Chapter 1228 – Divine Seal Altar

Chapter 1228 – Divine Seal Altar

“We will soon arrive at Gravemoon Star. All participants, please tidy up your belongings and prepare to depart the spirit ship. 10 days from now, the semifinals will officially begin!”

After three months passed, an indifferent voice echoed throughout the entire spirit ship.

All the participants of the True Martial Great World had finally arrived at the location of the First Martial Meeting semifinals.

“We’ve finally arrived…”

Lin Ming stood atop the deck. From atop the vast and endless starry skies, he could make out the sky blue planet beneath him.

This planet was a hundred million miles in diameter and 70% of the surface was water.

This was one of Empyrean Vast Universe’s private planets. Although the planet was vibrant and filled with life, there wasn’t a single human present on it. It had always been in an idling state, but now it was being used as one of the 30 locations where the First Martial Meeting semifinals would be held.

The spirit ship passed through this last distance of space and descended directly onto Gravemoon Star.

“All participants, please depart the spirit ship. The semifinals will begin 10 days from now.”

The unfeeling voice resounded out once more. As Lin Ming flew down from the spirit ship, he saw that there were dozens of spirit ships parked high in the skies.

The participants of over 100 great...

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