Chapter 1227 – Creating Techniques, Virtual Fire

Chapter 1227 – Creating Techniques, Virtual Fire

“You think that there’s been a mistake?” The Great Elder asked Yu Youming.

Yu Youming had quietly voiced his suspicions to the Great Elder. He was afraid that Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan might have made a mistake.

Yu Youming said, “I am not questioning the character of those two junior-apprentice sisters. I know that in such an important matter, there is no way that they would lie about such things because there isn’t an advantage for them in doing so. But, what I’m worried about is that there might be some people in the Ancient Phoenix Clan with a similar name to their husband. I checked before and know that there are 100 billion clansmen in the Ancient Phoenix Clan. In these 100 billion clansmen, it wouldn’t be strange if there were several thousand people with the name Lin Ming…”

“This…” The Great Elder was a bit startled. Indeed, this was a possibility. When Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan had described their husband, the age they listed was just one or two years off from the Lin Ming described on the Divine Seal Decree. However, geniuses often entered time enchantments, causing their physical age to be higher than what it was in reality. This was a very common matter.

Afterwards, Lin Ming’s ranking had dramatically risen, to a ridiculous point where he even became...

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