Chapter 1229 – Hard To Find Tickets

Chapter 1229 – Hard To Find Tickets

“Xiao Daochild actually thinks that none of us will be able to reach the top. It’s like he thinks we’re all worthless or something.”

A robed martial artist with a long sword over his shoulders said.

“Hehe, Senior Xiao Daochild naturally has phenomenal experience. If he thinks that none of us can reach him then perhaps the difficulty is… a bit too great.” Another participant said, disagreeing.

His words immediately drew the ire and glares of many others. “Don’t judge the rest of us with your own limited standards. Our Elder Senior-apprentice Brother is the number one ranked master of New Paradise World! Moreover, he is also the most amazing genius to appear in our New Paradise Holy Lands for the last million years! During the preliminaries, our Elder Senior-apprentice Brother kept most of his strength in reserve and yet easily obtained first place in a great world. Although Elder Senior-apprentice Brother killed countless individuals in the preliminaries, his sword was not stained with a single drop of blood. He is called Bloodless Sword, the Sword to New Paradise, what the hell would you understand?!”

Another martial artist said from behind. He was standing with others, all of them wearing the same robes. It was clear that they were all core disciples of the New...

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