This was a killing speed equal to Nether Limitless!

When the opponent was too weak, it was impossible to use them to separate the differences between top masters.

“Bloodless Sword!”

“Bloodless Sword!”

When Bloodless Sword instantly killed the spirit body and started to climb the Divine Seal Altar a second time, all of the disciples from New Paradise Holy Land began crying out, cheering as loud as they could. There were even many young female disciples that clearly worshipped Bloodless Sword; their cheers were especially loud.

“He has a lot of supporters.”

“It’s crazy enough. But this Bloodless Sword is indeed terrifying.”

Many martial artists were discussing amongst themselves in the audience. Yu Youming sat between these people, his fists tightly gripped together. From any of those several hundred thousand geniuses on the Divine Seal Altar, any single one of them was able to give him a great mental impact.

Today, he had truly broadened his horizons. He could also deeply feel just how ridiculously terrifying these geniuses were!

Luckily, he was able to attend this semifinal and enter this arena. Otherwise, he would never have had the chance to experience these monstrous geniuses that soared into the skies. He would have been nothing but a frog in a well!

As the first and second group of people began climbing to the second step of the Divine Seal Altar, the third group of people, in which Lin Ming was also included, finally mounted the first step.

“Lin Ming has fallen a bit behind…”

Fairy Feng said out loud. In truth, the third group was still considered amongst the upper middle reaches of geniuses. However, Fairy Feng believed that Lin Ming should be able to do better than this. After all, he had once reached the top 1000 rankings of the Divine Seal Decree.

Of the 30 semifinal martial fields, every martial field would have between 300-400 people passing. Altogether, there would be around 10,000 people entering the finals. According to the previous top rankings, Lin Ming should definitely be able to pass the semifinals.

Beside Fairy Feng, Huo Violentstone traced his beard and laughed, “Don’t worry, the semifinals have only just begun. You should know that when mortals hold long distance racing competitions, they will run slowly at the start until sprinting with all their strength at the end. Only by saving your strength at the start and using it at the opportune moment will one be able to obtain their best result.”

“That is… haha…” Fairy Feng chuckled as she heard this analogy. She also believed that Lin Ming’s results would rapidly rise towards the end. In the preliminaries, Lin Ming’s results would rise dramatically before coming to a standstill and then repeating once again. That had clearly been because Lin Ming had been saving his strength.

But, the question was, just how much strength was Lin Ming saving?

“Is this a spirit body created by the array formations?”

As Lin Ming reached the first level, he immediately faced a simulation spirit body. There were many people around him who had already begun violently fighting with these spirit bodies.

As Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan saw this they felt their hearts tighten. This was Lin Ming’s first battle. Although they both believed Lin Ming would win, they still found their hearts in chaos as they didn’t know what would happen in the fight.

Yu Youming and the Unbroken Cult Great Elder also watched with wide eyes lest they miss anything.

Lin Ming only glanced over the spirit body. His sharp eyes seemed to see through every inch of his opponent.

“This spirit body has a powerful energy signal, but the Law fluctuations are very weak. It’s simply an empty shell. It might be difficult for an ordinary Divine Sea powerhouse, but for me it isn’t anything at all…”

Lin Ming didn’t even bring out his Phoenix Blood Spear. He simply rushed towards the spirit body and brought up two fingers, slashing out with a brilliant spear light that pierced through its head.


The spirit body exploded!

This was an instant kill!

“This is…” Yu Youming gulped. It was over like this?

Lin Ming’s killing speed was the same as Nether Limitless’s!

“Too… too fierce!”

The Unbroken Cult Great Elder was left speechless. He suspected that after another dozen or so years, Lin Ming would be able to instantly kill him just like that spirit body.

This was a junior? He was simply a monster.

“Look at that person, that person also instantly killed the simulation spirit body!”

With the gazes of several billion people locked onto the Divine Seal Altar, many people naturally noticed Lin Ming. This sort of killing speed was no less than that of the first and second group!

“This semifinal truly has countless masters all around. None of them can be underestimated!”

“Haha, do you see that? That person who instantly killed the simulation spirit body is a disciple of my Ancient Phoenix Clan!”

At this time, all of the disciples of the Ancient Phoenix Clan were bursting with pride!

Lin Ming was a part of their Ancient Phoenix Clan. The Ancient Phoenix Clan itself was only a peak Holy Land level influence. Their resources were low and their inheritances were inferior to others’.

But, they were still able to produce a top extreme genius that could overshadow the talents of a Great World King Holy Land!

What is pride?

This is pride!

“Lin Ming!”

“Lin Ming!”

“Lin Ming!”

“Lin Ming!”

The disciples of the Ancient Phoenix Clan all began to desperately cheer out, their voices booming through the skies!

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